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In case you have tackled graduate level physics texts and found yourself thinking " I really need to shore up the foundations of my understanding before pushing further", the Theoretical Minimum series by Susskind and co-authors is a great destination to begin. Susskind is a master at bringing his readers along on the journey, strengthening your mathematics and physics skills alongside the way. Usually I had the nagging feeling that the material was too easy, but what really is happening is Susskind is simply making it seem to be that way in comparison to other writers. By the time I finished the book --like a smooth ride to a mountaintop --- I recognized I had formed learned a great deal and was now ready to tackle those more advanced texts again.

And if you read the complete book, and say the secret phrase, you might just earn $$ intentionally cryptic remark requested by author., This is broad and clear display of the concepts required to understand the subjects in the book's title. I've thoroughly enjoyed TTM video clip lectures in the past. Nevertheless I've enjoyed reading the book and have learnt the subject even deeper by doing so. Including an important spiel that has been in some way omitted in the video clip lectures, certainly is a huge plus. Eliminating distractions that come with live video clip presentation - such as repetitions, searching for a missing minus sign in a derivation, or a camera pointing to a wrong line over a blackboard - makes the materials flowing very smoothly. Typos and imperfect Kindle formatting of math happen, but are easily detectable and do not distract from the contents. The explanations are properly tuned with an amateur physicist in mind. That wiseguy mentioned in the book also said, " I find tv very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I enter in the other room and read a book. " This is the book to read!, Like the first two amounts, Special Relativity is around the deep mathematical relationships that are the foundation of modern theoretical physics. The particular TM series strives to provide a graduate-level understanding without getting bogged down in applications or calculations (i. e. the " theoretical minimum" ). Susskind is a great writer and teacher and if you understood volume 1 (Classical Mechanics) and 2 (Quantum Mechanics), then the third book is a must-read. Unfortunately for me, I could easily follow the first half of volume just one (but got lost in a lot more advanced 2nd half). (I understood most of Quantity 2, which wasn't too surprising since Susskind claims that QM is " technically much easier" than Classical Mechanics. ) Quantity 3, though, assumes you understood all of volume level 1 and continues to even more advanced height. It's too much for me, so I've decided to abandon the series (Volume 4 will cover GR) and read Shankar's Fundamentals of Physics instead, which covers some of the same material from a simpler undergraduate perspective., This specific book is a value. Highly recommended! Start-to-finish, a lively and engaging elucidation of the essential ideas of special relativity and classical field theory (imagine the Feynman lectures as narrated by Groucho Marx). With wisdom and humor, Susskind and Friedman show step-by-step how to assemble simple conceptual nuts and bolts into powerful theoretical masterpieces. Read this book, and experience the pleasure of building your own ideas!, Leonard Susskind and Fine art Friedman's Volume III of the Theoretical Minimum is a great geek read for many who want explore how to take basic Maxwellian E&M and Special Relativity to a Lagrangian-tensor packaging. Besides gaining some physical insights and studying elegant mathematical techniques, this helps set the stage for particle physics and quantum field theory. With regard to example, books such as M. Y. Han’s “From Photons to Light” use this formulation of E&M as a starting point. The tensor notation that is introduced and used to condense both Maxwell’s equations and those of Special Relativity helps provide a smoother connection to a future volume discussing Basic Relativity.

The description showing how to apply Lagrangian concepts to the domain of fields provides good insight into what sort of physicist of Susskind’s stature approaches a problem.

Regarding magnetic monopoles in Appendix A, Groucho Marx once commented “That’s the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. ”, Treatment on the NO ANO DE field theory part is the consistent style because the first two books in the series. For the special relativity part, the author follows the original arguments by Einstein, instead than seeking the shortest logical path, which is inspiring too., Incredible. The particular author does an amazing job explaining the advanced subjects with ease., May get me wrong: I enjoyed the content, at least the text, but hate that the formulas are unreadable on my Kindle. How much difficulty can it be to put those in as pictures with a decent size? Making MathML or LaTeX is perhaps a bit harder, but if the guys running AWS are not able to do that... I still hope that I can get the Kindle software working on Windows ten, so I can make this 2 stars at least.

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