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Elle James – Cowboy D-Force (Brotherhood Protector -Book 4) Crossover with Susan Stoker’s Special Forces: Operation Alpha) - KINDLEWORLD

John Wayne “Duke” Morrison is starting his new job at the Brotherhood Protectors Cctv camera installation services in Eagle Rock, Montana which works out great due to the fact that this is his home town. John just still left the military and is eager for his first assignment, or maybe not. He is to protect movie star and diva Lena Love just because a stalker is threatening her.

Things are not always what they seem. Angel Carsen is Lena Love’s “double”. Angel must act like the bit_h that Lena is in real life. Angel is also ex-military who has seen combat also to top it off, she was obviously a stun woman for Lena Love. It is Ms. Love who is being threated and Angel is set to remove the stalker and goes to Ms. Love’s large Ranch in Montana. Duke cannot know that Angel is executing as Ms. Love.

Along with the chemistry and attraction grow, it becomes harder to keep their palms off each other. Will certainly Angel and Duke be able to resist their passion and can they both go their independent ways. Will they be able to catch the stalker before it’s too late? Find out and get this installment today., This book was wonderful. I loved the humor between the characters and the suspense. Made me personally think it was someone else then made me personally think it was another person until the end mainly because it was someone totally different. I loved the humor between two main characters and the reality that Ghost and they were there as well in the end and how the team came in from the sky knowing he was in need after having a simple phone call. I suggest this book. I love this series and cant' wait to read more from this author and this series., Angel, a former Army Ordonner, stunt woman, and spitting image of her diva movie star boss, is the bait for a stalker. John Wayne aka Fight it out, former Delta Force and newly-minted bodyguard, is her protector. Angel as a stand-in is stalked, shot at, and hunted by a deranged, angry former mate of the movie superstar she's employed by. Fight it out is to use her every step of the way even knowing that Angel is as good a shot or better than him or her, in top physical condition and able to defend herself, and feisty as all escape. He hasn't known her long but is in love with her. She is pretty gone on him or her too after saving him or her from a near drowning. Together, along with Duke's D-Force brothers-in-arms, they look after the stalker using credited haste. This is a light suspense read with witty banter, excellent plot lines and fun character types. Enjoyment from beginning to end., Brotherhood Protector: Cowboy D-Force by Elle James is an enjoyable read. This particular well-written book is a fairly quick read, simply perfect for those with limited coming back reading. Ms James has given us a suspenseful book and laced it with humor. I love the characters in Cowboy D-Force. Duke and Angel's story is loaded with drama, action and sizzle. I enjoyed reading Cowboy D-Force and appear forward to reading more from Elle James in the future. Cowboy D-Force is book 4 of the Brotherhood Protectors Series and is part of the Brotherhood Protectors Kindle World but can be read as a standalone. This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger., Love the premise of the book but felt that a stronger character exploration could have been done with Angel and Duke. The book moved at a steady pace as character types were exposed, but when assumptions occur for the identity of the bad guy, the time in the woods was too short. Right now there is a expect a HEA but little development to its end. Leaves you hanging without cliffhanger., Duke is medically discharged and is now in control of protecting a movie superstar. Angel is actually impersonating Lena to draw away her stalker. Since they get closer, Duke confronts her on who she really is. As they go in the forest to pull him out, will Ghost and the people get there in time to help them?, This guide was a great addition to the series and as a novella it flowed really well. It went by fast, but the character types were well developed and brought in cameos from some old favorites. I just wish she addressed the outcome for the actress herself, just to give some conclusion for her., Angel was playing a double for a movie star who had been a real piece of work. MisaLigned had a stalker. She went to rehab and Viewpoint was to pretend to be her. Duke was hired as a body guard to protect her. Angel was a previous army rancher... loved

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