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It is a beautifully dangerous love tale! I can't express how much I love this series. Kade and Jules are really relatable, complex characters. They grabbed me by the collar, yanked me into their tale and kept me slave shackled inside it right till the end! Call me a sap but I used to be crying within the first few chapters. I've read both books in the series to date and I can not wait for book three. Jordan Ford has not let my imagination down yet! Although each book in the series focuses on one couple, the tales interconnect so it's better to read them in order. Told from twin POVs with a cheerful for now ending. This a YA book so it can pretty " clean", not a lot of sexual intercourse or profanity but there are a few issues that may be triggers for some. We received, read and under your own accord reviewed an ARC of this book (but cherished it so much We acquired it anyway)., Speak No Evil is the other book in the Brotherhood Series! Kade has spent the last two months hiding out from everyone and is need of some excitement in the life. When he makes that decision to leave the log cabin, he promises that he or she will be safe and careful of who he or she gets around. As he or she makes his back into civilization, Reno is the place that will change everything for him when a job and a skating rink will guide him to Julienne.

Julienne is a pregnant runaway hiding from her parents and a abusive sweetheart who wants the baby long gone. It takes a job as a cook for Julienne to finally feel like she might be safe until one night when she finds Kade practically beaten to death on the ice rink. Because Julienne manages Kade, a friendship blossoms that turns into something more when people from both Julienne and Kade's past comes back in a way that will force both Kade and Julienne to be on the run. With all the both of them back again at the cabin, everyone is forced to package with this new news also it takes a infant to be born for everyone to finally see where they all belong!

I loved this book and i also so can't hold out for the finale for this series just to see how it all comes to an end! I loved how much Kade grew in this book that helped me love him by the conclusion of this story. There was clearly a point in this book when everything looked to be crashing around Kade and Julienne that made me stay upward way later than We planned just to see how everything ends. It's gonna be sad reading the next aka last book in this series but I additionally can't hold out to see what is to come in the future from Jordan Honda!

Thank You to Michael jordan Ford for writing a great second book in this series that makes wonder how it's all gonna end!

I under your own accord reviewed a complimentary backup of this book from the Author!, I will admit that I got not read the first book. But that means I could attest that you can read this as a standalone! Much more you go right out and obtain the first one because you are interested in what it was.
I loved this guide and the raw emotions that you found in it. You really relate to the characters and their problems. You feel together with the story and want to know how it ends. Top you to stay upward through the night to find out.
The only downside? A few of the selections just pushed me the wrong way and made me hate the main girl a little by the conclusion sadly. That is just my view though!
But all in all it was an emotional Rollercoaster that makes me want to know very well what will happen in the final book., Jordan Ford did it again. I loved this novel. I like the first one " Notice no Evil brotherhood book 1" but I cherished " Speak no Bad Brotherhood book 2" Julianne and Kade have such great chemistry. Kade is a rebel " bad boy" with heart of gold and Julianne is a beautiful typical eighteen year old with all the girl insecurities who makes bad choices. You watch as they fall in love. We also like the slow-burn. I like that Julianne was of a mix culture and she activities the prejudices of what comes with it. Michael jordan Ford didn't shy away from making her sweetheart Antonio a bigoted cool. That's all I'm proceeding to say. I may want to give anything away. The story proceeds from " See no evil. " Except this time, through the eye of Kade who will be the best friend of Trey who is protecting Christina who will be under the Witness protection program. One day Kade takes his cycle and leaves their hideaway to be on his own. You have to read " Speak no evil" to see what happens next. I am really looking forward to the next novel " Hear no evil brotherhood 3" I have already appropriated my copy. Jordan Honda writes well written tales and great characters that stick with you even after you've closed the book. lol I received my copy of " Speak no evil brotherhood 2" for free and then brought it for 0. 99 And I will most likely buy it now for just two. 99 just to support her writing. lol We love this so much. Buy it!, *I under your own accord reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. *

Seriously, I may know very well what to say. Now i'm speechless.
This specific book is really awesome!

Typically the chemistry between Jules and Kade is something from out of this world. They're so sweet with each other!

I really loved it. From the beginning 'til the finish. Oh, and the finish...? Oh My... It was just perfect!

I recommend it., Everything about this book was perfect. It was so well-written that We could literally feel personally becoming the characters, both Kade and Jules. Their particular emotions and growth throughout the book were so raw and real. We couldn't stop reading from begin to finish. The storyline kept you on your toes, without throwing hammers into the mix. Every part of it was cohesive and now We seriously can't wait until the next one!, I suggest reading this series, It's fill with hope, love and loyalty. Reading Speak No Evil, you get more in to the story and how the characters are feeling about their dwelling condition. I love how Jordan portrayed Kade as a protector and only wanting to the actual right thing with Julienne. This individual was a lone wolf until he found his love for Julienne and a family with his friends., Wow! What a good book. The Amazon online description explains what the book is about so We won't here. I was 50 years old but still loved this book and series. It's so well written, the characters so developed, that We was captivated from the first chapter. It's within my keeper folder and We recommended it to my friends on facebook.

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