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Following reading many of the great spy books of the last 20 years I can unequivicely say this book offered an insightful education of the genre. I learned more which i ever suspected about how exactly each countries culture styles it's spy techniques and how much simple human being nature governs
the action of government agents. My only pause is the difficulty I experienced in how the creators made a decision to move back and forth in the utilization of
names of the characters. Beyond this I greatly admired the scholership of the creators., The nepotism and corruption of the Soviet condition bred resentment among the list of able but non attached decades of comrade citizens in post WWII years. A single of them became a self motivated spy for the French intelligence services in the most round about way imaginable. He prospered as a teller of Soviet defense secrets which the French happily discussed with the Reagan administration. It eventually failed and he lost all. Many U. S right wingers never knew how much they owed the French, whilst still being don't., I loved the account of Mister. Vetrov's willingness and braveness to do what he or she did. Despite the event that led to his problem, he should be appreciated as a hero of the West. A complicated man, but he completed what he attempted to do.

Any person thinking about the Cold War and whatever related to it, should check out this book.

This guide delves into what many experts believe this event alone (I'm sure there were others), hastened the problem of the Soviet Marriage, and consequently, thanks to President Reagan, and many others, ended the Cold War. Highly recommended even though it tends to bounce back and forth. Look over and above it and you will enjoy the story., Historical context makes this a very important revelation about the Cold War when France and the U. S. were believed at odds. French President Mitterrand & President Reagan personal communication about 'Farewell' are fundamental to concluding the Cold Battle. This factual account of events does not adapt to LeCarre stereotype. Interpretation from French likely an obstacle to writing quality. This is an important story, especially informative about the Soviet Union and life there., Those of us who are politically astute will find this almost unbelievable. The internal workings of the KGB is a dark fascinating story within the internal workings of the Soviet government. The stark clashes between the favored few and the common man are exploited to the fullest. The collapse of the Communist system was not by chance, and Farewell's revelations while sustaining his position in KGB is absorbing, but his motives are certainly clear., The book was interesting from the first webpage to the last and, the last page came too quickly. I believe it was carefully researched and the authors were intent on giving factual information through out. I appreciate. It gives some regarding personalities of world leaders, the mentality of lookout agents, family and friends involuntarily caught up in works of espionage and the potential devastation of the actions of those who are completely unknown to us as we go blindly through our daily life. Thankfully, the results of Vetrov's work did benefit the free world and new heroes were made proven to me. The book won't read like a slick spy novel because it is real life. Rather there were many changes, turns, webs, surprises and idiocies, that don't always flow in lovely sentences however the authors do tie up the loose finishes. A complex book I should re-read to pick up the myriad pieces I surely overlooked., I had no clue about this Soviet mole doing work for the French equivalent of the FBI. This is a fascinating story, 1) because I did not find out about him which makes the read fresh, and 2) I don't already know how it might end, unlike Kim Philby, Aldrich Ames, and Robert Hanssen.
The story is told simply and in a straightforward, chronological manner. That is easy to follow and is as good as a John Le Carre novel, only it's true., Fascinating real story about the cold war and competing operatives in The ussr, Europe and the US ALL. As a non hype it went into tiresome details about the spying and people involved on both sides. It was written like a novel in as much as the true impact of the spying wasn't revealed until overdue in the storyplot. I loved it since it was a victory for Europe and America against Russia and because it kept my interest until the conclusion.

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