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Really like box sets. Read the stories in order to see what all the excitement, action and space drama is all about. Fall in love with the leader heroes and their fiesty mates as they battle for their HEA., A really great series! Plenty of suspense, adventure, risk, and sweet romance. Certainly recommend., Kira is a hotshot military space preliminary. She is a great pilot but with non-traditional methods. She is about to start out a three 30 days leave when her first commander and mentor asks her for a favour. She is to privately fly a prisoner to the worst prison earth. She is told not question but keep the woman distance from the ship and prisoner to protect herself. Kira is not happy but she agrees because showing how much the girl owed the overall.
The flight is a nightmare. The general's men inflate her shuttle soon after she arrives so she is trapped. They run into unfamiliar enemies and pirates. Any time they are boarded, the woman prisoner escapes the cell and seeks her out. Thor is a cyborg who has undergone a lot of modifications. When he or she refused to go together any farther, he was told he would be sent to prison. Any time Thor meets Kira they are drawn together. The more Kira and Thor discuss their situations and experiences, it becomes clear that something strange is being conducted. Now they have to learn the truth
In Redemption, Captain Kira, Thor and their friends are racing to notify Earth about an approaching attack by the wicked admiral when they discover their news is too past due. The admiral wonderful makes have already started a coup on the Terran forces. They still want to notify the good admiral abut their Captain Kira and her team are now free people with the price on their heads gone. They will aren't out of trouble. Colonel Grim is seeking to take over the universe and get his revenge on Kira and Thor. It is pretty clear that Grim has the doomsday weapon that can cause a sun to visit supernova. Right now the Terran Alliance has halted his advance so the next step is to find Grim's hideout and take him wonderful weapon out. Kira and the admiral figure out he could be hiding out in a destroyed enemies base but no person has record where that base used to be. Grim has two former associates who might be able to take them there nevertheless they are locked up in a prison the Alliance has no authority in.
The best plan is for the admiral to reinstate the resources on Kira, Thor and Dr. D. They may get arrested and taken to Jaantu 7 prison. While there, they will find Grim's old associates and the sleep of Kira's crew will break them out of the most infamous prison in the galaxy. Sounds easy, but not really. The criminals rule the prison by mob rule and only strongest survive.
This is a great serial that I have read the first 3 books in individually but I can't wait to finish the third, The Far Hope series all in one box set. The best way to be sure you read all for books in order. Each is its own story but builds on the prior one. I thought we were holding all good stories with a lot of action and steamy scenes for the romance reader.

In Thor, I was launched to the key characters Kira and Thor. Once I started reading I had been hooked and had to finish it in one day. I loved how the characters come to life and the one liners by Kira and Thor. Their banter while operating for their lives was funny. I liked the twists and turns that Kira and Thor faced and how they obtained out of each confrontation with the " bad guys".

Redemption was well written and i also could easily picture the thing that was going on and enjoyed the room fights and everyone zipping around finding trouble. I loved the personal interactions of the complete " team" under Kira's command. A few scenes made me laugh out loud. Thought it was funny to watch Kira face the point that she adored Thor and that she really thought she could hide her relationship with Thor on a tiny spaceship. Regarding course in between the fun scenes Kira and company were on a mission to inform Earth of facts that they had uncovered and then went looking for more and determined some of what Grimm's plan might be. War is coming!

Supernova was another good history in the Far desire series. This time Kira, Thor and the sleep of the gang are back with a whole lot of action and playing around trying to save the world from Colonel Grimm and his latest plan to take over everything. This time the gang is asked to create a great give up to stop one of Grimm's plans. Needless to say something goes wrong and Kira and Thor must guard their lives.

I received a free copy of this series and my honest review is that the story was well written, packed with action and fight scenes, and addicting when i had to see how everyone would get out of each stories problem. Plus there were a few funny scenes scattered through the books that were a blast. I usually finished each story in one sitting as we were holding really good in my thoughts and opinions., I have read each of the first 3 books as they emerged out and reviewed them as I went. The final book, Contact, is the only one I hadn't read and it is the series climax. As you might imagine, each book ends with more action to come. I guess they are technically " cliffhangers, " but I never looked at them doing this. This review is merely for the last book.

In Contact the crew is still pursuing Grimm wonderful improved soldiers. Every time they think they have your pet he manages to slide away. Not only that, he seems to know their location and battle plan ahead of time. This can only mean one thing, a spy. But who will be it? Is it a member of their tight little crew, which includes grown by several members recently? Or perhaps one of the pirates that recently joined in the battle? Or maybe it is someone from the T. A. F. navy that is " supporting" them. Whoever it is they have to find a way to reduce the effects of them if they're ever before going to get Grimm.

Battles will be fought, allies found and lost, love will blossom, and comrades will be injured and killed. Delete word all Kira and Thor will fight to keep their misfit crew together and everyone's eyes on the goal - stop Grimm.

I was given an ARC of this guide. My review is voluntary.

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