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For anyone of us who live in comfortable surroundings in well-ordered towns such as Berkeley, the day-to-day realities of life as experienced by undocumented migrants may be impossible to understand. Most of what we know originates from news reports and periodic exposé s about the efforts of the Overcome Administration to expel what Right-Wing politicians have was adamant we call " unlawful immigrants. " In The particular A long way away Brothers, Berkeley reporter Lauren Markham brings the lived experience of two young Salvadoran migrants and their family under a spotlight. The picture she chemicals is nuanced and moving as well as sobering.

Identical twins Ernesto and Raú l Flores were seventeen years of era when, separately, they crossed the Rio Grande into Texas with the help of coyotes. Even though in so many ways their experience is exclusive, they also stand in for the tens of countless numbers of young Central People in america who flooded across our southern borders earlier in this decade—and for many of the millions of Salvadorans, Hondurans, and Guatemalans who now reside in the United States. Almost all recent refugees from Central America were driven north by the bunch violence and official data corruption that are now endemic in the region. However, as Markham makes clear, economical motives also loomed large. Abject poverty conjures upwards visions of prosperity in " El Norte" among many Central Americans, as it does in many other people around the world.

As I read about the customarily horrific circumstances that faced the Flores brothers within the three-year span described in the book, I couldn't help but think about the dramatically contrasting connection with my father's parents, who emigrated from Russia early in the 20th century. Their lives in the shtetl where they had lived, affected by repeated pogroms, were at least as difficult as those of the A twins in El Rescatador. Also, it was no easy feat for them to make their way through the vastness of the European continent and then across the Atlantic in steerage. Nevertheless the welcome they received at Ellis Island, though decidedly chilly, was in no way similar to the repeated violence and official hostility that achieved the Flores brothers when playing their way and after their arrival.

As the author makes clear, the massive migration of young Central Americans to the United States is, in a huge sense, the result of US policy in the region throughout the 20th century, but especially in the 1980s. Inside El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Guatemala alike, our government actively supported local efforts to stamp out local insurgents in the name of anti-Communism—murdering tens of thousands of peasants in the process. Many young men fled to the united states to escape that violence. Many succumbed to the lure of crime and were imprisoned in California. There, in prison and on the streets of Los Angeles, the most violent gangs that victimize Central America today were formed (Mara Salvatrucha, or MS13, and Barrio 18). Today, these gangs are enormous, multinational criminal businesses. They're responsible for an outsized body count in our cities and a major share of drug trafficking in the US today. In a real sense, then, we're paying the price of our government's intervention in Central America in the last millennium. And so are tens of countless numbers of migrants from the location.

The Far Away Brothers is Lauren Markham's first book, but the Berkeley author and journalist has been writing fiction, essays, and journalism for several years. The particular book is based in part on her behalf work at Oakland International High School since 2011, where the A brothers attended classes on / off, and more generally on her " thirteen years of experience working together with, interviewing, and reporting alongside countless numbers of refugees and migrant workers like the Flores baby twins. "

After reading The particular Far Away Brothers it's difficult to see how all of us " illegal immigrants" are in any substantive way different from the Irish, Chinese, Italians, and Jews who made their way into the US in the nineteenth and earlier twentieth century., This offers excellent and accurate information into why people immigrate from Central America, what it takes to make it to the US, and what life is like once here. By simply using the true tale of twin brothers, the author conveys the human realities of undocumented migrants. Concurrently, she portrays the twins very honestly, not as saints but since young people who are more powerful than most in many ways, but with imperfections and immaturities that are common in most young people. They may take different expressions than they might in American born youth because of different and very difficult circumstances. But as I read this book, I became less judgmental about their behaviors and selections. These were kids dealing with more than I have ever endured to take on.
I used the word thorough in my title. The author uses data and facts very well to portray who immigrants are and also to describe immigration laws, agencies, and processes. We are somewhat proficient about those topics, and I was impressed. I am going to recommend the book to friends who want to find out more about the technical as well because the human aspects of immigration. She was fair and balanced in her treatment of this topic.
The particular book is well written. It’s is a good story that could make a good movie or series. A good read that is a learning experience as well., Very topical ointment, though the names were changed the story is true. Provides you with insight into what immigrants go through in their own country and when they come here. Much should be altered., The immigration story never generally seems to leave the statements for long, so The particular Far Away Brothers will, unfortunately, be timely for many years to come, or at least until some of the horrendous chaos in much of Latin America is resolved.

Until then, The Much Away Brothers will be an important read, providing a very personal account of one family's tries at dealing with the gang-related violence in Este Salvador. This is a much too current story, and the names have had to be altered of all the key players because there is still the potential for retribution, both to family members in america and still back in their home village.

A farmer in whose only " wealth" is his land ends upwards taking out high interest loans to pay coyotes to smuggle out his identical twin sons when their lives appear to be in imminent risk if they do not join the most aggresive of street gangs. Lauren Markham details the horrific days and weeks the boys endured in their treks through Mexico and into the US, providing a picture of what many and hundreds of peopler are confronting every day. She meets the males if they are finally in California, in a high institution where she is on personnel and where the boys have to rush through tiers of bureaucracy and papers to get their green cards before their critical 18th birthday.

To provide a much better view of the situation, Markham traveled to El Salvador and interviewed loved ones still there. We see the impact of the rising debt from those coyote payments, the troubles the boys have in making even the smallest of payments towards the debt, and the frustration continuing unrest and crime has brought to the people who are unable to make the trek themselves.

Irrespective of your political views, this story is the one that needs to be read, to get a much better understanding of why people continue to put their lives in danger just for the possibility to find freedom and work--even sub-minimum-wage jobs--in the united states. This is well-written and compelling, simply perfect for starting conversations on how to find solutions.

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