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Whoa, What else can be said except you want this book! Harmon will an amazing job of starting an entirely new series from an existing world. The action is phenomenal and the pace extraordinary. Harmon has out fickin done himself!, Real and simple fun is the first thought that springs to mind when I think of Fantasy Online. The second thought? Wow!! What an ending! (did not see that coming at all! ) This book has awesome characters and great stories. Yes, stories, as in more than one. While they are indeed connected with each other there are two separate storylines playing out in this book. One taking place in the online world and one in the real world, and the two are engaging. Great cast of character types, with Hiccup, the amusing relief goblin, definitely being the most memorable. Seriously can't wait to see what comes next., Within the Feedback Loop series, Harmon Cooper introduced us all to his vision of a universe populated with online worlds. Fantasy Online stretches the story to include a whole new forged of characters and activities. I really enjoyed the way in which his characters in both the " real" world and the online world interacted, and Cooper further introduces new classes of characters which further blur the distinction between players and NPCs. Which includes fun connections back to the Feedback Loop characters, Hyperborea is a really fun read that had me personally sometimes trying not to laugh aloud. Can't wait for the sequel!, This is certainly one of the few LitRPG novels where I actually thought the real world storyline was as interesting as the game one. There’s an interesting energy dynamic between Ryuk and his mob boss brother that is just intriguing.

Most of the novel’s in game storyline involves Ryuk accumulating allies, getting cool equipment, and leveling up enough to move the primary plot forward. Not that that part of the story is boring. Far from it, some of the stories best instances occur in this part. I especially came to like the smart talking goblin NPC, Hiccup, during this part. Through FeeTwix the live streaming heartthrob is also a fun character.

Simply note that the game storyline of rescuing the primary character’s friend, Tamana, after she’s kidnapped doesn’t move forward till about 60% into the story. And then 70% into the story does Ryuk’s guild affect back at the guild that kidnapped Tamana.

Right now there is also a nice twist ending that I actually didn’t see coming but it’s also kind of a cheat. You’ll see what I mean when you get there.

Total, I had a good time reading the novel. I actually thought the story could have gotten back to the primary quest of saving Tamana a little sooner but other than that it was good action read.

Score: 7 out of 10., I like it, the twists in the story. The hope building, the devastating moments, makes it an interesting read. The NPCs and how they move worlds. The concept of RPC is actually interesting and even the way the NPCs have such consciousness. I find it a great concept for a grander story., The writing style combined with more rpg mechanics made for a truly enjoyable read. Looking forward to the next one!, I really like the plot of remnants being targeted and the truth that the mc has a ballistic ability. Hopefully he mans up a little within the next guide.

Great Nods to the feedback loop, caused me personally to buy the established and read them so as to get an improved feel of the shared similarities., waiting for the next book!

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