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The writer instructs that story and map are intertwined. Every can be the creative spark for revision of the other. I absolutely agree. The author has the view that maps enrich fantasy books. Again, I absolutely agree. Finding a map in a possible purchase has sometimes sealed the deal for me. Therefore unless your story is on earth " as-is, " please make us at least one chart. With these biases in mind... on to my review of this book as a fantasy map making assistant.

IF... installed got a high school planet science class...
IF... you never got a geography class...
IF... installed paid attention to the weather maps that appear during tv news broadcasts...
IF... you have avoided science TV such as NOVA...
OR IF... you fairly much forgot what you once supposedly learned in your classes...
THEN... this book is a reasonable place learn a little about how exactly the world works and start planning a map.

The text presupposes that you are redrawing earth. It doesn't say that, but the content is only applicable to a very earth-like planet. But then, most fantasy makes the same assumption, so unless of course you are headed for an unearthly destination (which is likely more SciFi than fantasy), the book's advice will work.

Although equatorial and polar regions are mentioned relative to tropical jungles and icebergs, the role of central tilt in enabling these zones (and, also, seasons), is not even hinted at. While hardly a " stopper, " an opportunity to enrich the newbie mapmaker's knowledge of biome selection (forests or prairies or... ) and degree is lost.

The discussion of weather relative to water, and of normal water relative to feature formation is reasonable, but We do possess some quibbles... Instance: A reference is made to circulation being " clockwise. " Relative to what? Where am We looking from/to when identifying that rotation? Another example: The statement is made that rivers never part to make independent avenues. Well, if you are headed upstream... There is that frame of reference thing again. Headed either upwards or downstream, you have the concern of islands. With the river's mouth you may have a delta (the Earth... the Mississippi... etc . ). Yes, delta's are later mentioned. Also, from the writers opinion, there are too rivers in deserts. Sometimes they are dry beds that just seasonally flood, but they are rivers. Then there are places as exotic as the Nile and as mundane as the Salt River (Phoenix Arizona area). These are minor issues (hence, " quibble" ), but learning readers need solid points of reference and facts free of conflict.

Around the very positive side, there are several links in the book, plus they all worked for me. You will find good example maps, best seen in color (a " Paperwhite" Kindle will not provide the full benefit for the content). The references for getting maps done by others are a good starting point. The tips for software are good (I wholly concur with the " Campaign Cartographer 3" recommendation). I add one more option: The publication mentions Photo Shop, but does not mention Gimp. Yes. There is a PC version. You avoid have to convert to Linux so as to use it. It could be argued that Gimp is as capable as is Photo Shop, and Gimp has the added advantage of being free. However, both Photo Shop and Gimp have a non-trivial learning curve.

I read the book on my Android phone. There were format problems. At several places the text formed a column one letter wide to the page bottom. Upon swiping to the next page, the effect was gone, but the text message had jumped ahead and the missing text between seemed unrecoverable. When We viewed the book on a PC monitor, the issue did not appear. We don't know if this is an Android issue, a Kindle Reader issue, or a book formatting concern. Just be warned.

The writer has written several dream books. He uses his book maps both as example and as facts of expertise in chart design. The references to his other works are so frequent that it is clear that he intends this guide to be a marketing tool for his other works. Not bad. Bad, The effort just becomes a little grating after some time. The overall text has a " beta" flavor. I hope the creator chooses to edit in the future., I used to be looking for tools to aid in the creation of maps for role doing offers like Dungeons & Dragons. This little book is an excellent help. The method presented offers invented worlds just enough added realism without making the process overly complicated., Just what Required!, OKAY as far as it goes. A brief introduction to the intellectual processes involved in designing a fantasy world map. Regarding the price, i would have liked more. Regarding example, a more considerable listing of software, and some work-in-progress illustrations showing how a map can be built up step by step, and the outcomes of creating one choice instead than another.
The book is also a mechanism for marketing the author's software. We don't have a problem with this. What I do have a problem with is including a hyperlink inside the book which doesn't work, also having to search through many webpages for over ten minutes to discover what technical system the software requires (it is Windows).
There are also some minor typographic issues.
This book has good bone fragments and there is nothing wrong with the basic approach it requires to the topic. The problem is, it's a little rough and ready, and finally We was disappointed by what I got for the money., This is a great publication filled with useful advice including where to start out in creating a map, resources to having a map made, why a map is a tool more useful than simply for readers, and, of course , the many factors you need to make to create a achievable map for your tale. If you are a fantasy writer this book is an excellent tool to have. I really loved reading through the layed out steps. Mr. Schmidt writes the instructions clearly and in a logical order to make map creation possible even for the less artistically inclined or those without an interest in geology. I received an ARC of this publication in exchange for the sincere review., Although I found the book interesting, I had been disappointed in 2 ways: it is short and it also only covers map making as part of story writing. It is contains quick guidelines of any thumb to design maps that are practical enough never to detract from the story, and is also backed by YouTube guides. However I was looking for idea for fantasy role playing maps and could not find any reference to the hobby, in that sense I find the work incomplete., This booklet is clearly aimed at beginning fantasy writers and beginner cartographers, but it still has several tips and tricks for making your maps look more traditional, irrespective of skill level.

We uncovered which i had already been drawing my rivers incorrectly (or at least unrealistically) even though I’m a veteran fantasy illustrator. This booklet covers how rivers actually behave in relation to their environment. We also found the terraforming chapter useful in that it described how plate tectonics can effect mountain formation and weather patterns.

The true value of the text message is that it assists you to determine the true range of your map task before you even start sketching. What is a reasonable scale for your continents and nations? Exactly how far could people travel on foot or by cart in the middle ages? This booklet will get you thinking about how exactly to make your maps more convincing, without overpowering you with too much technical detail in the process.

It’s definitely a helpful resource for any fantasy mapping project, whether for fiction or video gaming!, The information is just enough to make sure water doesn't flow uphill or other nonsensical highlights of some fantasy maps. Nevertheless , he could have used the editor. Right now there are numerous word choice errors, e. g. parameter for perimeter, and the like.

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