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The particular artist is amazing and obviously just as excited as he is gifted about what he shows; it shows. I needed so desperately to give 5 out of 5 stars, the one thing and reason I didn't was because this is lacking (in my opinion) two areas 1) The text is fixed for the Kindle Fire and can not be enlarged whatsoever. I could not read any of the already small print that is defined in white against black. We understand the pre-set text message was probably included as a jpg file with the prints to create the book but in doing so, someone manages to lose options like reading and hence really being able to learn or get anything more from what the author wrote. 2) I kept waiting for the tutorial to happen and thought maybe We missed something page after page of wonderful illustrations. It really displayed the artists work and talent. When the tutorial came up, I was delighted but felt it was cut too short and did not show enough explanation of what was done to get said results... granted, this is only according to what I could see and not read since the text was too small and could not be adjusted. Other than all this, I had been continually wowed by the artist and think his work is awesome. I do love this book and would recommend it to anyone. I am hoping the author /artist of the book scans this, makes a few easy adjustments, republishes, and allows me know of the changes? Maybe I could get a re-download and you may gamble I will upgrade my rating and edit my post accordingly to match the book.: ) We am an author and artist as well and i also want to support talent! Best to you Charro!, Fantastic pictures but a little hard to get into you have to choose a point from the food selection and go from there you simply can't turn the page like in a normal book unless you decide on a spot in the menu., This book is a good combo of gallery images and step by step instructions. We got the book due to the gallery nevertheless the instructional information are good as well. I would recommend this book to others., none, Apologies Javier...... but I expected better illustrations!, The score is NOT a reflection of the artist's work, which plainly deserved 5 or even 6 stars.

This is an incredibly gifted artist's showcase of works, with examples of the creation process, how this individual got from your to Unces. NOT huge on instruction, however, definitely not for the layman. I rated it low because I read the title and thought that it would keep a LOT more information on sophisticated technique. It truly is impressive to see how he put together all the elements of the medium, it leaves one feeling dwarfed, just like you asked for driving directions to Albuquerque and the guy hands you a postcard featuring the city, saying, "Take that first left, 400 miles of highways and again roads and stuff, and then take the last right and you're there. Here's what Albuquerque looks like. " It's amazing that HE can get there with but a mere mop of the brush, but you could find yourself somewhat amiss.

If I were to rewrite this, I would make it longer, and break down all of the many stylistic choices, colors, thematic nuances, and whatever principles were in the artist's mind as each work was being completed. Furthermore, it might be helpful if we know how much time and effort was put into each one, hour-wise. I would describe in far greater detail the technical methods used to digitally render the works, especially considering how persnickety and convoluted drawing software can be., Good illustrations. Not really a tutorial though. It's great for inspiration. I would suggest to everyone. Good book. Good., First time ever hearing about this artist. Charro's work reminds me of Luis Royo. I'm truly a enthusiast now. I would have gave 5 stars, but I couldn't modify the size of the text message to learn it.

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