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For anyone who never had rowdy boys, you’ll never know very well what you’ve missed. Mostly because rowdy boys send their Daddies back to their childhoods. Suddenly, the house has a 6 feet, 200 pound 10 yr old boy being insane with 3 smaller types of himself. This stimulates scatological humor, flatulent humor and basic body humor. This entire book reflects that. This is not for the ‘Ladies’ of the world, or use the tom-boys. This is strictly prepubescent boy humor. I read this with my 8 yr old grandson and he gave it two thumb up and a belch! Any male will love this book. It would be an excellent addition to the ‘boy bathroom’ in your house. It would be an even better addition to the ‘boy bathroom’ of your grownup son’s house. I can not wait for Thanksgiving when we go to my prissy daughter-in-law’s home and I give her son this book. After that it will be three generations of boys making fart jokes. That weak girl won’t know very well what hit her. Hahhahah! I think I’ll buy six of these and spread the joy….. I received a free copy of this guide and voluntarily made a decision to discuss my honest review, We was given this guide free of charge to do a review and nope not paid except for all the uncontrollable laughs I had developed watched my roommates girl have. It was somewhat above her reading level and he or she does have some issues with reading. She was able to air flow through this book and giggling the entire way. We really enjoyed the fact that the story was based on some things that a armed service child understands about moving all the time, and just how hard it is to be new kid and make friends (This was addressed in chapter 1). She could identify easily with the key character about trying to fit in, making new friends and being the new youngster at school. Watching her enjoy reading a book that was not a graphic novel and able to see the book in day was very rewarding for her and my roommate. She's looking to be able to read more books like this in the very near future., Not kindle unlimited, should be one of my here's a free book we would enjoy you to review it if you could no strings etcetera.

Please take note the intended age focus on, my age appropriate nephew's child luved it, his sister not so much, so assume mostly younger BOYS. The boy thought it was " a blast" then started laughing, so assume another 'fart joke' of sorts.

The Fantastic Flatulent Fart Brothers Save the World!: A Comedy Thriller Adventure that Truly Stinks (Humorous action book for preteen kids age 9-12)
The Fantastic Flatulent Fart Brothers Go to the Moon!: A Spaced Out Comedy SciFi Adventure that Truly Stinks (Humorous action book for preteen kids age 9-12)
The Fantastic Flatulent Fart Brothers' Big Publication of Farty Facts: A great Illustrated Guide to the Science, History, and Art of Farting (Humorous reference guide for kids age 9-12), Fart jokes and similar wrapped around an adventure in a book. That’s the core proposition here. Does it work? Hmm…

It is not a bad book, although as someone who has loved the sometimes not-so-subtle humour of Viz magazine, especially before this ‘PC Era’, I failed to create a great connection with it. I get the humour. It may appeal to some children who will laugh at every fart or similar. It might be a cultural issue as it did seem to be very American in style, and that is the location where the story was set. Geezers are universal though. Following through too…

I feel far from being a juvenile, despite the particular good lady spouse may sometimes feel and I get told off for teasing our girl (‘you are her young brother’), but I don’t think this would have had me rolling around the floor due to the farting shows. Yet other farty things could, as I recall many a school-time event with stink bombs, palms under the armpits making fart noises and worse. My daughter, at general school, might have reacted to this book earlier. Items change so quickly, despite thinking it is the height of hilarity when she made wind the other night. Today it might get a nervous ‘meh’. Another day, who knows…

Therefore i am not being po-faced. I will read text messages about people farting and having more ‘severe accidents’ and laugh so much that my sides literally do hurt. Not this, but I didn’t hit delete and say ‘what a pile of poop’ either. The story itself, with or without “sound effects” was harmless, enchanting even, and it could grow on you. Did the farts or the specific language make guide? No. Did it crack it? No.

So, an acceptable four stars. It is cheap. It does the job and it might create your kids (or their father) laugh. You must know your own child /husband/boyfriend and their humour. It is far from universal. Yet there is a story involved, farts or not, and so even though you don’t enjoy the fartiness (which is not recognized by Word but should be) all is not lost. Far from it., We loved the illustrations and they had me having a laugh out loud. This guide is great for the sorts of boys who loved Extraterrestrials Love Underpants and Captain Underpants when they were a bit younger, you understand like every-late-elementary-aged kid ever. Terrifying clowns, fantastic farts, usa president woofer cushions. What more could a kid want? I additionally really liked the fart facts at the conclusion. I'll never be able to get on an airplane with a straight face again., I really like the Fantastic Flatulent Fart Brothers Save the World! This specific is a hilarious, accessible series perfect for reluctant visitors and other fans of potty-humor books like Captain Underpants, Icky & Ough: Toilet Paper Mummy, or Stink: The Incredible Diminishing Kid. I was having a laugh out loud throughout at all the fart and butt jokes, that were brilliant and good-natured, but more significantly, the brothers a new really touching affection for one another that balanced your breakneck speed of the humor. The cartoon-style illustrations are completely suited to the silly adventure of Peter and Willy.

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