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Until someone mentioned “Fanatical Recruiting, ” I had never heard of the publication or its author Jeb Blount. Noticing the publication was #1 on Amazon’s telemarketing best seller checklist, I ordered a backup and began reading with an open mind.
The book, especially at the beginning and the very end, is about 50% standard sales inspiration content covering well-trodden substance like the amygdala/lizard brain, Amy Cuddy’s TED talk on body language, etc. However, the other 50% provides very practical processes and templates that make the book one of the better sales books available. All told, I felt the book was a must read.
Here is my summary of key-take-ways:
1. Knowing that activity will take 90+ days to pay off, successful salespeople non-stop fill their pipeline through a mixture of mobile phone, in-person, e-mail, social promoting, text messaging, referrals, networking, inbound leads, trade shows, and cold calling.
second . Here is the brutal truth: Salesmen who ignore the cell phone fail. ”
3. “Top performers arrange their day into specific time blocks dedicated to specific activities, concentrating their focus and eliminating disruptions within those blocks… All of us schedule our prospecting obstructs [on our calendars] into three “Power Hours” that are propagate across the day—morning, midday, and afternoon. ”
4. “While establishing an appointment is your primary objective with leads you have already prequalified as audience, gathering information is your primary aim with prospects you have not qualified. ”
5. “Our data and data that we have gathered and analyzed from your diverse set of resources indicate that it will take, on average: 1 to 3 touches to reengage an inactive customer 1 to 5 touches to engage a prospect who is in the buying window and is knowledgeable about you and your brand 3 to 10 details to engage a prospect who has a high level of familiarity with you or your brand, although not in the buying window 5 to 12 details to engage a warm inbound lead 5 to 20 touches to indulge a prospect that has some familiarity with you and your brand—buying window dependent 20 to 50 details to engage a cold prospect who does not know you or your brand. ”
6. “The main point here is people don't desire to be pitched or “sold” on social press. They prefer to connect, interact, and learn. That is why, the social channel is better suited to building familiarity, business lead nurturing, research, nuanced inbound prospecting, and trigger-event consciousness. ”
7. “Prospects meet with you for their reasons, not the one you have. You have to articulate the value of spending time together with you in the context of what is most important to them. Your information must demonstrate a genuine interest in listening to them, learning about them, and solving their unique problems. ”
8. “Just saying, “I'd like 15 minutes of energy because I want to find out more about you and your company” works surprisingly well with many prospects. ”
9. “When salespeople ask me when they should leave a voice mail, We always answer, “When it matters. ”… Keep voice mail messages to half a minute. ”
10. “Timing Teleprospecting Calls Is a Losing Strategy… So, forget about timing your calls and commit instead to a regular, first-thing-in-the-morning call block. ”
11. “The feeling of rejection happens the moment you get a reflex response, brush-off, or objection (RBO)… Overcoming does not work. There is a universal law of human behavior: You can not argue another person into believing that they are wrong. Typically the more you push another person, the more they dig their heels in and resist you… There is certainly a better way. Rather than trying to overcome—defeating or current over your prospect—you should disrupt their expectations and thought patterns when they break the rules with a no. It is crucial a disruptive statement or question that becomes them around so that they lean in the direction of you rather than move away from away from you… Whenever they say they're busy, instead of arguing them into how you can15484 only take a little bit of their time, say, “I figured you'd be better with. ” Agreeing with them disrupts their thought pattern… Whenever they say, “Just send me some information, ” say, “Tell myself specifically what you are looking for. ” This particular calls their bluff and forces engagement… When they say, “I'm not serious, ” say, “That makes sense. Most people usually are. ” Their brain isn't very ready so that you can agree with them… One phrase you want to avoid is “I understand. ” When you use the phrase “I understand, ” you sound just like every other schmuck who uses this phrase as insincere for filler injections so they can get back to pitching. It demonstrates zero empathy and tells your prospect you are not listening and may care. ”
12. The salespeople-help-salespeople compromise is definitely an awesome secret tool. ”
thirteen. “Truly effective salespeople understand that it is all about asking the prospect the right questions and demonstrating that you can enable them to solve a particular problem or issue. ”
14. Don't send bulk e-mail. Prospecting e-mail is one to just one. It is one e-mail from your address sent to one person, one e-mail at a time… Avoid fixing images… Avoid hyperlinks… never use “Hi” or “Hello” or “Dear” or any other salutation in entrance of your prospect's name. No one in business does that except sales agents. “Hi __” is a complete turnoff for leads. ”, This is a tough book for myself to rate, because how much you step out of it really is determined by your earlier experience in reading sales books. I'm a completely scatterbrained prospector. I purchased this guide hoping to find information on many types of prospecting, and how to bring it altogether into a structure. After working the money, and reading the book cover to cover, I can tell you what I found is a lot of motivational communicating with prospecting tips dispersed about. You'll learn some good ideas about server scripting for the phone, and in person cold contacting. You'll get some good feelings about using social press as leverage. And you will get some information about time blocking your prospecting activities. If you have never read a book on prospecting and selling, this is a really nice all-in-one reference. If you've read lots of sales self help publications, you likely won't find anything new here. Along with 320 pages, I sensed for sure there would be a chapter on bringing it all with each other, like 'A day in the life of a fanatical prospector', to give the reader a trial framework in which to form a basis to change how they prospect. That's what I needed, as I'm excellent with scripting, but my overall time management and flow of the multiple prospecting mediums sucks. Which is not in this publication.

So whether you think it's worth the money really is determined by what you've read to this point. If this is your best sales publication, and you are completely new to sales, it's a great destination to start. If you've read a great deal of other sales publications, don't spend the money.

A good additional note: I'm getting a little frustrated with the fact that there are more and more publications loaded with compensated critics on Amazon. Even more frustrating is how it seems like all of these sales self help authors recommend the other person each time an e book comes out. For example, Jill Koranth endorses seemingly every sales book that visits the market. And in exchange, she gets a yell out to her own things somewhere in said endorsed book. This one is not any different.

Hope this helps!, I have recommended this book to dozens of men and women who have struggled keeping their pipeline full and delivering steady results in their business. For myself, this book was life-changing as it changed the hit and miss way I was prospecting before and am am now experiencing results like I've never seen before. Not a " how to prospect" book but focuses more on mindset and why you need to be fanatical about developing a daily habit to be in the marketplace and talking to people. I will continue to recommend this guide to all those out there there that are viewing minimal leads to their business or are to not get the results that would like to see. I was not a paid cartel for this company or any other company. We truly loved the publication.

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