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I simply got the book today. I had to work for eight hours and go to the store and walk my dogs and I still read every word in just two sittings. AND when it started progressing to the last pages, I began to feel that unhappiness you have when a story you have been really enjoying is starting to come to an end. There is so much love and companionship in these pages - so much care and concern for others and yet, also a strong hunger to know - that any inquiring brain can admire. Nancy got support and help - but you can also tell she is a force to be believed with and that her keen sense of fairness and empathy prevail. Kudos for her Michael for standing for her as well as by her. Kudos for her coauthor Rebecca " Becky" Crofoot and her gentle nature and sound advice. Kudos to the people grand friends of Nancy's that gave her hugs and listened to her hopes and worries and shared her cry. I would recommend this book to anyone who is adopted or knows any one who is or is merely curious about the emotions and facts and fiction that confront those mixed up in making of these special families.

I also know Nancy. AND the only thing that would associated with book better is audio! I would want to listen to Becky and Nancy inform their stories about the connections they made. I have had a few sit down down gab fests with Nancy and I know there would be frivolity and tears and ad libs - all really worth listening to!! I am very pleased for the creators. They have every right to be proud of their accomplishment and their companionship. I am ready for the movie! I am busy casting it in my mind right NOW!, Even though I'm not adopted, I have a huge interest in Genealogy and Genetic Genealogy and want to read books that show the various methods that folks use to try to look for their family. You never know when one of their research methods may help you out with your own research!

Without giving too much away: Nancy got been satisfied with her adoptive parents and really had no interest in finding her birth parents until her doctor urged her to get her non-identifying medical information. After getting a little more information than she expected, she became curious as to her her labor and birth parents actually were and that's what started her on her 17-year quest to find them.

That only required about two days to finish this book and while I found it fascinating, there was one section that I think dragged on a lttle bit - the the emails again and forth between Nancy and Claire (which I basically skimmed over but still able to get the gist of all of them).

This book is great for adoptees or anyone who's thinking about finding family., This is a difficult book to put down. Not only well written, it is like a mystery novel where the twists and turns keep you turning the next page.
While it is a personal story, told over a period of many years, it is also a look again into another era where adoption was handled much differently than today. For everyone who is has had contact with or been involved in adoption, it is a comprehensive guide. For those who haven't, it is a possiblity to encounter the difficulties of adoption., As an adoptee who found her biological sister and labor and birth mother at 19, I can relate to many issues raised in this book. I would have loved it more if I the writing style was different. While the emails and letters were interesting to a point, the book would have benefited from more text. She also just throws of away there that she was diagnosed with an illness and decided too find away her health background. There was no explanation of what the condition was apart from the name; I got to google or to see what it was, symptoms, severity etc. I do believe readers would link more with the story is we knew how the condition impacted the author and her son, since this led to the whole search., This is a great story. Certainly one of courage, perseverance, but I do believe for me, mostly of love. The greatly different ways in which love between people can manifest itself through varied circumstances and changing times. Love between a man and a women; parents and children; siblings, extended family and friends; and maybe the majority of all, people bonded by the pursuit of a common goal.

I'm probably the most biased reporter to ever walk the earth. Well, one of them anyway. I achieved Nancy in 2003 via a blues jam I enjoyed in with her spouse Michael. We've been good friends ever since. Right from the start I've felt that Nancy is one of the special people in my life. One of those people whose positive attitude about life sets them apart. It's impossible for me to have a conversation with her without my attitude changing for the better. I would really be surprised if after looking over this book others didn't come away with a similar experience. Reading this book is very much like sitting down with Nancy for a good catch up session. It can conversation I would recommend having!!!, As an grownup adoptee, I can appreciate the tenacity when the author investigated the whereabouts of her birth mother. Typically the author included a great deal of personal communication with the social worker at the agency, but also included transcripts of her Christmas letters, a eulogy written by her son for his grandfather and other personal letters which detracted from the main goal of the book. Typically the book includes communications and insight from the sociable worker regarding mindsets of birth mothers from the 40's, 50's, explaining the reasoning behind the secrecy of out of wedlock births, etc.. Definitely not book worthy, but heartfelt and honestly written., As an adopted person, born in 1940, I have probably 20 or more books on adoption and reunions. I probably purchased this e-book half a year ago. My own reunion story may still be written. This guide is well written and one of the best I've ever read. As soon as starting it this early morning, I could not put it down! Joy, hardships, perseverance, tears, and smiles, arrived from this book. Whenever one grows up adopted, so that as an adult, locates out that legally they can't have a family tree, it is a rude awakening!

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