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This specific 240-page book is the most complete and up to date resource on genetic family history and genealogy. While some material is too advanced for natural beginners, you will want this comprehensive book on hand as you work your way through the DNA testing process. Blaine evidently explains all different DNA types and their individual inheritance patterns. Then he adds lots of supplementary information, together with a great list of More Resources. Blaine naturally encourages readers to read his book from start to finish. But not many people read their vehicle owner's manual before taking their new car for a ride. Similarly, you don't need 100% of this knowledge before jumping into the exciting world of DNA testing. Furthermore, each topic will make much more sense once you have your own results to take a look at. Do read enough to comprehend the key points. Regarding example, you have to know that autosomal DNA passes on random selections of each parent's DNA. However you can get by without knowing exactly HOW recombination occurs. Typically the subject of X-DNA gift of money confuses even experienced testers. So just skip that chapter until (and if) you encounter a situation where an understanding of X-DNA is required. The book is available in both print and Kindle formats. I purchased the printing version due to the many excellent tables and illustrations., There are other books out there about DNA testing for family history and genealogy, but this one is head and shoulders above. It presents up to date information for this evolving field, introducing the science of genetic family history and genealogy in easy to understand chapters.
Three types of DNA testing are mentioned, sorting out the advantages and limitations of each. The author leads you through how to interpret your own results, and how to use available tools to get the most thorough analysis. He discusses honest issues surrounding " surprises" in your DNA and searching for birth parents. Simple charts illustrate the points he makes.
Whether you are a professional genealogist or perhaps curious about your hereditary makeup, this book will be an outstanding reference source for quite some time to come., We have been working with genetic genealogy for five years, and I highly recommend this book! It has everything a beginner needs to know, and has all the matters someone with more experience might need to review now and then. Charts, diagrams, and clear explanations. If you have taken a Paternity test and want to get the most from your results, this book will show you how to do that!, I'm a self-taught genealogist who's spent way too much time over the years piecing family trees together over the years.... with a lot of success. We have fought getting involved in the DNA side of things for years. I'm not one who ever before had an easy time in biology or the savoir...., and it just seemed intimidating and impersonal. NEVERTHELESS.... I was up against a huge wall with one of my husband's family lines and I could either quit.... or try DNA. I decided to take the DNA jump.... and after reading every page of this book, I'm ashamed that We waited so long to get on the bandwagon. This author makes things super simple to understand.... and provides so many helpful illustrations that split down the information into understandable blocks powerful knowledge. What is even better? The DNA market is hard to understand if you don't understand what you are doing.... If you are uncertain of whether to go with Ancestry's test, or one of the products on FamilyTreeDNA or 23AndME..... this is THE BOOK. It'll help you invest your money in the tests the will become the most help.... right from the get-go.... AND understand the results!!! This book is precious metal. Thanks Blaine T. Bettinger. I was on Ancestry's GENETICS support forum asking questions.... and another user referenced me to the book and told me We could get it okay here. He was right., A fascinating non scientist review of a highly technical issue. Well done. This can be a very interesting area with plenty of upside in the future., I've purchased 4 books on genealogy. This specific combines all the basic principles of these and almost all of what I can find on the web.
We highly recommend it. When this is completed another book by Blaine is the next logical building block. It is " Genetic Genealogy in Practice" available only thru National Genealogical Society, Special Subjects Series. It contains many exercises that basically help to understand all the principles necessary for using GENETICS to match relatives., Great book and helpful in understanding DNA and what different tests mean. We have read several chapters and outlined what We desired to retain. Am enjoying getting accurate information., Typically the best book available on the subject. I have bought and read a number of books on the subject of GENETICS testing, and this is the most informative and easiest to read.

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