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I really like the show and now the book my book just came in the mail and very happy I read every book there is out there which I never saw know I will commence to read it thanks amazon online for the one, Holy junk, these stories are intense! I'm so glad that this book was written; for anyone who feels like a " freak" for identifying with imaginary characters, this is a must. The stories are human and thoughtfully written. I don't know why you have never come out before.
There are some real eye-openers, like " Careless AF" by Kim Rhodes and " Stroke Associated with Luck" by Rob Benedict, not to mention " My Hero Wears A new Beanie" and " Sober For Sam".
But it's Jared Padalecki's story that really hit me hard. I read it twice crying both times because I have totally been in which he is. I am in shock of the honesty and bravery of his article and truly appreciate how hard it must have been for him to write it and promote it with us. Thank you so much, Jared.
And thank you, Lynn Zubernis for writing this and making myself feel less like a fanatic! Now I understand WHY I identify the way I do. I am empowered!, Chock-full of incredible first-hand content from a few of your selected Supernatural actors and followers, most never-before heard. Unique content from various organizations involved with Supernatural, including Wayward Daughters. The perfect gift for a Unnatural superfan in your life., The belief that life is always better when you are famous is certainly much like the old saying, The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. In FDEWB, we see what a resounding impact a tv show-- well, actually not the show itself but the people behind the camera as well as in front of it--can have on the lives of those who enjoy watching it. The depth of caring and honest approval for one another is truly inspiring.
We all all have struggles in this life. If you aren't struggling, you not necessarily living. For a lot of, those challenges can be soul mashing, fearful and tearful places, and perhaps even life questioning struggles. As my beloved uncle whom we lost very unexpectedly 3 weeks ago always said, suicide is a permanent fix for a momentary problem.
But you may be wondering what reverberates with me the most reading these tales, is the depth of love that is felt/shown for every individual person. It also makes me so very grateful for that still small voice that coaxes reason from a troubled mind and for second (and 3 rd and more) chances. #SPNFamily, In case you are a associate of the Supernatural fandom, this book is wonderfully validating. If you are not a member of the " famdom" (as Matt Cohen calls it) but want to understand why Supernatural fans are so dedicated to the show and its cast and crew, this book can confirm all you need to know. Many of the essays by both forged and fans are highly personal, frank, and moving. Keep tissues handy., This specific book made me require a long look at who I am and started myself asking myself some difficult questions and not liking the answers I was giving. An excellent resource for anyone struggling with emotional health problems or maybe "life" in general. You don't have to be a fan of Supernatural to understand and feel the support available to anyone., I loved this book. I feel myself crying and laughing and just feeling so good about myself after reading it. I am a big lover of Supernatural within the past a dozen years. So pleased to see other people like myself who absolutely love this show. And all the goodness and love this show brings to people.
Proceed Wayward Daughters, we love you..., I love reading and things SPN. This book is amazing. My whole life I have struggled to fit in, have struggled with anxiety and depression. In order to know that individuals I appreciate have fought through the same struggles is very enlightening and helpful. To know that the SPN Family has influenced those on the show and not simply those who watch an are in the fandom is amazing... it really does bring us together.

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