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I buy hundreds of Amazon kindle books and thought I have seen it all. Typos, non-working TOC, glitches, etc. But this is actually the most severe I've ever seen. Whenever you open the book, the Kindle stops moving between pages. You aren't even click for the Menu screen, you aren't do anything. My Amazon kindle refused to get started on up at all after experiencing this guide. I had to deep-restart it twice in order to have it set up again at all.

Just how is it possible that guys who apparently may know how to make e-books have gotten the business of one of the very famous books ever - Bartlett's Familiar Quotations? Capitalism is not working any more... I will be still in jolt. Will probably be returning this monstrosity.

Kindle users, thanks for reading my review and, if you feel that my misery has were able to prevent you from a really bad decision, I would really appreciate a click on the "yes" button!, Bartlett's is very 'familiar' in my opinion, as my Mom used to read this constantly when we were growing up. It was always open and well-referenced for quite some time. As a result all of her (8) children LOVE it too.

I also believe Bartlett's Familiar Quotations shaped us into enthusiastic and curious readers. Recommend for every person/family., This Bartlett's is a new version than the one I grew up with. It's still a fertile source of much wisdom, humor, and plain old common sense. I've always liked the way it is collated, by date. I personally use quotations from it at the very least a couple of times a week what with the letters I send. Much wisdom in between its covers. A valuable resource.., It's nice to have an older backup which still has many quotes and cross-references that have disappeared in later models., If you rely on the written or spoken word to sway the viewpoint of others, is genuinely a should have for your reference resources.

While there are a number of online resources, they do not beat having a hard backup on your desk. There are a number of problems with many of the online quote sources. Typically the attribution is often doubtful. Bartlett's is the expert on attribution.

The collection is in chronological order, minuscular by author. There is an extensive index by subject matter. You ought to be able to find just the quote you are searching for in a matter of minutes.

I have found this to be an invaluabe source.

I have also uncovered many authors and philisophers that I wanted to learn more about from simply surfing around through this collection.

There is nothing like the appropriate quotationn to give credibility to your communicating or writing. In case you are serious about your work, you really should add this to your variety of resources., This is a must for any reference collection or just for fun. I has a copy in college, and lost it when I moved. So pleased to have it again.
Shipping from this seller was prompt and it arrived in good shape. THANKS!, The illustrations really do not add a thing and this book is not as thorough ?nternet site thought it would be., I enjoy browsing through it every evening! It has prompted me to write a few personal quotes! I discover the Bartlett quotes give one an easy glimpse of life, and words that can stick through any season! (It also requires a good dose of physical poweress, along with the emotional, as it is a rather heavy book! )

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