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Being a woman in my 30s, I will be probably not the target age group just for this book, but that failed to stop me from enjoying it immensely. There were parts where I definitely felt my age (I doubt most people my age know what a Nerdfighter is) but those times were few and far between. I blew through it each day, and was really sad in order to was over.

I really enjoyed Bond's take on Lois. The girl with tough, but vulnerable. Snarky, but with a huge heart. A terrible speller, but a great journalist. And she is always willing to give up her own reputation when its for something she truly believes is right. Essentially, the Lois I possess always loved.

My only problem is that there isn't very more, and for that reason certain facets of Lois' relationship with her 'online friend' seemed a tad rushed (I am used to EXTREMELY slow burns as it pertains to the Lois/Clark dynamic in all other types of media) but I will take what I can get. It can way past time Lois Lane has got the credit and attention she deserves as a fictional character. Provide me all the Lois Lane stories. If there tend to be more in the future, I guarantee I am there to read them. And if you have a before teen daughter or relative, definitely cause them to become read this book!, The first and a lot important thing is that Lois Lane herself is characterized properly throughout the book. That alone is reason enough to buy it. The girl with everything a fan could ask for. She's headstrong, outspoken, principled, intelligent, brave and just all types of amazing. She lights here as she rarely gets to, free from the shadow of Superman (mostly). She sticks up for what she thinks is right and takes action (but not crap). It can hard to think of an improved feminist role model.

Having said that, the high institution setting and the truth that the book is steeped in teen culture might dissuade older visitors (like myself) in a way that The Craving for food Games never had to be concerned about, but there's still a solid (and serious) story here that pull in anybody with a mind to give it a chance.

My only real complaint is Superman's introduction at all, but this is still fundamentally Lois's story, and he's never anything more than a sidekick in it. This is still a great reminder that Lois is more than just " Superman's girlfriend".

She's a super hero all onto her own., I've loved Lois Lane for decades, so I was a little dubious when We first heard about this guide. Not every person understands why people love this figure of why she means a lot to so many.

Well, having read this book more than 3 times, let me say... Gwenda Bond really will get it.

The plot may well not be for everyone - yet , its themes about bullying are extremely timely. Almost all of the supporting figures are well rounded and three dimensional - none a lot as her Web friend SmallvilleGuy.

Bond remarkably captures Lois's voice and why she is and has always been a personality to stand up for individuals who cannot stand up for themselves. It is simple to see the connection between Lois and the never-really-present Clark Kent and why these two really are wonderful alone but are only better together.

I laughed, We choked up, I made sounds like a dying moose. Do yourself a favor and read this guide. It is truly the best depiction of Lois Lane I've seen in a long time., I commenced After effects with a mixture of excitement and trepidation. We love Lois Lane and i also was really worried the book wouldn’t capture the Lois I see in my head. Me of little faith! My worries were groundless. Fallout is greater than everything I hoped it would be. Bond has captured Lois’s voice, infusing her with the Lois Lanes who have come before yet creating a fresh character with her own purpose.

This is the story of a adolescent Lois who have just relocated to Metropolis. She’s an army brat who have moved around a lot nevertheless her family plans to place down roots. She has gotten in trouble at other schools because of her brash personality so this time she would like to keep the profile and start fresh. The lady creates a list of all the things she would like to do differently and it’s heartfelt, touching and charming. Bond shows the girl understanding of teenagers and the deep need for acceptance from their colleagues. Of course, this is Lois Lane, and no issue how much she wishes, she can’t change the girl personality. She is a curious young woman who bristles at injustice, and sure enough, on the very first day she witnesses bullying which completely derails her best motives to keep out of trouble.

Her best friend is “SmallvilleGuy”, an on-line buddy whom she’s never fulfilled nonetheless they “talk” every day. Their instant messages add texture to the story. However, this is very much Lois’s story told through her eyes with Clark simon playing the supporting role.

Their interactions however build the early foundation for the mutual love which will bind them when they grow up. Their discussions show their mutual value for the other person and Lois’s innocent and slightly insecure mild crushing onto her buddy is something nearly every teen can relate to. There is one particularly sweet conversation after a misunderstanding between the two which, instead of devolving into angst, records the delicate feelings of that age where everything feels larger than life. The way they speak it through made my heart sigh. I did want to ask Lois to stop pushing Clark simon to share with her more than can but she did it in such a way that was true to her character and she wouldn’t be who she was otherwise. Their particular friendship is filled with the energy of young exhilaration when possibilities seem to be limitless and there is the promise of something bigger on the horizon.

I love Lois’s internal dialogue throughout the story. Bond gets in the girl head and shows us your woman behind the bravado. We come across her vulnerability and her caring heart and can understand why she makes the choices she does. I love how she bulldozes her way in to a group of friends who at first don’t know what to make of her but conclusion up becoming loyal followers.

One of the most crucial relationships in this story is between Lois and the girl dad, General Sam Side of the road. They are extremely much alike which needless to say causes problems. I couldn’t help but think of my relationship with my dad. We were very much alike and when I was a teen we didn’t always see eye to eye. That was only after We grew up and experienced my own kids that We commenced to see his side of things. When he was alive today he’d get a conquer out of watching me with my daughter, who is a lot like me even though she’d deny it.

There is a landscape between father and daughter after Lois has obtained in trouble which will likely resonate for both the teenager and the parent. The reader is firmly on Lois’s part but Sam Lane’s steps are evidently motivated out there of affection. Meanwhile Lois’s mom and Lucy have ringside seats for their mental battles. The few Lois and Lucy scenes handle to convey the deep bond between the sisters.

The climactic scene jewelry together the themes of the book. Lois understands lessons about friendship, trust and taking emotional dangers which are harder for her than physical ones. She also finds objective and direction in the form of the girl career choice with Perry White as her gruff mentor. Meanwhile, her steps in the final chapters are quintessential Lois Side of the road, albeit a younger less self-assured version.

The story feels as if it takes place in the not too distant future (to shamelessly steal from MST 3k). I found it a welcome respite from the countless dystopian stories crowding the YA style. There were threads of light and hope stiched through the book.

I was left wanting more following your story ended and I’m so excited Bond is writing a sequel (Double Down). I’d also love to see YA treatments for other DC and Marvel characters such as Kate Kane, Diana, Barbara Gordon, and Kamala Khan to mention just a few.

I recommend Fallout. My teenage daughter needed a book for her weekly reading record and I gave the girl this, she loved it. She has to create a poster at the conclusion of the grading period on her behalf favorite guide. She informed me so significantly Fallout is her top pick. It is mine too., Teen Army brat Lois Lane (yes, THAT WILL Lois Lane) has resided a lot of places and seen a lot of strange things, nevertheless that her family’s will be in Metropolis for the long haul she would like to try fitting it. Only it’s not so easy to keep the girl head down and overlook the weirdness when it’s happening right at the girl high school. Lois uses her new position as a junior reporter for and her old online contacts (like her mystical and potentially dreamy buddy SmallvilleGuy) to figure out there how the high-tech impressive video games her class mates are using are manipulating them, and why. Snarky and sweet with a great ensemble and pulse pounding pacing.

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