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I had formed a hard time preference some of the weather in the first three publications, but I finished the series and everyone that I know that has read it merely requires raves about Easton, so when I found that he had his own book I decided to give it a chance. First, let me declare I am terribly dissatisfied that I wasted my time. Easton is completely unlikeable in this book. I am sick of him being drunk, sick of him apologizing and people just taking it, sick of his rich dad allowing him do it and even restocking the liquor cabinet, and I am just waiting for the intervention of individuals that say they love him but plainly do not proper care about him. When they cared for, they'd be dropping his arse off at a rehab facility and showing him he can't leave if he wants another penny of daddy's money. Second, the drama in the first three publications was soooo over the top, but in this guide it just seems so made up. Felicity has an impractical and incredible amount of power and it doesn't make sense realistically. Third, Hartley's tale is boring. It maybe wouldn't be boring if we could hear what it is, but I just read an entire an entire book and received the story, or partial story, in the previous 5% of it. Next, the ending. Another cliffhanger? I wish I had formed known this ahead of time. Everyone kept saying they read " Easton's story" so I just assumed it was one more guide in a 4 guide series. But no. Simply no. It's another cliffhanger. This particular entire novel could have been summed up in one book but no, the author had to stretch out it out into dull boring dragging nothingness and now I have to read another book to get to the " end" and find away what happens to they. Seriously. I'm over it., No one delivers drama the way that Erin Watt does, and this time it’s been delivered as one of my favorite characters – Easton Noble.

To me, Easton was always the comedic relief. We had instantly taken to the way he and Ella formed a family bond and I could not wait to delve much deeper into what made this playboy tick. Being in his head helped me feel like I was on a tilt-a-whirl, never knowing what side of him we were going to see. One minute he is the cocky, self-assured teen that makes you spin your eyes when he eyelashes out with his razor-sharp tongue and quick quips. The next minute he is the broken boy who carries the weight of his Mother’s death on his shoulders and doesn’t know his own put in place this world. He’s often wild, reckless, and premature, but he’s also sweet, caring, and willing to do anything for those that he loves. When only that didn’t usually get him into even more trouble …

I’m not going to lie. I honestly didn’t keep much hope for Hartley going into this tale. I adored Easton and didn’t think he'd find a girl that combined him well enough. And boy, was I wrong. Hartley reminded me a lot of Ella. She’s a strong girl who does whatever it takes to make do. She combined Easton head on and did not let him escape with half the crap this individual was used to. We have to see her power, her vulnerability, and We can’t wait to get to see inside her brain.

Overall, there were a few elements that We missed – such as Callum’s occurrence and Easton and Ella’s easy-going characteristics – and one component that I may have done without seeing again. Yet I guess we cannot win them all, right?

Fallen Heir was addicting and busy and concluded on a note that got me wanting to toss my kindle. I know this book just came away, but I’m already checking down the days until the next one produces., Multiple choice here- basically were to ever meet Erin Watt in person, would I-
A. -Squeeze and love them so hard for the addicting words they write.
M. -Slap them silly for making me crazy with the twists, turns, and incredible moments. -Seriously.
C. -Stare at them blankly because I'd be fangirling so hard I would miss to talk since their books are in my top favorite books actually.
D. - all of the above.

I wasn't sure the way i was going to feel about Fallen Heir. In the previous books, Easton seemed a little too pompous for me, that's not normally something I go for. I guess if I had his money, brains, and appears, I'd probably act like a self-entitled brat too. Luckily for me, he redeems themselves so great in Dropped Heir, and I'd have to say that I am loving the man that Easton is becoming. Really does he have his instances of douchebaggery? Without a doubt, but the man, not boy that arrives around Hartley are instances of pure redemption. Speaking of Hartley, she's a spitfire. I loved her, she actually is not afraid to stand for what she believes in, and doesn't just roll on her behalf back for the handsome, yet devilish Easton. Quite simply, she's stronger than me.; -)

General, this book is totally addicting. I feel like I will be following a rabbit gap deeper and deeper with these books, and Dropped Heir is not a exception, it's a lttle bit depraved, a bit shameless, and left me personally with chills. Oh! That ending! My heart is still fluttering from that explosive scene. I devoured this book in one setting, I'm sure you may not be disappointed in it. And when you were wondering about my answer to the multiple choice question above, of course it's Deb. Find out why for yourself.

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