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So maybe I shouldn't have picked this short tale as my gateway into Lindsay Buroker's Fallen Disposition universe. I don't know much about the background, the history, what part is doing what, which side to root for... Still, Jeffery H. Haskell's " Fallen Empire: The Stand for Honor" introduces us to two new - I'm assuming they may new - characters whose further adventures I would not at all mind following.

Our guy, Sgt. Cole Hauser, is a cyborg doing very hard time at an Alliance penal colony. His one border is the fact no one knows he is a cyborg, else he or she would've been torn apart for spare parts some time ago.

Cole keeps to himself. He's seeking to not make waves. He's seeking to come up with an escape plan, apart from he's no pilot and flying out is the only real means of egress. And then his plans get kicked to the curb when a frightened lady turns up as the latest prisoner. Fresh meats. Now Cole has to decide: Maintain his low profile and let the girl succumb to the attentions of his sicko inmates, or do the right thing and jeopardize whatever chance he's of breaking out.

I remaining the book still not knowing too much about the background stuff, but intrigued enough that I have just downloaded Lindsay Buroker's  Star Nomad: Decreased Empire, Book 1   (it helps that it's free). Haskell does not try much to teach spanking new readers. Exactly what he does, instead, is spin a personal wool what's fraught with danger and threaded thru with rugged action beats. I really liked Sgt. Cole Hauser, tough hombre with cardiovascular of gold. The lady he helps out isn't very as fleshed out. The girl functions more as a plot device that propels Cole into asskicking activity. Still, she's written as this innocent and helpless girl however, not stupid and with enough moxie that I did start gravitating towards her. Cole and me, we're both hard guys with hearts of gold. When's the next story?

"... walked with a telling gate"
" Cole was off, he didn't have long. "

Lastly, yes, this story could've done with a less sleepy editor. Me, I was into the story too much to let misspellings and punctuation snafus get to me, but others may not be as forgiving., I liked the tale as it went alongside. Cole's recurrent moral-vs. -pragmatic quandary was very believable (though how he could find Gopher to have VIRTUALLY ANY appeal... ), as was trying-to-be-brave Brisa's previously-innocent unpreparedness for the brutality of the prison (though we haven't seen as much depth and proactiveness from her yet as future stories should contain). BY THE WAY, nothing too horrible happens to the good guys; that wouldn't fit the tone Lindsay Buroker established, though there's certainly a fair amount of violence.

Nevertheless , when the story finished at a mere temporary lull n the action, at 97%, my response was, "Whoa! That's the end?! Cole hasn't even found out yet an important fact oddly revealed right in the explanation: that she's a preliminary! " Clearly, the author has further plans for the duo, but I was definitely unprepared for this to be the last page. After all, I thought it was a prison-break tale — but < SPOILER> they're still in the cell-block! < /SPOILER> It lost a star for that.

Then there was the other major issue that cost its second star: I don't think there was a single page where I didn't banner a minumum of one proofreading error, often several even in one paragraph! Numerous comma splices, a ton of fente missing between clauses (which sometimes made me have to reread) and absent where they should be setting off interjections or address, plus a pair should-be apostrophes at the beginning of words that are actually single beginning quotes, and quotes around "supposedly" as opposed to around what X supposedly IS.

A person tell a good tale, Mr. Haskell, but (A) finish it, and (B) have it copy-edited before inquiring individuals to pay for it! Even at 99¢, like I paid, it's short enough that it happens to 3¢ per page. I had a yearning for a quick tale, but I believe like I only got half of one. Maybe if one had an audio tracks version with a good narrator, it wouldn't be apparent what a mess you'd probably left on the page, but... I can't say for sure if I'll pay for more of Cole and Brisa's story when it's released, though Let me see what happens., Very short. Done in an hour or so. Very poor spelling and grammar. About every other page had a spelling or grammar mistake. Book is rife with errors. I do not understand how a book so short and poorly edited is so expensive. Not a lot of characterization. That is a short tale that belongs in a book of short stories., This could be something really good. This could be something fantastic. Correct now, it's a little devil, and I really like Cole. Essentially, a baby cyborg, just approaching 30 and stuck in an Alliance prison. And all he wants to do is to get out. Then a complication comes up. The problem was in him the whole time, his recognize, but it showed upwards in the form of a young Alliance soldier. And Brisa is too pretty to be left alone in the prison. And that's pretty much the story., This storia is well-written, fascinating, and leaves me wish the author would write more in this universe. Believe of it as the most fascinating prologue that likely to ever read, and then add a main character that is somehow a perfect blend of killing machine and pragmatic guy. Recommend to anyone who enjoys sci-fi that's heavy on relationships., I love the Fallen Empire series and this novella is a nice expanse into the realm. I desire he finishes his despoliation into F. E., Exactly what torture to finish this story so soon! I'm looking forward to seeing additional adventures from Cole and Brisa. Soon, I hope., I will be very disappointed. I thought I had acquired a full book. The book itself was good but entirely too short.

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