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Each stories are standalone-ish, for the reason that the action is not hard enough to follow without reading (all of) Taking the Fall, but the "why" is better after having read the previous stories in the series. These are the youngsters of TtF, all developed. Mary and Anthony, virtually joined at the hip (and lips) since birth, struggle to move their relationship forward solely on their terms, without interference from their overbearing, blended families. As they execute their plans, Samuel, another TtF son, failures into his destiny, a little of trouble with a mysterious backstory and probably dangerous connection to their families.

Both stories were cute enough, but neither achieved the heat and chemistry of their parents' books., Mary and Anthony are typically in each other's lives literally from the beginning. They came into our planet on the same date and have been inseparable ever since. Anthony won't have sex with Mary until they exchange wedding vows and, on their 21st birthday, he finally will get her to say yes. Martha goes through from it, even though she gets upset that Anthony and Samuel try to work on a bounty while there. Anthony involves his sensory faculties and makes a good lady out of Mary. Their parents are thrilled and hoping for a grandchild almost immediately. On their wedding day, Samuel meets Nika and fall in love with her instantly. She is the skip they are employed to bring back. Things don't add up for Samuel so he takes her again to his room and begins trying to figure out who would like her found and why. It becomes apparent her father, an ex-Russian sniper, wants her brought back home. Samuel decides that he wants Nika as his and gets her to get married to him. It was all rushed and I had a hard time with the insta love with that one so while overall it was good, I just a new hard time with the whole insta love and falling for somebody without even knowing their full name., Where to start...

We love 99. 8% of all things Alexa Riley!! I love majority of her books! She just has a method with words that's knows how drain into both you and have you reeling for more. With that being said, I was a tad bit disappointed with this book. Why you may ask; here we go...

Fall into place is a little of a spin off from the greatest series ever Taking the fall. I do believe the little blurb to the book, was a little misguiding. And maybe that's why I was disappointed. I know from reading most of Alexa's book things are never what they seem. I was buying a lot of action scenes (not that type of actions you perverts lol). I was looking for shoot out, and having the parents involve too. Lol! I really had high expectations for this book. I also sensed the story was raced! It could had have an overabundance details to it, than insights I guess.

We still love your work Alexa, and I do devour this book like all of your books, simply a tad bit disappointed. I won't wrote a spoiler just my ideas on reading it

One love, Fall In to Place is two history in one sexy package.

Story 1: Mary & Anthony ~ I love how this couple has been with the other person since birth. Their connection is deep and profound that no-one will, or can, separate them. The enthusiasm that they have is so electrifying that the sparks fly off the pages. I couldn't help but love Anthony and his need to provide and look after Mary.

History 2: Samuel & Nika ~ This couple really intrigued me. They looked like polar opposites, but once you get to know then, they are so much alike. Every are strong, independent individuals that aren't afraid to buck the system to get what they want. I loved how Nika never backed down to Samuel, she was a lady on a mission and nothing was going to stand in her way.

Both tales were sexy, alluring, and oh so naughty. If you've read this series, that is a great ending to a sizzling series. If you haven't read this series, you can read this as a standalone but still enjoy it. this was a quick, lively entertaining read., I was captivated by Carter, Cherry, Jeanette and Saint's history and the long hard journey it took for these fabulous people. These people built the foundation to fierce loves that they have for just one another and the other person that allowed them to raise some fantastic kids that grew into bad a$$ grown ups and mini me's. This history about Anthony, Mary and Samuel finding their happy ending with a little finesse that follows character mold by way of a fathers from their story. In case you have read Taking the Fall then this is a given to read but if by chance you found this first then I suggest reading about how Carter and Cherry got to this place which then leads Jeanette and Saint together. These types of Alpha mailers might have Caveman behavior down to a tee but the love and loyalty they gave for their woman is something any female would love to experience. Don't waste another moment jump on the roller coaster ride of real love at its rawest. Enjoy!, Obviously you might love them better if you read after taking fall. Another 5 star set of 3 novellas. Fall into place is the books leads children who develop and now have love and marriage on their minds. It's packed with hot sex. But Alexa Riley gets the love just right enjoy., ADORE these two stories of Martha & Tony and Samuel & Nika. After not really liking Carter & Cherry that much, I was a little leery relating to this one, but both these characters were written with much more... well, none of them are jerks, and so I loved them all.: ) Their stories are quick, sweet, hot and everything I love about this author's storytelling. Therefore, thumbs up!: ), I have been waiting for this history about the children of my favorite 4 characters and it went beyond my expectations!!! I would greatly recommend this book to read it was a excellent read Alexa you out did yourself with the whole series and the finale to a great love history and also for letting us know what happened with Viktor in the bottom line!! Keep up the great work I look forward to reading the next history!!

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