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Such a simple, yet excellent book to read with young people who now face, not only the peer pressure from the youngsters physically around them, but also the challenges social media show everyday life. The author uses Luke 18: 9-14 as a place to begin to discuss what it means to be a faker, i. e., presenting the fake " filtered" self to others, by comparing the distinctions between the Pharisee and the tax collector in the passage.

This individual quotes modern artists, films that young people are familiar with. I highly recommend this to parents of teens, even younger, junior leaders and anyone who has a desire to teach the next era how to value genuineness, honesty and love the truth. As grownups also struggle with being fake, we can learn at least a few tips from it, too., This was a good little book.

It would be especially helpful for a teen / young person who will be struggling to find their place in life. That could even be used as an evangelistic help.

Although the author doesn't mention it directly, I think the principles in the book make the perfect step in the direction of " living the gospel" in our daily lives. This individual points out, " When we want to prevent being fakers, we need to stop trying to declare yourself good. We need to put down our masks, and come humbly before God, the King and Judge of the galaxy. "

Describing his attempts at faking religion, he says:
" Faith, as I’ve said, is a pretty easy gig. I understood how to work the system.... I could’ve eliminated pro, if which was a thing. Sure, Jesus cherished everybody. But he actually liked me!... Religion, to me, was a springboard to what I really wanted: applause, attractiveness, attention…"

Why do we feel pressured to be fakers?
" The need to be justified is what makes us fakers in the first place.... think about it: everything we do is an attempt to be validated. We all want to be declared good, worthy of love, getting it right. Some of us all try to justify yourself by...[sports, academics, work, wealth, attractiveness, religion]"

Describing the freedom found whenever we base our personality in Christ, he says:
" Whenever we pray, it’s not like we’re “trying to the team. ” Through Christ, we made the team! We could boldly go to God, without having to put on a show. As a result of Jesus, we can be real. Prayer is not about showing off our story to God—it’s about freely soaking in his. ", I have developed to love books by the a good Guide Company so when We saw this one available for sale for Kindle I clicked it up. I was not disappointed. We're all Fakers & all of us desperately need what Christ in HIS graciousness offered on the cross., Very well-written and even being short, the filled with chalenges for all of us. Exalting Christ all the time.
Its not only for youngs but for old ones like me, always tempted to wear my masks. Thank you Christ for save me.
Highly recomended., This book hits every solitary one of us! We do not think anyone could read this book and not see themselves within it in some way or another. But the smartest thing is that while it describes the situation so well, it also reveals the solution which is where the Hope comes in..., Faker answers life's most important questions with great examples and relatable material. Great for small groups and classes. Buy 10 or more to share., This is a great Gospel-centered book for your center school students. Not written in technical language but doesn't dumb-down the principles., Nick does a great job of pulling back the curtain on our lives and exposing the want for man's acceptance over God's. We all struggle with faking, but often we don't want to acknowledge this because then others will know the reality. His call for openness is an encouragement and his writing to young adults will keep them involved.

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