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Didn't want to put the book down until I finished. Typically the premise is startling--a man tasked with the regular torture and execution of criminals manages aid not only his own state of mind and self-respect, but obtains some grudging measure of respect from his community. Are usually secret to his success? My reading of his story was that he lived a life of integrity--he chose to act according to self-imposed rules that he believed would demonstrate respect for law and order. He select to confront the sobering tasks that he came to be to by becoming the most sober man in the city.

This person lived the Milgram Experiment--when authority directed him to punish in any number of horrific ways, he complied. It was a job and it appears that this individual didn't enjoy inflicting pain but saw his role as a necessary evil if society was going to be guarded. Having read this book, one appreciates the value of the principle of law. Perhaps we could not have the level of societal respect for the rules we currently enjoy without a history of crucifixions and torture, but it is not impossible to review the days and times during the our ancestors who dealt with the same basic problems we do and try to think of whether or not our community has truly evolved.

The take on the book is that one can find success despite any hurdles that society or circumstance may impose. It requires hard work, unyielding ethics and a great deal of patience; characteristics that are as necessary in today's world as they were in the 16th millennium., It's a topic that won't appeal to everyone, but this is a fascinating look into the history of the executioers occupation. It includes the apprenticeship, how they were treated by the rest of the human population, ostracized and how they had their own cordial order of professionals with total annual conferences.
The gentlemans journal starts a whole new viewpoint to the profession, which also served as Physician and phamacist in may non-urban towns of the time. In addition, it describes how sons studied under their fathers starting as early as age 10 by assissting with prepe and clean-up and by 16 were practicing with the equipment to get ready for their first event., This guide is simply amazing. I was engrossed from beginning to end. What starts out as a straightforward journal written by a teetotalling German executioner in the sixteenth century becomes a lively history demonstrating that this period had not been only violent but magical.

Who knew that executioners regularly practiced the healing arts? Or that the body parts of the recently dead were thought to have healing benefits? Or that once an executioner, always an executioner--and your children too?

Joel Harrington writes in an obvious, compelling style that was a joy to read. His research is superb, and his wise results about the life of Meister Frantz Schmidt and what he desperately needed for his family are both inspiring and sad.

Read this book. That is all., This book is well researched and written, providing many information into the life and culture in the overdue 16th and early seventeenth centuries in Nuremberg which is today a city in the German Republic. The book is particularly useful because it offers upward history from the unique perspective of an recognized executioner great struggle to lift his name and family into respectability and citizenship at a time when the required executioner was viewed as someone who was necessary but should otherwise stay out of sight and not mingle with respectable folks. If you enjoy European history, this is unquestionably a book for you., Interesting read. If you enjoy history you'll enjoy this. It gives insight to the life of a German executioner in the 16th century. Typically the author does a good-job of taking you back in time., Although not recommended for the faint of coronary heart, this book gives far more than graphic and nasty accounts of 16th millennium German crime and criminal justice--the latter with sanctioned torture to elicit religion, burning " witches" in existence, and other kinds of unpleasant punishment and death. (Underscoring how painful and terrifying were some execution methods, are accounts of prisoners throwing themselves down prior to the court and kissing the judges' hands in honor for commuting their word to mere beheading. ) Historian Joel Harrington puits the journal of Nuremberg executioner Frantz Schmidt and other modern day sources to paint a convincing family portrait of the social class restraints, religious imperatives, superstitions, political realities, epidemics, and medical practices of a distant time and place--though in some ways exposing how little we have changed., In-depth examination of the life and times of a professional executioner great family. Wonderfully rich in details various and sundry as the daddy trains his son in the family business while navigating the fine range between craftsman and pariah., An interesting look in a random period of time and profession. If you arent considering the timeframe or area its still a interesting way a little speck of human society at one point in time organized itself. Are there wider lessons to be figured out? Maybe maybe not, but the character comes alive -- kudos to the article writer -- and his life is an interseting one.

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