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This guide is not only for couples. I participated in the survey and was so happy to be asked detailed questions about what I actually believe and how important those thinking are as opposed to simple god/no god questions. Those less complicated questions can't grasp the complex spiritual landscape in America today. McGowan shows how few-people match their beliefs to what their chapel says. Yet, people do identify with their religious beliefs, an important point that is often missed.

A key point covered is how dogmatism can eliminate relationships, regardless of that being religious or non-religious dogmatism. This really should be obvious, but will get lost in discussions about religion. The book includes great advice for anyone trying to reach across the belief divide and is hopeful about a future where children choose their spiritual path and everyone recognizes the value of others., I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THIS BOOK! I just lately finished this book and might I say that I am extremely glad I chose to learn it. The girlfriend and am are on " different sides of the aisle" as it pertains to religion and many people have told us that is to be a problem moving into the future. This guide allows you know that really does not have to be the case. It takes facts and findings from several different surveys of blended religion couples. This guide seems very unbiased because some of the couples analyzed in the book are still together plus some of them split up. The favorite part of this book is the quantity of comprehensive research that is put into all of the claims created by it, you could practically make another book out of all the foot notes. In case you are doubting your mixed relationship you should definitely check into reading this book., I’ve been an enthusiastic reader of Dale McGowan‘s books for a few years now. He has found a very relevant niche (secular family life) and has packed it with compassion, knowledge, and humor. In Trust and in Doubt movements somewhat away from raising a child as a focus to another important and underserved question: mixed marriages. Specifically, marriages through which one spouse is a spiritual believer and the other isn’t. I’m in such a marital life.

McGowan has personal experience with “secular/religious marriage” (his preferred term for the phenomenon), and we read several stories about how he and his wife, Becca, started a relationship with different thinking and how their thinking challenged them and transformed over time of their partnership. Why is the book valuable, though, is that McGowan didn’t base his ideas on just his personal partnership or a few anecdotal other relationships.

Instead, he or she conducted an online study of participants in secular/religious marriages (contacted mostly through atheist and skeptical interpersonal media) that collected information from nearly 1000 different relationships (and, in some cases, former relationships) in a wide variety of combinations and levels of success. By collecting this much data, McGowan’s information that secular/religious marriage are not inherently doomed provides extensive of support.

McGowan depends on a review of the scant previous literature on the topic of secular/religious marriages that shows another conclusion: that they are doomed to be unhappy and short. However, McGowan points out that the authors of those publications generally had a vested interest; they were usually conservative practitioners of more exclusionary faiths, trying to scare their fellow believers away from mixed partnerships. In contrast, by looking at the outcomes of a broad survey of real-life examples of these partnerships, McGowan demonstrates that the doom-and-gloom isn’t warranted.

To show how various factors enjoyed out for other couples, McGowan provides chapter-length information of a variety of different combinations: a liberal The southern area of Baptist married to an increasingly-atheist-oriented agnostic, a secular American and a South African Hindu, a The southern area of Baptist couple in which the spouse deconverted, an atheist and a liberal Catholic who compromised on Unitarianism, a couple that switched places, etc. Some of these couples could actually build strong relationships without much difficulty, some fell apart completely under the strain of change, and for some the distinction in religion was just one of many social issues.

With these illustrations and the results of the survey under his belt, McGowan uses the last half the book to dive deeply into a variety of specific facets of relationships, from the preliminary discovery of difference to the wedding ceremony to holidays to kids, etc. McGowan really does a excellent job at presenting helpful advice and rules and then establishing his point with stories from his life or the lives of the pair he profiled in the second section of the book.

The book ends over a hopeful note, pointing out that successful secular/religious marriages provide the partners better understandings of each other’s worldviews and can both ease fundamentalist belief on one finish and give relief to religious resentment one the other side of the coin. Further, since secular/religious couples have had to really worth through the religious issues through compassion, communication, and compromise, they are usually in the form than others to whether the other types of crises that certainly affect long-term relationships.

In summary, a secular/religious marriage requires a solid foundation of trust, shared values, and communication. Both partners have to be willing to make compromises. It might not appropriate with all theisms (or even all atheisms), but it can work through focus on shared values. That isn’t guaranteed to work, but it isn’t nearly as foolhardy as some would have us believe., This was really helpful in helping me to clarify my own, personal values and reconcile tensions with my partner., Dan McGowan has gracefully broached subjects that for such a long time were the types that wars were fought over. He peels away labels and the stereotypes and gets to the core of what couples need to be concentrating on and tells it clearly, in plain language, where you can be putting your energy so as to have a successful and happy marriage/relationship
This book could probably save some parent/child relationships, too., Excellent book that fairly tells 2 sides of a very different story.

While I would describe my beliefs as agnostic, my wife is decidedly Christian.

This book gave us realistic tools to have a conversation about how to raise our kids, how to practice our faith/non-faith together, and how to offer with family. In the end, neither individuals felt offended or betrayed by the book. There is no option motive, and it provides some excellent ideas how to slice through the red tape and get down to the heart of what is important for both parties., Dale McGowan provides a non-judgmental view of most different religious beliefs and non-religious thinking and all of the relationships in between. These kinds of are potentially very frought subjects and having the common ground with this book was a great starting place for what turned into really good conversations with my substantial other. I definitely recommend this for anyone who loves someone with different beliefs from your own., It is nice to get facts via research concerning mixed-belief partnerships. The author helped me realize that mixed belief (or lack thereof) is not an programmed loss of life sentence for a marital life. There exists hope and useful advice which I gleaned from this book.

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