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Fantastic condition, great book!!, This is a book that makes some pretty extravagant claims about its own importance and the revolutionary method of the history of fairy tales. Many of its assertions aren't new, but more upsettingly, disquietingly, perturbingly, not documented or reinforced. Even where they seem to be fairly innocuous or making a point (about the origins of some stories in Italian tellings, or the value of Italian retellings shaping the history) it doesn't really seem to be like assertions that were lacking from earlier historians, such as Jack Zipes. Yet this book attacks him repeatedly without providing any proof. I do believe she similarly snacks Warner and Tatar, but the writer she evidently has missed is Graham Anderson, in FAIRY STORY IN THE ANCIENT PLANET, which totally undermines most of her assertions. Having said that, I wasn't totally sorry to possess read this, and some of it was interesting in wondering good common assumptions about orality and written stories, and jogged my memory of the value of a number of the points perhaps insufficiently discussed in some other writers, but even in these cases, We kept expecting her to lay out some of the reason why for some statements that seemed uncontroversial, and that never came. Disappointing., This is a wonderful book and unlike the first reviewer I liked it tremendously. The details made are factual and supported by scholarship. Indeed, most writers on fairy and folk tales (including Maria Tatar and Plug Zipes) agree with the points she makes all the way up to the final conclusion, which is that they were not oral tales initially, but written ones which got passed on in a number of ways. This is a point which is really almost unprovable, as many have echoes going back to ancient antiquity, and in written form.
We are a layman who has enjoyed the tales in many forms since child years, many decades ago, and now take pleasure in the writings of the experts, - the Opies, Bettelheim, Tatar, Zipes, and now Bottigheimer on the question of origins and meanings and find them all interesting.
Should other visitors share this sense of wonder I entreat you to buy this book, read it, and leave yourself open to further discovery. It does no harm whatsoever to the tales by themselves and only proves how creative mankind is and how flexible and magical these tales actually are., An excellent book which argues against the common misperception that the Grimm Brothers were actually getting solid intel as to the character and origin of the tales they cataloged. It also draws awareness of the strict upbringing of the brothers and how that prevented them from having access to the sort of reading material commonly available in the upper-class family libraries of the young women whom the brothers arrived to rely on so.

The author is careful to point out that there were authentic sources of traditions folklore such as Dorothea Viehmann, while stressing the value of separating authentic folk traditions stories from fairy stories which were a popular, literary invention of the Italian Renaissance.

Dorothea Viehmann, I'm a lttle bit of a fairy tale nut, and every now and again, We like to read something special in their origins. Fairy Reports: A New History deconstructs the argument of the modern " fairy tale" as stories that arrived out of an dental folk history, but rather as layered constructions of texts from Italian (Basile and Straparola) to French (Perrault and Lheritier) to German (Grimm). I have a basic understanding of folk- and fairy-tales, and liked the opportunity to look deeper into the history. Every single new author who retells a fairy tale lends their own experiences, culture, and propaganda, whether to praise the goodness of human nature or revile in the banality of the same., Fascinating exploration of the origins of favorite fairy tales; challenges long-held ideas about fairy-tale origins. Fantastic reading for students and teachers of traditional literature., Wonderful read! Very informative with impeccable research

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