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Gene Kranz is HILARIOUS!!! His telling of the early Space Program, and the people involved is EXTREMELY informative and shows hot just what was proven to the public at the time, but fantastic 'Behind the Curtain' of what it took to get off the floor with NASA!

I HIGHLY recommend this guide to anyone that desires to know the Area Program in the United States gone from President Kennedy's assure, to KEEPING that promise!!, Good history of the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs, from a key player. I appreciated how Kranz explains technical words and doesn't leave us to guess what he's talking about. I wish he'd do an updated epilogue and provide his thoughts on the new direction of space exploration, with SpaceX and its reusable rockets, and its goal to land on Mars., As I work in aerospace operations, this was up my alley! It was a lttle bit of affirmation that We am doing a job I love though it requires crazy travel and several hours, my experience is not hard in comparison to Mercury through Apollo. Highly recommend for specialized folks that might be looking for some problem solver inspiration., Excellent, behind the scenes look, at the interior workings of the Apollo Moon Program. You see the tension and pressure of operating the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo spacecraft on constantly expanding quest objectives culminating in the Lunar landing. Just when they began to have some confidence in what they were doing, the Apollo 13 mission launched and all of their engineering skills were analyzed on developing a lifeboat system that allowed the crew to be able to back to earth., Gene Kranz's memoir is gripping, entertaining, enlightening, exciting, amusing, and gloomy. I use the last adjective only because of the unavoidable, unfulfilled longing Kranz conveys for Amerca's return to the enterprise of space exploration. If you are old enough to bear in mind Apollo 11 on TV SET, or you have any interest in space exploration' history or future, you are not able to put this book down., Did you grow up glued to a black and white TV watching your heroes, our first Astronauts, like I did? This book informs much of the " back-story" including how we got there, and the few things we know of that went incorrect, and some things that almost went really bad that we never really heard about, like Apollo 11 almost crashing to the moon rather than obtaining as planned. and some other quiet " close-calls" that could have changed everything. If you liked the movie " Apollo 13" with its focus on the true behind-the-scenes engineering and technical teamwork that held everyone alive, this guide details that and other events it without getting too specialized - it keeps things on a " spaceflight for non-science majors foundation. Thank you, Gene Kranz and those who difficult on these projects, you guys are heroes also!, I read almost all the astronaut books. This particular book was great explaining some of the floor power over Mercury through the Apollo program.

We see Gene Krantz becoming a fighter pilot with the Saber's. Unfortunately the environment Force wanted Krantz to travel tankers. No way. This individual joins NASA and is mentored by Chris Kraft. He goes up the ranks dealing with various people and turns into a flight controller and then becomes "Flight" the head of the "white" crew. We see him or her working with telemetry users in the "trench". His wife makes him a white vest to wear on the missions with Gene at flight control.

We see the first 4 inch launch, Al Shepard's first American in space launch and the sleep of the Mercury shots. Then the Gemini and later the Apollo shots. Krantz and his white team were in charge of the LM touching down and off the celestial satellite on Apollo 11. Krantz helps get Apollo 13 home after an o2 tank explodes and requires out the complete side of the service module. Typically the astronauts are so happy with ground control helping them. Ground control receives the Medal of Freedom honor. After Apollo 17 Gene is promoted to a higher management level under Kraft so his times as being in direct control as "Flight" are over.

Its incredible the pressure the controllers and Flight worked under. There is life and death selections, and abort, go or no go decisions that had to be done sometimes in mere seconds. Only a select few had the mentality to function at this pressure level. Many washed away and the ones that were good many times got advertised to higher positions.

Exactly what a great book. Much less ego busting and egotistical put downs like Bob Kraft did in his book Flight ( see my review 3 stars). Gene Krantz is a man that knew this individual needed help from other people who were smarter than he and was able to work in teams with hundreds of men. He learned much from many and gave credit to those who helped and were the best of the best in their job specialties. Gene was not afraid to tell people including Chris Kraft that he believed they were wrong in some facets of a mission. Sometimes he was right sometimes incorrect. We see the new breed of flight controllers trained that were faster and brighter with faster technology than the Kraft and Krantz generation. Krantz helped develop a degree of excellence and mission regulations for the controllers and Flight that they must work through their problems, be prepared and have a deep mind set that "Failure is not an option". The flashlight is passed.

A great finishing of the book. Krantz tells us that NASA has deteriorated and really does not have a clear direct to go deep into manned space. We desire a leader like John Kennedy to set upwards a bold mission to go to Mars and beyond. Congress must become involved and support NASA.

A fantastic book that helps identify ground control in the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo eras. Thanks Gene Krantz for your contributions to manned space. 5 stars, This guide is a great look at the space program from Mercury to Apollo, as told from the viewpoint of Gene Kranz, the man who became famous as the leader of Mission Manage during the Apollo 13. Mr. Kranz does a good-job of narrating events, walking the line between keeping the book interesting and informative. He really does, in my opinion, have some early troubles with the overall flow of the book. We start off with him becoming a member of the Mercury program, then after a chapter or two, jumping backwards to a brief synopsis of his life, with a focus on his jobs prior to the Space Program. I do believe the information this individual gives us in that section are important to explaining his way of approaching problems, but the transition I think could be smoother.

This guide is a must read for everyone who is has an interest in the Space Program of the 60's and 70's. It was an engrossing read to me personally, so much so, which i actually stayed up all one night reading the book (not advised once you have school the next day).

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