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It is a collection of short reports by some of the best known mystery/thriller freelance writers. The twist that can make it unusual is that they collaborated to create them, presenting us together with unusual predicaments and outcomes. The characters you may well be familiar with are paired together with those of other writers. (If you're familiar together with children's picture books--with movable, divided pages-- that permit you to change the picture, you can better hold the idea associated with a different pairing, in printed text. )

We enjoyed this unique possibility, however, not as much since reading full-length stories by simply my favorite authors. I think my ingrained expectations associated with settings and characters decreased my pleasure. But, in case you are open to a collaborative, short story concept, an individual may love this particular book really much., The concept introduced together characters that an individual don't normally, if ever before, see together within the same story. Like most collections, some stories will curiosity you more than others, also it probably depends on which often authors are your faves. I rarely rate a new collection at five stars, but some individual reports could be five plus. They are all stand alone stories, in addition to they can be read in any order. I began with the last 1, written by two associated with my favorite authors. Thus, to the stories, consumed the order they appear within the collection -

"Red Eye, " by Jordan Connelly and Dennis Lehane, sends Harry Bosch to be able to Boston to investigate a new lead within a cold case. He teams up together with Patrick Kenzie who is working as a PI trying to find someone's recently missing girl. They have a good lead, and neither is concerned about a tiny illegitimate entry.

"In the Nick of Time, " by Ian Rankin in addition to Peter James, sends Steve Rebus down to Brighton where he teams upward with Roy Grace to check into a crime from many years earlier. A man had been stabbed within a gang combat. Events turn out a whole lot different than expected for all concerned.

"Gaslighted, " by simply R. L. Stine, Douglas Preston, and Lincoln Kid steps back in moment, and is an eerie story about a man who does not realize whether he is coping with reality or perhaps a dream.

"The Laughing Buddha, " by simply M. J. Rose in addition to Lisa Gardner starts together with a murder in the past in addition to deals with things marvelous. It concerns the query of people having past lifestyles, and the efforts to keep in mind previous lives. Starting in the past when a new man is murdered with regard to the secrets he may have found, it fast ahead to the future when another man is murdered because he may have control. Events don't turn away as folks expected.

"Surfing the Panther, " by simply Steve Martini and Hermosa Fairstein concerns missing antiquities and forgery of the same. Some collectors are willing to buy stolen artwork for their personal very private collections. But how do they realize if they are purchasing the real thing, when the real thing is never ever recovered. A skillful joker could easily sell multiple copies, and who would care to talk. But a customer to be able to the wrong person could have deadly results.

"Rhymes together with Prey, " by Jeffrey Deaver and John Sandford brings us a case where Lucas Davenport journeys to New York City to meet with Lincoln Rhyme in a case involving a new serial killer. This is another case where the killer has a secret chamber. There are other items going on, and activities tend not to turn out very as expected.

"Infernal Night, " by Heather Graham and F. Paul Wilson sends Repairman Jack to be able to New Orleans to help in recovering an artifact. But Michael Quinn can also be engaged. There are strange things about that artifact. Be mindful what you wish for.

"Pit Stop, " by Raymond Khoury and Linwood Barclay finds Glen Garber in addition to his daughter going for a traveling break at a freeway service area when he or she becomes distracted and and then sees his vehicle (with daughter still inside) heading out onto the freeway. The chase is upon as he joins Mitch Reilly who had already been trailing the man who stole Barber's vehicle. There are some unexpected consequences.

"Silent Hunt" by John Lescroart and T. Jefferson Parker finds Wyatt Hunt going to La Paz for a few saltwater fly fishing when he meets up with Joe Trona, also going angling. Nothing is ever basic. Some bad guys demonstrate up looking for some reported gold. Ah, but Search and Trona come upward with a plan to be able to deal with the situation. There is more than one way to skin a cat, or to deal with crooks.

"The Devil's Bones, " by Steve Berry in addition to James Rollins finds Leader Gray Pierce on a new riverboat on the Amazon River seeking to obtain a new vial of a potent nerve poison in the possession of a scientist even more considering money than in patriotism or public good. Cotton Malone happens to be able to be on the same riverboat on a single mission. They will team up when items go very wrong, in addition to the end result is just not very what they might have expected.

"Good in addition to Valuable Consideration, " by simply Lee Child and Joseph Finder places Jack Reacher and Nick Heller in the same bar in Boston for the same reason - to enjoy a baseball game. But baseball games tend to be able to move slowly, plus they consider note of other folks within the bar, and staff up to take advantage of a good unexpected opportunity. Reacher found out something long ago -- if bad guys shed value, whom are they will going to report it to?   Great and Valuable Consideration: Plug Reacher vs. Nick Likas?

The editor gives short introductions towards the reports and biographies from the writers., I am a regular reader of about 50 percent of these authors, in addition to was pretty capable to read stories that mix a few of my favorite characters. Unfortunately, this may be one of those items that sounds great in theory only. I truly loved the story featuring Lucas Davenport and Lincoln Vocally mimic eachother. They were a natural fit for just one another, in addition to Sandford and Deaver did a nice job fleshing out the plot.

Nevertheless , nearly all of these stories experienced a little bit forced. I think lots of that can be attributed to be able to it being difficult with regard to the authors to trend a cohesive story featuring two major characters in only 30ish pages, nevertheless a couple of these types of were just out in addition to out disappointments to me personally. Specially the final story that combined a couple associated with my favorites in Plug Reacher and Nick Likas?.

I didn't dislike this book by any means. That will being said, half associated with these authors/characters were brand new to me, and there was nothing within this launch that makes me desire to explore them further., Seems waiting months for this particular one, like a child who knows his Xmas surprise is cooling in his folks' bedroom wardrobe. I practically live coming from Connelly to Deaver to be able to Lincoln/Child, and the notion of my favorite uncertainty icons bumping elbows filled me with unbearable, well, suspense.

So far, the waiting around pangs have been amply paid. The TV crossover has always been a risky proposition, reliant for their success on good composing and an evenhanded plotline that displays the advantages and weaknesses of the dual (or dueling) protagonists. CSI Meets Without a new Trace was a conference of deductive/procedural giants in addition to character insights. Hawaii Five-0 Meets NCIS: Los Angeles not so much. A previous mystery effort, Partners in Criminal offense, was a satisfying nevertheless mixed-bag anthology where mainly single authors crossed their own creations or presented their existing sleuthing partnerships.

FaceOff is the undiluted an authentic studio. No fast-and-sloppy pants to satisfy editorial deadline. Zero fleeting character cameos to be able to gratify the crossover criteria. These are genuine team initiatives -- full-fleshed, plot-rich reports and novellas.

For me personally, the prize of the package (and winner with regard to worst title) should be Rhymes With Prey, Jeffery Deaver and John Sandford's effort of serial homicide professionals Lincoln Rhyme and Lucas Davenport (a character coming from whom I drifted many years ago for no good reason). The story could have been the hitch for a novel-length treatment by either writer, in addition to the authors wisely separated up the investigating chores between forensic genius Vocally mimic eachother and behavioral analyst Davenport. Plus, we're offered a new new perspective on Amelia Sachs' relationship with Vocally mimic eachother, insights into how working with the quadriplegic Rhyme has revived Davenport's memories of the past trauma, and a new plot melding Rhyme's plot-twisting skills with Sandford's story-propelling sense of suspense.

Red Eye also scores huge -- Harry Bosch is one of the previous truly great cops in U. S. crime fiction, and Dennis Lehane's troubled Boston P. I. Tanker Kenzie has been eliminated through the literary scene significantly too long (save the powerhouse film version associated with Gone, Baby, Gone in addition to the compelling print follow up Moonlight Mile it motivated Lehane to write). Once again, this team-up showcases individual but complementary strengths: Bosch's quest to provide seal in cold cases, Kenzie's no-holds-barred obsession with saving lost youth. While the two team up in a fairly straightforward show, the setup and explanation for their meetup are flawless.

Gaslighted is a new wholly different delight. We sign in find Preston-Child's Broker Pendergast in a nightmarish fugue only he could land in, with echoes of past tragedies in addition to cases. We then meet R. L. Stine's scary Slappy the Ventriloquist's Trick with an unacknowledged glance. The story resolves in a plot with tasty quasi-scientific implications and a new hint of supernatural intrusion. Well-done if extremely weird.

There's a sample. Almost all I can say is, hey, guys, how regarding a sequel? Alex Mix crosses swords with Hannibal Lecter? Matt Scudder stocks one of his '80s flashbacks with Kinsey Millhone? Alex Delaware tries his / her hand at analyzing Stephanie Plum? Well, maybe not that one,

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