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The book was easy to upload and immediately went onto my iPad. I had formed no difficulty accessing it and I was able to use bookmarks, enlarge the text, highlight content, and easily maneuver around the pages. Changes were saved from use to use. The actual content of this book appears at the poker site seizures of 9-11 through the eyes of a child who lost his father. Even though the child's viewpoint provides a sad narrative in connection with death of any parent at an age group when a father figure is key to a young man's development, it misses the emotional impact of 9-11 as a whole on society, which is out of the understanding of a young child. Parts were enjoyable, while other parts were difficult to understand (specifically the appearance of the grandfather after so long)., I purchased this for a granddaughter and read it myself first. We both felt the same way about this, that it dragged in places and wasn't as good as a lot of men and women thought it was., I truly enjoyed the style of the writing of this book. It was written from inside the brain of the boy and his various family members. However, a feel-good novel this is not. It's post-9/11 and an already unable to start is dealing with the loss of a fater/husband/son. The son continues a journey to bring himself closer to his dearly departed father. The journey is somewhat interesting, but in the end disappointing. This is not unexpected given the circumstances, but I felt frustrated throughout reading and was releaved to leave the story when the publication ended. I will not be seeing the movie. This is just my personal thoughts and opinions, so others may enjoy the book more., I found this book captivating and emotionally stimulating and We think worth reading. The thoughts the primary character seems about 9/11 day and why his father is finished are what you would expect any child to feel, the words used to describe his emotions are juvenile, making it something everyone is able to relate to. The book was entertaining in the sense that this individual finds places his father has been and people his father has used to, and attempts to get closer to his father through those techniques. Also following Oskar's grandmother, who also lost her family the book puts a individual face to tragic activities on wars around the globe and makes them hit closer to home. However, the ending is pretty sad, so I wouldn't recommend it if you're not one for sad endings, but at the same time, is actually powerful and somewhat enjoyable to me., This book is beautiful. The writing is done at a very high level. As others have pointed out, the publication switches perspectives often, going from Oskar's POV to letters to his grandparents'. I've read that some found this confusing, but I used to be never confused at all. I found it very easy to follow.
I'm a writing and English Lit pupil, and this was on par with many of the classics that I have had to read for school. The literary gimmicks were effective generally, although some of them didn't have to be in there. They didn't bother me though, I just thought that all the writer was being creative and trying something different, which I never think is a bad thing. If the gimmicks were in a poorly written novel I might have a problem with them, but the writing in this book is so well done that the author can throw in the blank pages and pictures and get away with it. It does not take away from the tale, and in many places makes it better.
Many reviewers are saying that the publication is contrived. I differ. First of all, hype is always "contrived" on some level. However, We believe that the people who have problems with the voice and characters in this novel aren't collecting on everything. Every main character in this publication has been touched seriously by devestating tragedy, the grandparents twice. When things of the magnitude happen, people react in their own ways. I didn't find the grandparents' habits unbelievable at all, I found it very believable. If they happen to have been normal people who never been involved in such horrific events, We would say it was not believable. Same thing with Oskar. Also, Oskar obviously has some type of Autism. This explains his high intelligence and quirks. He or she isn't a normal child. All the primary characters in this guide are lost people.
This book is very emotional, We didn't find it sentimental, but emotional. Perhaps some visitors didn't like it because they don't like unhappy stories. Perhaps many are too used to reading on a lower level and reading poor writing (not trying to be a snob here when the about three 50 Shades of Grey books top the Finest Seller list over and over again I have to question what America is reading reguarly that they can devour publications as poorly written as those). Or maybe some simply didn't like the style, and am can understand that. There are some very touching passages in this guide thoough, and it is worth a read. I know it's not for all though., I have just finished listening to the audio version of the book; I could see the movie a week ago. A fascinating comparison and an interesting adaptation to be able to facilitate the screenplay.
I agree with all of the reviewers who suggest that the narrator (Oskar) may be irritating at times; some of the situations - none the very least is his wanderings about the city - may appear a little far-fetched. But as often happens in writings, paintings, music - that are well written and carefully thought out - there becomes evident an incredible complexity of layers, that only surfaces as you reflect on the opus. Every time you think about the book, you get started to appreciate another facet of the story and character types, that might have eluded you earlier: the allegories, the juxtapositions, the nuances of the plot - We believe that that is a mark of an incredible creative effort.
I grew up in NYC, my sons live there and I also had grandparents who made it unspeakable challenges in their younger days during the war in Europe. This book, and movie, will linger in my brain for some time.

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