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Jeremy Blum is the best combo of a formally trained Electronics Engineer and a Maker/Hacker. His excellent video clip series promulgated through Youtube . com and Element 14 is the most complete video clip tutorial on the Arduino available. But, this Maker's Handbook and introductory executive text is much more than a rehash or paper documentation for his outstanding video series. While the book could standalone as a great practical introduction to the Arduino, it also serves as a clear (and whenever possible no-math) introduction to principles of electric engineering and computer science, with a little little of practical physics chucked in. As an easy to follow engineering textbook Jeremy's "Exploring Arduino" offers the most complete explanation of Analog to Digital Conversion, Heart beat Width Modulation, USB and Serial Protocols (I2C and SPI), Data Logging and Real Time Clocking, TCP/IP and Web Protocols and the Internet of Things We have found among various Arduino books. The drawings are of high quality black and white and sufficient to capture cabling diagrams, schematics, oscilloscope traces program listings, data linens and parts pictorials. Because a Maker's Handbook part kits are available at a discount with the book from Element 14 allowing one to economically duplicate most of Jeremy's experiments.

I recommend "Exploring Arduino" as much more than an introduction to this popular microcontroller. He bringhs his skills as a Maker and as an Cornell Master's Degree Electronic Engineer to the best combo of Experimental Handbook for the Arduino and a clear and straightforward to follow introduction to Electronic Principles.

--Ira Laefsky MS Computer Engineering, MBA IT Consultant and Human Computer Interaction Researcher
formerly on the Senior Consulting Personnel of Arthur D. Little, Inc and Digital Products Corporation, I read a lot of engineering publications, magazines and periodicals to stay current. Jeremy Blum's Exploring Arduino: Tools and Techniques for Engineering Wizardry any well thought through technical publication that
I've recently learned in my quest to really understand the world of Arduino. Excellent organization and methodical order for making useful sense out of microcontrollers for interfacing the world to whatever conclusion result you can desire up. Being a hardware engineer for many years, I'm still passionate about electronics and embedded systems. Even during semi-retirement We have grown fond of cracking Arduino and RaspPI software with rewarding results. The writer is magnificent at describing common pitfalls in interfacing the world to the IoT if you like, to the powerful and beautifully complex side of SoC MicroProc based hardware/software building blocks and tools. As mentioned by other reviews, the color bread-board wiring diagrams and matching schematics are merely a few of many easy to learn facets about the Arduino landscape. Of course, if your considering coding, his thoughtful analysis of C++, Python and Perl sketches has helped me more thoroughly understand the Arduino IDE software objects that inform the hardware what and why things need to happen. Excellent read for sure. I follow Mr. Blum's work everywhere his engineering talents reach, is actually fun! I think is actually worth mentioning that the reader is best served having a comfortable degree of electronics/engineering background to get started on with. In some areas, my having floss knowledge certainly improved my overall understanding of certain disciplines that were different shades of grey and finally brought together like they'd never had before. That is before We cracked this book, dug in and learned his other ongoing work. We think most people will start looking for the next piece of his work. I know I will. From one EE to another, well done sir!, After you have read the Development Arduino series of two, complete along to this book to get more level about what can be carried out with the Arduino. I had no idea there was a language named Processing that runs on a PC (and others) which is very similar to the Arduino language and IDE structure. I quickly had written a program with information out of this book and some other information I obtained from the Monk books and get it running quickly. This book is another keeper. No flogging it on eBay. Will keep for a reference. Nicely written and supported by downloadable code for each part. Good price. Good read!, This might be the best book undoubtedly to learn arduino. The auther Jeromy Blum is an extremely talented electrical professional and excellent teacher and communicator, his tutorials on you tube are among the best. This is also simply perfect for a research book, it goes from the not at all hard to the more complex without having to be daunting. A perfect introduction to the world of micro controllers and the almost infinite possible applications. Due to there simple robust virility. When you want to build budget Quadcopter or considering any sort of robotics which is easily programmable this book is for you, A great tool to learn Adruino techniques. Written by one of the better during a call, this is a great reference guide for beginners and professionals alike!!, This was an extremely useful book. Glad We acquired it. Sections that cover a lot of areas including link capacity. I wish it got more schematics rather than mainly images, also a great deal of info are available on the web, but is actually always nice to have a hard copy you can read through while relaxing and not on the pc., While there is a lot on the Arduino on the Web (including the authors YouTube videos) this book presents a rational progression from the essentials to some more superior uses of the Arduino. I think Jeremy also succeeds in teaching the why and not just the how.
I've eliminated through several other books and this one is greater than the typical " link a wire here" newbie books.

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