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I actually received this book as a arc for my honest review. For some reason I didn't read the description of the book and started reading it in the window blind. It didn't cause a problem at all. The particular characters were described so thoroughly which i felt like I knew them. James was a 24 yr old football star who like to party and hangout with another lady each time. Living in his bachelor pad and driving a flashy sporting activities car. That was until a woman showed up on his door steps with an infant she claimed was his and no longer desired to care for. After a few days of do it yourself pity he stepped upwards and did what he previously to do to provide a staple home for his daughter. He also worked very hard to keep those 2 realms from ever colliding.
Gabrielle is a very intelligent and beautiful young lady who is working very hard to finish the goals who have been set for her. The lady finished her prestigious high school degree 2 years in advance and moved forward to college or university and regulation school, graduating from law school by the age of 24 years old. On top of everything she's the child of the owner of the same football team that James stars on. The father's cardinal principle is for Gabbie to stay away from the players. Which wouldn't be hard for her since she resents everyone and exactly what has anything to do with the team. Other than for that one afternoon when she is about to leave her father's office and James comes into the office and is welcomed with open biceps and triceps. Therefore , to get again at her father she kisses James very thoroughly and leaves the office.
After running into each other several times and having dinner together they enter into a very low key intimate connection. Since they both try to maneuver a relationship like neither are typically in before feelings are getting involved but also uncertainty about what they really mean to each other. Because so far, Gabbie doesn't know about the daughter and the daddy doesn't realize that James is the only person who was able to talk Gabbie into taking the law bar exam. But then a envious, overstepping personal assistant gets involved and all terrible breaks out! James and Gabbie both may lose a lot along the way.
I actually really enjoyed this guide. With regard to those of you who don't know much about football don't let that scare you away. There's just enough to make it relevant but not too much to have the head spinning.
There have been some grammatical errors which were unexpected but not enough to take away from the book., Love the first book something about a strong man taking the steps to care care of his own child is better than other things, I actually really loved the figures is this book. I actually really liked Gabrielle which helped me get deeply absorbed in her and James' wonderful and playful romance.

Gabrielle feels pushed into becoming a legal professional by her father who is the owner of the Miami Dolphins. And she is beginning to believe that she is living the girl father's dream for the girl and not her own.

The girl father forbids her to date any of the players on the team but when she gets a defiant streak; she decides to break the girl father's sacred rule. And she finds more than she bargained for when she shacks up with James, the team's quarterback.

James is certainly a person but he or she also is an individual dad of a 2 year old girl named Harper and is looking for a much better contract or he is going to have to change teams to get what he wants including a Super Bowl Engagement ring.

Although, being with one another is a risk to both of them; the attraction is too strong not to risk it. Not to mention the extra hotness factor being they are both catch.

As time goes on, Gabrielle and James start to fall hard for one another and James can't deny that he or she has not felt so comfortable with someone before and Gabrielle is so light, fun and easy to be around.

But James must decide whether it is worth jeopardizing his career if Gabrielle's dad (his boss) finds out about them or give up his other half; the only woman he has ever loved.

I received an advanced copy with this book for my truthful review., James is the quarter back for the Miami dolphins, and he or she has a two yr old daughter. On the day he or she goes up to the dolphins owner Richard to ask for a raise, he meets Richard's daughter Gabrielle. Whenever Gabrielle meets James she is hooked. She's upset with her father dealing with her like a client and not family, so against his rule of no fraternizing with the players she walks upwards to James and provides him the best kids he's never had. Can these two truly be together with rules? And what will Gabrielle think of James daughter? Excellent read couldn't put down till finished. This book includes six extra books even though it claims four. The very first extra book is called Second Chance with Roman and veronica. The particular second extra book is called Power Box set with Xavier and Amanda. The 3 rd extra guide is called Protector container set with Ava and Brian. The fourth extra book is known as Teacher's Family pet with Leo and Tessa. The fifth extra guide is called Grind container set with Mia and Ian. The last extra book is called Jacked with Luke and Emerson., James a football athlete and a single dad of 2 year old Harper, fines himself at lose ends, at the finish of a bad months with the Miami Dolphins. He has been getting multiple offers from other teams with greater pay and begins to talk to the owner of the team, for an increase in pay or he may walk away. As James moves into Richard Ralls office, the owner of the Miami Dolphins, he operates in his daughter Gabrielle, who was having an argument with her father about taking the bar exam, when she suddenly gets upwards and kisses James and walks out of the office. Richard loves is daughter very much and wants only the best for her, but has one rule she must follow, " Never Date a Football Player". Gabriella (Gabbi) feels her dad only concern is for his players and running the organization, then he will for her and exactly what she wants and in order to even talk to her father, Gabbi has to make an appointment with his receptionist or she can't talk to his at all. Since the kiss in Richard office, James and Gabrielle can't stay away from each other, even though it may destroy James chances to stay with Miami Dolphins and Gabrielle father being furious at her.
Once again I am reading a great book from Claire Adams and have enjoyed very much. With every scene she writes, results in me glued to my kindle till I read the last page.
I voluntarily evaluated an advance copy of this.

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