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This really is not that great either. Yes, I did pre-order this graphic novel, plus yes, I am a fan of the Outlander series.

I prompt you, however, not to go through the bad reviews (despite the fact that you can find many) until you go through this review.

As a person who has a great appreciation of literature plus art as well, I actually own a range of works of fiction and graphic novels. I actually won't consider myself an expert by any means, yet I think I have a reasonable working knowledge of where the two differ. I acknowledge with most reviewers that will this might be blasphemy for hardcore Gabaldon fans. I actually am not a serious fan, and I made the decision to take Diana's effort with a grain associated with salt. She was certainly trying something new plus regardless of what it was, fans were proceeding to buy it (and they still will, greater than likely).

To be honest, most of the things i adored as a reader regarding Outlander got lost inside the translation from novel to be able to graphic novel. Unlike several, however, I feel that will this was not because of the artist, but because associated with Diana Gabaldon's writing design: she writes in very first person. Much more it a little difficult to convert that to graphic form, especially when you are taking it from a person that is outside of the partnership that is the primary of her series. I actually felt that this has been the main problem. Got the story been informed from Jamie's point associated with view and not Murtagh's... well, I'm not saying that would have made it leaps and bounds much better, but it might possess helped a little.

That being said, I enjoyed the particular graphic novel a lot. It had been light, not also heavy, did have a lot of nudity, which usually knowing the Gabaldon, ought to come as no surprise to be able to readers. I believed the artwork was gorgeous; the illustrator really did a great job. I personally liked the rough edge that will the pictures had to be able to them. It was not necessarily clean or polished along with hard lines. It has been light, airy and it went very well with the particular story. The art has been the best part for me personally.

Do I think this was a stupidity? No. I spent an excellent two hours blowing delete word on Tuesday night once i could have been composing a paper and I actually think it was worth it. I enjoyed personally and it was fun. Not earth shattering, yet just fun. I do believe that will this will be fun for you personally as a lover and as a reader if you allow it to be. I suggest you try not to get trapped up in what their anticipation of Gabaldon are, due to the fact she is not proceeding to live up to them along with this graphic novel. This particular is not her fresh 800-page novel. This is usually a 200-300 page image novel with no sweeping hills or grand information of scenery or anything else.
Take it so that it actually is usually and not what you were wanting it to be able to be. You will end up a lot happier with the effects if you just allow it happen and try to have fun along with it.

Would I recommend this? Sure! I already have. My mother plus my older sister, plus probably my aunt will certainly all read it during vacation in Key Western. I told them it would be great to read for the plane or while sitting in the airport.

I hope that is usually review helps you help to make the decision whether or not to get. I think if you are looking for a Gabaldon novel, stay away from this specific. You will probably end up being disappointed and displeased with all the artist's depictions of Jamie and Claire. If you want a fun, gentle, easy read that give you some insight to the other characters, then buy it. Like I said, not great, but I am happy that my money attended something I enjoyed and that others will enjoy because well.

I hope, I'll repost and let you already know in case everyone in my family members hated it (I doubt they will).


I am surprised to be the particular top review! My more mature sister check out this, and she, like many of you, weren't fans! She declared that she put it down halfway through. I nevertheless have the book about my shelf and revel in it from time to period., I have these publications in the non image editions, and thought this may be a great addition to be able to my large collection associated with Outlander books. This was a disappointment. If I we hadn't read the books I actually would not have been in a position to follow this story or made heads or tails out of it. Even the pictures weren't consistent through out the particular book. I am not necessarily a big comic book fan in the first place, but this specific was just not up to par., My expectations were not necessarily very high due to bad reviews, but I adore all things Outlander, so I gave it a photo. It had been worth the extremely little I paid, yet hardly. There are a couple pages I plan to cut out and utilize for the artwork project. I didn't treatment for most of the particular drawings. The characters were drawn so inconsistently that will it was difficult to be able to tell who had been who from times. The story collection was a mess because well. If you value Outlander plus can get this for less than , give it a whirl!, First off, in whose the new character? That was really confusing to me. The colors used simply by the artist are wealthy and mysterious and quite lovely IMO, however, I actually am not a lover of stylized drawing be it human or animal plus truly Jamie just failed to begin to look just like the Jamie I photo him to be. I possess a book cover through the Outlander from when it first came out back again in the day plus on it is a picture associated with Claire holding the reins of a white horses that is fabulous and in addition on the back over is Jamie, side look at, with a white t-shirt & brown vest simply by several standards (flags) and a Celtic cross. This particular is amazing artwork and exactly how I wish the same artist had done this specific graphic novel. I believe the person who do the artwork for the particular original book cover really "got" the utilization of Jamie and Claire. The outdoors front cover shows Claire in a mirror over a table covered with a good assortment of things. So, while the Exile was spectacular it just doesn't state "Outlander" to me. Just because it's Diana's is purpose to own it for me however you know it sat around here for months and months before I actually even just now feel forcing myself to go through it and look in the pictures which leave me wincing because they are not the faces I actually associate with some of them. Considering that we have owned race horses for over 30 many years do find their interpretation irritating., It had been what I actually expected, but I used to be hoping for better. As a graphic novel it has cartoon-like pictures of the particular characters and not a lot storyline., I did appreciate this book, but not necessarily as much as I actually thought for the reason that I wanted more of the story from Jamie's POV plus the drawings were not necessarily consistent in quality. Several scenes were very perfectly drawn and some were not. So this is some thing that would be better to be able to borrow from the collection, but not really worth what I paid for it.

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