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This can be a very interesting subject. This book is a quick read, I read in in about 30 mins give or take. That has few chapters of what Nerurobic exercises are and a few chapters how to add the Nerurobic exercises into your life.
I think I possibly could easily use many of these exercises in my day to day routine. So might be so simple, like switching the hand you brush your teeth with. Other folks are not so simple, and may take a little time a some initiative.
My answer is if your enthusiastic about learning a little about stretching out your brain and keep it sharp, then that is a great starter book. Sweet and simple. If your looking for more in-depth information, then look elsewhere.
The program promises this book for free or at a reduced price for my fair review., Since a university student who always struggled with memory space problems. Between short phrase memory loss, confusing details from multiple documents, and never having concentration, I had been searching for something which was not always explained and this book delivers! A very short read that adds some remarkable advice to the most often explained advice really had myself analyzing not only my study methods but my work ethic as well. Aside from the time you use your brain in class, you really need to challenge yourself in every aspect of life to challenge your muscle memory. This guide reveals some critical topics that are not usually addressed. If you feel you have heard everything you need to know about improving brain function, like me, you are in for A LOT MORE facts. Not only do these tips help improve brain function it will help you in daily school life. Let me confess though that sometimes the book seems to pulls on, so I would advise taking breaks instead of looking over this in one go, unless you will actually have the ability to remember everything. I received this book for free, however the viewpoint explained in this review is one hundred percent my own thought of the book., This guide is a good introduction to how exercise can help the brain. I discovered the information valuable and easy to follow. There were several exercises given, along with how each will increase the energy of the mind. I found the explanations as the most interesting part of this book. I love the exercises and examples of how to do them; however, to know how this exercise works is obviously exciting. I have often wondered how the brain, as a muscle, can power the entire body and not only wear completely down. I have been, occasionally, mentally exhausted. I feel a mother of 5 boys. I have definitely seen my share of days once i could not remember my own name. This book is a God send for those of us who need to fine tune our memory or thinking skills.

I will admit there are parts of this guide that seem to drag on forever. Trying to read this book in one sitting is probably not a good idea. You may get bored at some factors, but do keep reading, among the best information is at the end.

It is all in all an easy read, simple to implement and easy to follow guide to help in keeping your brain sharp and on target. I feel a lot of individuals will find this book most useful!

I received this book for free as a swap for my honest thoughts and opinions., This book wasnt amazing and it wasnt bad either. I ordered this wanting to find out more on my brain function and what I could do to exercise my brain. It did fufill that need but the first few chapters left me feeling like i used to be in university all over again. Very textual content bookish. Its extremely informative but I like to read before bed and this was something that initally put me right to sleep. I recommend reading this EARLY MORNING after A COUPLE cups of coffee. It does offer some ways to get you thinking about brain function. I'll probably put into action a few exercises but this as a tough read.

I received this at no cost in exchange for my honest unbiased review., This book was a great read! It's packed with a myriad of information about exercising your brain to keep your mind sharp. Most of the exercises are simple and is done in merely a few minutes. The book does provide a great deal of useful information making an effort to00 provide background information on why it's important to exercise your brain and the different types of exercises that you can do to improve your intellectual function.
There a lot of examples of different activities that you can do. For instance , the last part o the book is almost completely dedicated to crosswords. Not really a bad thing, but a bit more variety would have been nice. I did a bit of research on the internet after reading this book and was able to quickly find many other activities that centered on the points tackled in this book.
My favorite thing about this book is that the author gave many examples of ways that you can exercise your brain in daily life. Naturally , things like crossword puzzles and Sudoku are great brain training exercises, but they take time out of your day. The author of this book describes ways to exercise the mind throughout the day that won't take at any time out of your daily routine.

I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review., This is an excellent book. It breaks everything down into words that are pretty easy to understand. It gives a overview of Neurobic exercises and the benefits. The part I really like most is how the mind processes information. That gave some great imformation in order to help my children learn. That goes on to tell you launched best to do an exercise and the way to choose the best one. It has several chapters on new things you can attempt as neurobic exercises. The one and only issues was that it was not quite as extensive as some of the other books I have read on the subject. I received this book in order to review it., " Exercise for the Brain" gave me numerous new exercises that have already made a noticeable distinction in my short term memory space and ability to focus. I have some short phrase memory loss issues due to medications I'm taking and also this e-book has helped improve these deficits. Also, the exercises has made marked changes in my focus. Suffering from ADD can be a struggle sometimes when attempting to focus to get things done however the exercises in this book have been very helpful. DISCLAIMER: I received this product at a discount as a swap for my honest review.

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