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Drones are the new kids on the block! Military and civilian applications are expanding every day! This was a good example of a "tool" abused in manufacturing and used for bad gain!, I've enjoyed Ms Wolfe' novels with enjoy. I have been excited with a change to a different type of thriller. Executive intrigued myself to the point where I look forward to more Alex Hoffman novels. Can't wait to get started!, Just completed this guide and went desperately looking for another. I really liked this guide, even with some slight issues that could have been repaired by another pass by an editor with a proof read - still those were minor rather than a distraction for the most part. The things i liked about this book is the concept of a group that would do this sort of work for corporations with the intro of Alex as a fresh employee to the Agency and therefore introducing the reader to the world of corporate espionage. The concept was intriguing enough to start reading, and the engaging characterizations and tale kept me reading.

I would definitely prefer to see more of Alex's world and hope that it defintely won't be too long a wait around until another book., I really liked the very first 3rd of this book and wanted it to succeed. I discovered myself asking, " After that happen next? " Sadly, the author creates plot twists that become more and more ridiculous before limping to a lame, flat ending. After the drug arrest, rape scene and murder by jingle attempt I found personally puting my head in my hands and expressing, " No, no, no! Did you really just write that? " This guide disappoints in a major way. After all the research put into the storyline set up it is unbelievable that the creator decided to finish the guide this way. It reads enjoy it came straight from a 9th grade creative writing class. Lame, worthless, lame., This is the 4th Leslie Wolfe Book that I have read in 5 days, and a completely different genre from the very first 3 serial killer stories.... but it is simply as gripping... Loved it regarding to start the next book. She just gets better and better. Executive is seriously well researched and superbly written., “Executive: A Political Thriller” is an outstandingly carried out novel. It is contemporary, keeping good pace with the happenings in the political scene today, and is a very believable story about what could be happening and what might happen in the future. Leslie Wolfe is an excellent writer, with a knack for portraying things in a believable and understandable way.

The character development is quite well done, and the story has the right combination of technology, intrigue, and storyline twists to keep the reader engaged in the story. This first novel by Leslie Wolfe really does not read like a first novel at all; instead, it reads like a novel written by a seasoned veteran. Strongly advised!, Although I didn't understand much of the specialized terminology about the drones and the military, that did not hinder the enjoyment of the guide. It was exciting and spy oriented. Fast spaced and can't wait to read more about Alex! I've already downloaded another one., It was just okay. After reading two other novels of Leslie Wolfe, I was dissatisfied and was ready for the book to finish. At times I just wanted to smack the heroine - she's supposed to be extremely smart and some of the things she really does and thinks just does not add up.

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