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This book is a simple read. The chinese language is simple and individual. It is a programming book written for the novice who wants to get a grasp on Excel VBA programming. I've read the first two chapters at this point and I feel like I've learned a good bit and it has stuck. I avoid feel like I have to go back and study a lot since I apply it when i read it.
I really enjoy the practices that goes along with what if you're learning. There's no better way to learn that actually doing it!, Typically the book gives a basic idea about VBA features for many who have no prior knowledge whatsoever NONE.
However , the writer makes the readers jump back and forth from one chapter to another using notations such as " (which I discuss in Chapter XX)" moreover, the Author often recommends browsing MS Help site (so what is the advantage of the book? )
The book does not have examples.
A new great contribution I came across in this book are the author's tips based on personal experience., Very clear, a pleasure to see to be honest...
Just on the website I couldn't find the exercise, however they are explained step by step in the book.
The personal view is that is totally worth the money., This book is good for a course in Excel VBA. It starts off out easy at the beginning and then gets into more complex concepts. I deducted a star because I have found it much much easier to search online for specific code than to take more time paging through this guide to find the answers. If We had additional time, I would use this as a course in Excel VBA, but so far I have gotten along just fine by searching online., Being a total rookie when it comes to programming, this book was easy to follow. The only complaint is the Author seems to put forth less effort as the material gets harder to grasp. In the beginning he really breaks it down to a research and walks you through every step of the process and explaining what is happening as you go along. Typically the first time that you are required to take part and create something on your own spreadsheet, he or she even asks you ways how you'd go about the font italic so you could actually start doing and learning. I avoid think that happens again during the rest of the book. Typically the beginning was perfectly written and I feel that if he would have taken as much time explaining how an range happens to be he did for a macro, I would have enjoyed it and learned a lot more., I needed to learn VBA quickly! This book was just what I needed. I have programming experience so this primer was perfect. Also if you don't have any programming experience, reading this book will most surely give you what you need to get started out. It provides good foundation and comprehension of VBA so you can move on to further develop your skills. Oh, and there are a lot of code examples in the book and on the friend website., Plenty of many other office workers have all come upon the same plight I did not too far back. We're going together with the busy non-programming related work when all of a sudden *bam! 5. the boss decides we have been the perfect individuals to either implement a new software solution or simplify/refine a preexisting one. I'd dabbled in C++ and Freedom Basic for my own personal use before, but had absolutely no experience whatsoever working in Aesthetic Basic for Applications, and no familiarity with how to make all the various components of the Microsoft Office suite work in tandem. "Excel VBA Programming for Dummies" entered stage left, and completely saved me from lowering the whole play.

Someone with absolutely no programming experience at all could pick this book upwards and be pumping out there simple VBA applications within a day. The complete thing is very user-friendly, and includes a lot of tips that individuals new to VBA or the office suite will not think to check. Typically the first chapter briefly describes just what VBA is, how it interacts with the office suite, and then provides an overview of the various versions of Excel and exactly how they differ. From section two onward it's all VBA, progressively adding on new concepts to move someone upward towards VBA mastery. As this is a "For Dummies" guide, all the basic information such as code syntax and the various discussion boxes are presented in detail, offering a firm base for you expand on in his own testing and further study. A few tidbits of more advanced information, pertaining to the most frequently needed solutions, are presented throughout the book. For example, towards the end the author clearly explains how to use VBA to open upwards a blank e-mail and populate it with information from an Excel spreadsheet, as this is an extremely commonly needed use for VBA, but it does demand a little extra knowledge past the absolute basics. The only complaint about this book would be that it never adequately explains when VBA should be used versus when normal Excel forumulas would be enough, or most importantly, when a good mixture of the two these are known as for. As the focus of the book is on teaching VBA basics however, this is often overlooked.

Anyone seeking to learn the basics of VBA quickly but deficient a teacher to clarify everything must do themselves the favor of picking Stand out VBA Programming abcs. When you need info past the basics, and want to take your skills to the next level, move on to "Professional Excel Development: The Definitive Guide to Developing Programs Using Microsoft Excel and VBA" after mastering the info presented in this guide., it does a good job training you really the basics of VBA.
John Walkenbach is a pretty funny guy so it is an interesting read.

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