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Nowadays, on attempt number three at the test, I actually passed the 70-697 exam. This guide was my primary study resource, and while it obviously did assist me to eventually move, it was not with no lot of unnecessary aggravation.

Simply put:
In case you are looking in order to pass the exam making use of solely this book, you will certainly need either a good little luck, or substantial personal experience and familiarity with PowerShell and a new number of tools for managing devices.
If you are prepared to spend a substantial amount of time researching a new few dozen Technet content articles as prompted by this particular book, you have a new fair shot at moving with minimal luck.

This specific entry was my 1st in to the MCP testing industry, which was my 1st ExamRef book. It will indeed cover most associated with the main tools plus technologies that show upwards on the exam, but as other reviewers have described, there is an unpardonable amount of " you need to know about this particular, here is a URL--be familiar together with everything you find presently there! " with no additional guidance, and far also few examples, to adhere to those up with. At one point the publication even states " there's no space in this publication to offer you example scripts, proceed look them up online" as though saving page room was (or should ever be) prioritized over thorough topic coverage. It genuinely is that bad. Today, I do realize this particular exam's scope is very broad, and the technological innovation covered is constantly changing... nevertheless my problems with ExamRef don't stop there.

The " Thought experiment" and test questions were generally enough, but occasionally would inquire about topics that experienced never been discussed in the book at that will point--even inside the URLs most likely directed to--and in unusual cases, never covered in the book at all. Horrendous editing errors plus oversights (asked to choose between 4 options to reply to a True/False question, that will sort of thing) caused too much scrambling on-line to be sure I wasn't going crazy.

In the conclusion, the book is " almost adequate. " Typically the worst part is the publication was published in 2015, and despite several factual errors, typos, " review" questions either inside the completely wrong section or introducing points for the first period, and information on one webpage contradicting what was offered the page before, my single biggest problem together with this book: no errata offers ever been made available, zero addendum or corrections, zero new editions or revisions. It was written plus the author immediately continued to write the next Exam Ref book which usually, from early reviews, is afflicted with similar problems. A technical exam reference book offers no business having such a poor editing process, plus Microsoft being the author makes it baffling.

Our final impression: this publication was rushed, with lazy (i. e. nonexistent) followup support from the author or perhaps publisher. It is going to get a person past the exam, nevertheless be prepared for a new lot of legwork plus unnecessary frustration to get there.

I haven't study it but would firmly encourage taking a look at the white protect " MCSA Microsoft Windows 10 Study Guide: Exam 70-697" book first to verify if it fits your needs., I just took the check today 70-697 that this particular book is designed in order to help study for. This specific book was pretty useless as a study manual for the test. Typically the Pluralsight courses were reasonably helpful and thanks in order to those and having a new good little hands on I was able in order to pass; however, if most likely planning on by using this manual to prepare for the test - don't waste your money. This guide also spends way too very much time referring to Microsoft Technet links instead associated with actually covering the substance in the exam blueprint from Microsoft. I could save you a bit of funds - just go look at Microsoft Blue print for this test and then study the associated Technet content articles and get the Windows 10 demo, Intune plus Azure evals and don't waste your time about this book, The 70-688 plus 70-687 books had a new clearer layout and included less errors than this particular book. Though this publication covers all the subjects you need to move 70-697, the content jumps about, and could be set out much better. I actually also generally disagree together with what Andrew made a decision to protect in depth, vs just what he chose to acquire and leave to technet articles for further decoration. Moreover, having skimmed through it once, I currently have about a dozen errors to send in order to Microsoft about this one. Toby wrote the 70-687 publication, and I was amazed in what I feel was a sharp turn downwards in quality and interest to detail in this particular book. Having read it once now, there's from least a dozen problems I had been able to locate - nothing huge that will would cause a essential misunderstanding of a idea, but more like, " this kid didn't check his essay enough just before he turned it in. " This book also contains a LOT even more whitespace compared to the 70-688 plus 70-687 books... there's several areas where I can assist but wonder if they were just trying to synthetically inflate the page count number. You will not see what Now i'm talking about from the articles shown inside the " glance inside" preview, but you'll remember this when you have bought the book plus are reading it -- which you should.

Typically the book itself, despite my contentions, is still GOOD. It's just not the same quality I anticipated from him. If a person want the most condensed research guide you could possibly get, that will will still prepare a person good enough to pass the test, this is it. If you don't know a concept available, a person need to go research it before moving on. Once you can see the book from seed to fruition, understand everything he's saying, plus remember most of it, you're ready to get the test. On the aspect note, the one point I'd suggest coupling this particular with would be the 70-697 course from cbtnuggets. The overlap is in between this and cbtnuggets is 100%, with cbtnuggets being even further condensed. The value I find there is that I remember things far better when I see them offered twice in two diverse ways. If you're REALLY good at remembering things plus visualizing what's going on as you read, you don't need to do labs. I've been doing Microsoft tests given that server 2008, and have got always passed them without the labs - not always on my 1st try, mind you. Upon a final sidenote, a person should really buy the one hundred dollar booster pack version associated with the exam voucher while you are ready to take the test.

If you've found my review helpful, please indicate it as such. Also, if you have virtually any questions, please leave me a comment. I perform my best to answer peoples questions within a new week. Thank you!

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