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I have been involved with low income housing in Milwaukee for over 30 years as a landlord and as an legal professional for landlords and tenants. I know the communities and characters in this book all too well. If you need insight into poor people’s lives as they struggle to keep a roof over their heads, you should buy this book. Another reviews are right about how gripping those stories are. But if you are a graduate student of Trump University and think you’ll get some insight into how to make obscene profits by hiring to the poor you will find anecdotes but no real verified research about the business of landlording. Importantly, you will not learn the truth that bringing evictions totally ruined the rental business of Sherrena, the leading homeowner protagonist.

Strangely, though Desmond interviewed 30 landlords he only focuses on two. One is Tobin, a mobile home park user on Milwaukee’s south side, which is largely white and Hispanic. Tobin indeed makes a lot of money but that is the fault he does not have to maintain or repair 95% of the “dwellings” in his park. Tobin rent out a concrete slab with utility connections and the tenants buy or bring their own trailers and pay their own utilities. As owners these are responsible for the exterior and interior condition of their dwelling. Only 5% of the trailers are possessed by the park and rented to tenants as a living unit. Thus Tobin is a homeowner only in the sense which you may have a homeowner this summer when you drive your Winnebago to a Jellystone Park and pay rent for the car parking pad and utility hookups.

Then we certainly have Sherrena who with her husband works about 18 buildings (mostly two-family flats) in the African-American neighborhoods on the north side of Milwaukee, wisconsin. In a chapter named “The ‘Hood is Good” Desmond blithely accepts Sherrena’s boast that she has a net worth of million and nets , 000 a calendar month in rental income. Desmond is honest in representing the many difficulties Sherrena has in collecting lease from her struggling tenants but he doesn’t the actual background research (available from local court records) about the many thousands of money in unpaid rents and damaged units which kind of cut into income a little bit.

As to her supposed internet worth of million, that averages out to 1, 000 for every of these 18 ghetto properties - certainly far more than some of the true dumpy ones are well worth – but the author does not research the sums of the recorded mortgage loans against these properties (ranging between , 000 and 9, 200) which further greatly reduce the said net worth. That would have been revealed in the many foreclosures filed against Sherrena’s properties which started out inside a year after Desmond’s trip to Milwaukee.

So when this book came out in 2016 the curious viewer might want to know: if the ‘hood is good for the landlord how much better has it gotten since the author did his study in 2009? Research up to now shows that not one of Sherrena’s properties remains in her ownership. Starting in 2010 many were bulldozed, went into city ownership via foreclosure for nonpayment of real estate taxes or today sit as haunting, blighted eyesores. A new few were foreclosed by lenders, were fixed upward and are under new ownership.

Evictions by Sherrena ended in the year 2010. So do her non-existent profit. She joins many small-time under-capitalized landlords who have gone bust in Milwaukee and elsewhere since the Fantastic Recession started in 2008 with the bursting of the housing bubble.

You should note that I still give the book 4 stars. Its significant flaws in reporting on the “profit” aspect of their subtitle are outweighed by the important and detailed research on the effects of eviction in creating and perpetuating poverty. A better and expanded housing voucher program for low income tenants is much needed. Homeowners nationwide should join Shiny Desmond’s call for their implementation., " Evicted" is the story of eight families in Milwaukee, WI--six families struggling mightily to pay the rent on their increasingly crappy apartments, and two sets of landlords. The landlords are whether new breed of venture capitalists or merely slumlords, depending on your perspective. Since roughly 2000, rent have shot up while the properties have either stayed the same or declined, so that by 2013 about one out of every three poor families spent seventy % of their income on real estate. Consider that for a minute.

Due to this, poor families are usually one crisis--really one unexpected expense--away from being evicted. The outcome of being evicted on one's emotional, financial, and physical states are deep. First, once someone will get evicted, finding almost any real estate becomes extremely difficult--one of the women called ninety apartments before she found one which would take the girl and her two kids. You can place blame on these struggling households if you wish to, but the fact of the matter is it's extraordinarily difficult for them to succeed, or even to just get by.

We found this book very interesting--to say I enjoyed it would be wrong because much of it is depressing. It made the problems of the metropolitan poor personal. I quite liked a number of them and We was rooting for them--" Please, let this homeowner call her back! " I felt bad when Vanetta went to prison for armed robbery after her hours were cut, and I cheered when Scott finally got clean. I read it all the way through the endnotes, which are also quite interesting and provide some insights or backdrop info. I absolutely wanted to find out how all the households were doing today (the book occurs in 2008-2009) because I became attached to them together come to care about them. Unfortunately the author does not inform you what became of them, although if We had to guess I had created say their lives carried on in more or less the same vein.

A new word on the execration: this is a well written, professionally done sociological study. The author only uses swears when he's quoting one of the people he interviewed. In case you were desperate, poor, depressed and angry, you, too might be given to curse words.

In case you enjoy sociological and/or cultural topics, if you care about equality in America, if you are interested in how grinding lower income influences families, pick this up. I learned a lot., A horrible book to get through. Not that it was poorly written or boring just its subject matter was hard. And that is what made it so powerful. More real stories than boring research which is right upward my alley. Statistics are fine but I want to know about the true people and their tales not only graphs and charts. I had formed a real difficult patch 25 plus years ago and was very near what a whole lot of these people are going through. I know their fear, panic, depressive disorders, feeling of worthlessness quality and that is what made this book an excellent read for me.

When I got my foot back on the ground and purchased my first house we used to have a mail box right out front. At the ending of the month We used to write my check for my mortgage loan at night when We did my bills and go to the post office box and put it in. I did previously look up at the stars, close my eyes, and thank Our god that I had a destination to stay for another 30 days. Although many years have past the scars of this time never left me and not will and I am happy. A reminder of what could happen. All of these people have my sympathy because I have been there myself.

Strong and relevant-well worth the time.

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