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Lastly have the time to review this guide properly. If you want the short version, this is amazing fiction with so many twists and turns you will never see the big ones coming. I actually tweeted the author while I was reading, " every time I think I understand where this publication is going, you take the rug out! " This results in an usually fast-paced story (at least for women's fiction) of a woman struggling to overcome the tremendous grief of losing her child years sweetheart - who was meant to be the girl husband - and find out who she is in the wake of such terrible tragedy. But the kicker is all may not be as it seems. Everything All of us Keep is also a lttle bit of a mystery book, and it's one particularly large looming question that keeps the characters and the readers guessing.

Speaking of character types, Kerry's cast is extremely well-developed plus they feel like real people with virtues, weaknesses and plausible back again story. She even made me fall in love with two men concurrently... which I knew wasn't proceeding to conclusion well to me! Add to that configurations so vivid I want to pack up and live there and you have got an amazing story.

I actually also want to say something about the epilogue because so many people have cited this a reason for giving the publication a low rating. Zero spoilers, don't worry. A) No matter what happens in the epilogue, that alone shouldn't be a reason to trash and publication if you otherwise enjoyed it. B) This can be the first book in a string, so you can't expect everything to be neatly tied up. C) Women's fiction is different from romance in that it doesn't demand a happily ever after. You could still get one, but a lot more complex, and so fiction should be as well.

Kudos to Kerry for an incredible first appearance that has made us a life-long fan., This review is written by Greg Boze on behalf of Truth About Books

I’m always pleased to provide a good review: Especially when it is about on the pumps of two, not so good, reviews. In this case, my review rating is not good; it’s absolutely outstanding. If I could, I’d give Everything We Keep a 7 out of 5 rating. 5 for being very good, 6 for outstanding writing and, seven because it’s the writers first book.

Yes, not only am I in love with this book, I’ve added it to my top three books list.

Aimee Tierney is crazily in love with the girl childhood sweetheart, James. These people grew up together, he protected her at every turn plus they became involved. Just before the wedding ceremony, Adam must go on a business trip to Mexico. A trip that only his body returns from. So, instead of saying their vows, Aimee ends up burying James on their organized wedding.

Devastated, Aimee usually spends more than a year refusing to accept James death and move on with her life. Adding to this are the strange messages from a physic telling her that James is not deceased.

Pushed by her friends to start working on a life without Adam, she opens a specialty café. They also drag her kicking and yelling back into life past her home and the café. Here, she satisfies Ian, a photographer that she immediately develops feelings for. Feelings that are certainly mirrored by Ian.

Nevertheless the feelings and text messages that James is not dead, persist. Feelings and verification of his dying that she must handle if she is actually to move on. So, two years after his purported death, Ian joins her, as she moves to Mexico to find her fiancé e, who she is now certain is not dead.

Since she and Ian search for James, and the truth; secrets off their earlier and James’ family surface, along with her feelings for Ian and recognition of what her life with James was really like.

Everything We Keep not only has a unique plot, it is packed with twists and becomes that will keep you speculating, especially towards the conclusion as she and Ian seek the reality in Mexico. It is also extremely well written with little to no errors (I think I found one), wonderful character development and an author who has mastered show, don’t tell.

An excellent novel that kept me up until 2: 30 AM to find out how it ends.

By the way, several people who have bad reviews due to a lot of mistakes, poor editing and a love story with no mystery, must have read a different book than I did so., What an pleasant story! Several plot changes I didn't see coming and an ending you won't forget. Well toned secondary characters make me want to read their stories too. I give it 4 stars out of 5 because the women are potty-mouths and the number of f-bombs increased as the story moved forward. With the last few chapters I was tired of it and wondered why this gifted author couldn't be more imaginative with their speech. That's really my only complaint, and anyone sensitive about this problem may wish to know before reading., Wait. This can be the worst book ever! How come it get so many high star reviews? It can't possibly be because most people enjoy cliched writing (tell me again about the girl Caribbean-blue eyes), super uninteresting lead characters who make really weird life choices, or terrible plot promises that make zero sense. It's pissing me off just remembering these things.

Just what I want to focus on, though, is the fact that Aimee is RAPED by her boyfriends cousin/brother, and then said boyfriend is baskcally like " here, let me fix your cosmetic because you have to forget how he just raped you in order to help me set things straight with my family business. " Great. Oh, and then he refuses to have a artwork of the location of the assault down off their wall. Good stuff.

There wasn't a single character that wasn't reduced to a whining idiot at some point or another. Usually it was only a lot of folks proceeding out of their way to appease Aimee, the lamest douche on world.

This book sucks.

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