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Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Almost everything, Everything is similar to Recovery Road in conditions of format. It is setup like a diary, though unlike Recovery Road it has pictures, and each would be part is short. However, with a movie springing up this August, starring Amandla Stenberg and Anika Noni Went up, you know I couldn’t resist. Though, let me tell you, this is by no means the best YA novel I’ve ever read.

Characters & Storyline

Since she was a baby, Madeline hasn’t remaining her house. Her mother, a doctor, has identified her with SCIDs (Severe Combined Immunodeficiency) after her getting gravely ill as a baby. What this generally does is turn her into a bubble child (Think Jake Gyllenhaal’s Bubby Boy). Which, if you saw the movie, you will remember means a whole lot of remodeling of the family home in order to accommodate the disease. Thus, with some money Maddy’s mom came into, she actually is able to redo the house to keep Maddy healthy.

Thus leading to, for more than fifteen some odd years, the only people Maddy communicating with being her mother and nurse Carla. On the other hand, then comes Olly, a boy who moves in next door. His interest, his being new to the area, draws him to the cute woman who just watches people from the window. Thus, thanks to a lttle bit of perseverance, and Maddy’s own curiosity, they become friends and so blooms the desire to become something more. But is that possible when Maddy can’t do things normal girls do? May Olly, considering his family situation, as well since the ability to meet plenty of girls at school, really give him the time to deal with the frustration which is having to change his life to meet the requirements of what he needs to do just to see Maddy? Well…


Maddy and Olly’s Relationship Will be Adorable

No matter what the YA story is, virtually it is the relationships and/or the friendships, that keep you interested. Especially in books like these which seldom have their lead which includes serious sort of condition which can give the reader a quick surprise or scare. So, it makes it where as you read Maddy meeting and getting to learn Olly, it is very cute. After all, once you take into account how isolated Maddy has been, and this is probably one of the few boys her age she has got the possiblity to interact with, it makes you a lttle bit nostalgic.

This is, of course, assuming you are my era, almost a decade away from Maddy’s, and reading her discuss the butterflies and how being within a few feet from someone you are into makes the hairs on your arms stand. The whole thing, truly, reminds you of what it was like to be young and have a full-fledged, it could happen, type of crush. The kind you desire about and so much more.

It’s Not necessarily Too Heavy or Sensationalized

I think I’m not alone in saying that the YA novel genre has become saturated with drug addiction, accidental fatalities, various kinds of misuse, and with that it makes books which seldom include that seem to be control. Heck, they seem to be dull in comparison. For, after all, books are about escapism, going into someone else’s world, usually more interesting than yours, and getting away. Yet, at the same time, books are also about finding someone, or something, to relate to, despite your difference.

Maddy’s a lot more bare. She has her mother, Carla, and a computer she strangely only really does assignment work on. Even when Olly enters her life, there is nothing sensationalized about their relationship. He isn’t some bad boy she is wanting to save nor is he some curious dude who is bored.

In a whole lot of ways, Everything, Almost everything reminds you that storytelling, and coming of era, isn’t just about having sex for the first time, your first drink, a smoke, or what often are considered things that adults do. It’s about experiencing life with the only influence your parents having is that they live by example and also you deciding what to, or not to, take from that. Which includes how you manage being offered sex, drugs, and etc., as well as how you manage tragedy, how you are as a friend or partner when that one else is hurting and more.

General: Mixed (Borrow)

While We really have nothing but reward for Everything, Everything here is the thing. It isn’t really for everyone. This book isn’t about escapism but providing perhaps a figure to relate to. Hence why Maddy is Black and Asian, just like Nicola Yoon’s children will be. This guide, in a way, is about breaking the mold, not giving in to the need for sudden shock and the typical beliefs of what teens get themselves, and each other, into. This book is for individuals who might have issues with their parents, maybe never already been kissed, but nonetheless are completely normal. With that, around the book has quotable lines up the ying yang, it doesn’t really bring me to say you should buy it nor can I strongly recommend it. It’s a quick read which won’t be taxing on your time and emotions using it just being sweet, even with Maddy’s diagnosis, it doesn’t come up with ways to make you wanna read this over and over again. As much as we get to know Maddy and Olly, as well as their friends and family, they don’t leave a strong impression for they are so normal that, minus or plus one or two things, you probably already know someone like them.

Hence the Mixed (Borrow) label for while those prepping for the movie I think may take pleasure in the insight, and surely can look forward to certain times in the movie, I think on its own Everything, Almost everything may do things in different ways, but not in such a way it becomes exemplary., Though a quick and heartwarming read, We cannot, in good aware, rate this book above three stars simply due to the cop-out ending that completely cheapened the whole story.

From the beginning, " Everything, Everything" feels a little bit like " The Fault in Our Stars" in conditions of the doomed young love aspect. The main figure is ill, with a compromised immune system that prevents her from departing her home. When a handsome young man moves in across the street, she immediately starts wanting more than she has and dangers her life for love by whisking him away to Hawaii for a possiblity to experience life as she has never known it. Truly romantic, right? Right..... unless you do what Yoon does and turn this into just another typical YA love where an unlikely ending ensures that everything amazingly falls into place.

In most honestly, I just about threw the book down and stopped reading the exact moment (page 263) I realized what direction this was taking but I persisted and am was glad I did. General, I thought it was sweet story and We truly did route for Madeline and Oliver, and like all hopeless romantics, I am glad for them, but the ending really did lower the value of the history., Each Thought

Everything, Almost everything was EVERYTHING I desired in a modern-day EN ESTE MOMENTO romance and much more! This book was unputdownable to me and the pages were just flying by and before I knew it the all-consuming romance between Madeline and Olly was put to an unfortunate end. Typically the book overall just flowed through me and it was such an easy and beautifully written read overall! The characters of Madeline and Olly were so delightfully youthful and packed with that nostalgic first love that was almost too sweet and real to handle! Madeline and Olly are quirkiness overload and am indulged in every single second of it!

" I keep picturing personally floating high above the earth. From the edge of space, I can start to see the whole world all at once. My own eyes don't have to stop at a wall or at a door. I can see the beginning and the finish of time. I will see infinity from there. The first time in a long time, I want more than I have. "

-Madeline Whittier

Meet Madeline (Played by Amandla Stenberg)

The main character is a girl named Madeline Whittier (AKA Maddy who is nicknamed by Olly) who suffers from severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) which is known as the " real estate boy disease". She have not been capable to get out of her own house in almost 17 years because she has a weak disease fighting capability. Maddy virtually lives in a real estate consisting of a decontaminated house in Los Angeles filled with white walls. Madeline's whole universe involves her caretaker nurse Carla and her mother. Maddy is described as 50 percent Jamaican and half Japanese. In YA novels usually, the diversity is lacking and it is refreshing to read about a female named Maddy who comes from such a diverse backdrop!

Maddy is one of my favorite YA characters because of her outlook on life. She has an adorably curious characteristics about her and We love how she actually is intrigued with the outside world around her which she showcases in her notebook and doodles. When she writes about creating the perfect kissing atmosphere We fell in love with her pure innocence and found her to just be packed with awesomeness!

Maddy has made peace with her disease and even though she is immensely inquisitive about the outside world, she feels safe with her world of books, recording random facts and quippy book reviews in her journal, and playing phonetic book scrabble with her mother.

The Catnopsis

The story really starts when a new family moves in next door to Maddy and she sees Olly outside her window. When Maddy becomes curious about Olly is the start of Maddy seeing beyond the confines of her pristine white walls. Olly is a boy that is significantly troubled due to some intense family issues and Maddy is merely the lady to help him escape the madness of his life. Olly is at first seen as your typical broody teenager who would wear all black and Maddy is the main one to bring some color into his world.

The dynamic between Maddy and Olly was unique and am absolutely admired reading their conversations and flirtations with one another! Since Maddy has the SKID disease, she cannot connect to anyone outside of her mother and caretaker Carla because she can catch any diseases or sickness new people can bring. In order for Maddy to possess new people come into the house, they should go through a medical and physical background including decontamination (Decontamination entails having a excessive air bath for an hour. ) which Olly endures before meeting Maddy face to face. Even though in the beginning they really be able to connect with one another online. Maddy and Olly on many nights exchange some hilariously sweet instant messaging chats. Both characters fell in love with one another through learning about one another more than the physical attraction aspect of it which is unusual to find in many teen romances.

" And then your eyes. We swear they change color. Sometimes they're almost dark-colored. Sometimes they're brown. I'm trying to find a correlation involving the color and your mood, but We don't have it yet. I'll keep you posted. "

" Correlation is not causation, " We say, just to have something to say.

-Olly and Maddy

Meet Olly (Played by Nick Robinson)

Olly is one of the most selfless and protecting characters which i have ever met and will do anything to make certain that Maddy is safe. He is the kind of guy that is filled with energy and has a pension for headstands and hanging on things which frighten Maddy in the beginning. Throughout the history, Olly inspires Maddy to push past her comfort zone by living every ounce of life offered to her even if it is her last.

" ONCE UPON A time there was a girl whose entire life was a rest. "


Everything, Almost everything was a book that completely touched me in so many ways and I love how different it is compared to other romances I use read in the past. Typically the chemistry between the characters was genuine and you will feel that they truly loved and cared for one other whether they were together and even deeper when they were apart. You can feel the strong and unbreakable bond between Olly and Madeline. Their connection was so in synchronize to one another and so unique that no person could truly break it.

This book made me laugh and I loved the idiosyncracies and banter involving the two characters. I will never forget their amazing and spontaneous vacation to Hawaii and Maddy's childlike fascination with the " humuhumunukunukuapuaa fish" (Which is a real fish by the way. ), the gross bundt cake recipe, fascination with mind stands, and obsession with outer space. Maddy and Olly speak their own language and it was a pleasure to delve into the world of Maddy and Ollie.

Nicole Yoon's Writing

Nicole Yoon's writing doesn’t prescribe to the conventional conventions of a YA novel and there were so many eccentricities all throughout the book. One of the many things I loved best about Everything, Everything was Maddy's notebook. Maddy's notebook is where you are introduced to the field of Maddy. The notebook was filled with doodles, her own personal dictionary, medical chart, book reviews, and her own dramatic declarations of love for Olly. Typically the voice of the characters in her writing is strong because you can really be familiar with struggle that the characters are going through. There were so many sentences in Yoon's book that I had to reread again and again in order to really experience her perfectly graceful language! The great thing about Nicole Yoon's writing is that not only is the writing impeccable, it is also an easy read that makes you want more of Maddy and Olly!

Pop Culture Referrals (Shawn and Angela)

Typically the chemistry between Maddy and Olly is as intense as the chemistry between Shawn and Angela in Boy Meets World! Typically the sparks that flew between Shawn and Angela sometimes was more intense to watch than Cory and Topanga!

Even though, this book has to be among the best EN ESTE MOMENTO romances I use read all year I have to say that there was a considerable plot twist to the story that altered the whole trajectory of the book. The storyline twist in the book took me in for a surprise and I experienced it was a lttle bit rushed and underdeveloped. If it wasn't for the storyline twist available I would have given this book five stars but instead, I give it a solid four . 5 celebrities.

Honestly, I feel like the plot twist was unnecessary for the book and it kind of devastated me in the end! I was completely and utterly surprised when I learned about this storyline twist! I swear We didn't see it coming! My heart broke for the characters and We just found it hard to accept the truth because I felt it was so rushed. Even though the plot twist was disappointing please don't allow plot twist deter through reading the book! This guide is a must-read, it is unforgettable, and the chemistry and adventures between Maddy and Olly are everything you can ever imagine., Easy pleasurable read. I do believe I finished it in one day for my book club. We were looking for an uplifting easy read and found it here.

It's a fairly sweet story of a girl with an autoimmune disorder who must remain indoors in order to survive. It shows the love and faithfulness of a mother that would sacrifice everything to keep her daughter protected from the risks of the world. And then a cute boy moves in across the street and changes everything. This story brings a few twists, some expected, some not.

This particular is certainly intended for the young adult market, but adults can also find it to be a sweet quick read.

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