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This may just be the best watercolor book ever! Can’t wait to get started on playing with colors. GREAT content and well explained!, Very descriptive, easy to follow and informative. I appreciate the amount of work that was put into making this, the instructions are basic but helpful. It’s nice it’s not over complicated. Looking forward to subsequent the 30 days of lessons., Looks like a book We will use for a long time
Well done, Jenna, Beautiful well written book! We am just being to dive in and take out my paints to get started, so excited to commence this journey., “Learn to paint watercolor in thirty days”. Not an estimation but concrete lessons divided in 30 days. That means you can actually learn everything inside the guide in monthly. I like time frames (or otherwise I don’t do things), therefore i found that way of organizing the information appealing. Each day covers a specific topic and a task for you to complete. Typically the first days are about basic such things as swatches (blobs of paint), value size, shapes, and so forth Those will get you used to manipulating your brush and watercolors. The next days it just keeps integrating the knowledge of previous days to the new lessons. Since it increases in complexity, you progress all the way to completed watercolour, water-color, water-colour scenes.

This book is good for beginners, much more it easy for you to start your watercolor journey. Jenna Rainey explains tools, color theory and everything you need to find out before moving to the very first day. However, what I found essential is that it doesn’t only teach but also entices you to get started on practicing:

– It gives a defined time frame “30 days of watercolors”, so you can see the goal.
– Daily has an estimated time to complete, thus allowing you to organize every day better.
– Typically the example images are certainly not intimidating and portrait only what you are supposed to learn (not astonishing parts that obviously required more knowledge than they train and you go “no way I can do something like that” and give up).
– It invites you to share your job on social media with hashtag #everydaywatercolor, which can be great to add accountability, meet other students/readers and keep on monitor. I love the idea of connecting with other people, who also read the book, and share our projects.

In case you are looking for a “draw this specific stunning floral in 3-easy-steps” this is simply not your book. It doesn’t give attention to making you achieve a specific stylized design, but if you need to build solid foundations in watercolor and go beyond the good examples provided, then go for it!. We got my eARC from Netgalley, In EVERYDAY WATERCOLOUR, WATER-COLOR, WATER-COLOUR: LEARN TO PAINT WATERCOLOUR, WATER-COLOR, WATER-COLOUR IN 30 DAYS, writer Jenna Rainey gives us a step-by-step approach to learning how to paint. I am not skillful in painting, and was curious to see if this book would be helpful for a newbie. It really is indeed.

The starting of the book provides tips on what tools and materials to buy. I found these parts to be practical, as I don’t really know how to get started. Jenna clarifies the differences in the tools and the chemicals, in a simple, clear way. As a newbie, I found this very helpful.

Day One begins off with just simple brush strokes. Succeeding days add more detail and complexity—but it all accumulates slowly and gently. The pace is gentle and easy. Day Two has the college student trying simple curves and circles. By Day 30, we are finalizing our “Jungle Piece. ”

Thus all in all, I found DAILY WATERCOLOR to be an outstanding book. The teachings start with very simple techniques, and slowly build-up. Typically the material is presented in a friendly, easy-to-follow format. The artwork and other illustrations are encouraging as well.

I especially enjoyed the author’s vision of what it means to be an artist: “We each one is made to be creators. All it takes is practice, a lot of passion, dedication, and most significantly, patience. ”

The writer proves the book with this encouragement: “Keep painting and dedicating this practice to yourself as an performer and creative individual. ” I appreciate the author’s helpfulness, and warm support.

Advance Review Copy good manners of the publisher., We need to get started on with a confession: I’m incredibly prejudiced. I am Jenna’s husband, haha. But I imply it when I say it - this guide is the best. Not only did I realize first hands the amount of hard work that went into this - I’ve combed through this book extremely closely, and even as a complete non-artist, I feel like I could totally paint a masterpiece now, haha. It truly is an impressive work. It is easy reading and beautiful illustrations will give any aspiring artist confidence in what they do. You’ll love it. I’m not merely saying this bc I’m prejudiced, but bc I truly believe it: you will love it., I might be in love with this book for further reasons than it becoming a fantastic tool to learn watercoloring. We hook up with Jenna's personal story with watercolor so much. For the earlier couple of years, I've picked upwards watercoloring as a hobby outside of my design career—similar to Jenna's story. So that already has me completely captivated. Aside from that, this book is thorough. Whilst a lot of guide books maybe you have pick upwards and go, Jenna took the time to say, " Here's the tools I use, and why I use them. " Her message of persistence and the day-by-day construction is surely going to be appealing to anyone enthusiastic about learning her craft. Now i'm on my way to our art supply store to pick up everything she recommends NOW. Typically the book itself is high quality, the imagery beautiful, and the format clear and easy to follow. Obtain this book! ❤

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