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Sorry, wanted to like this book! Author said the girl would deliver useful tips, but very little came forth. Mostly this was a rambling story covering a good bit of the author's life. Not really pleased with this., I absolutely enjoyed Kate's book. That is a great story with a perfect t of helpful advice., While there are not too many new economic ideas in this guide, it is a great read about how exactly one family lives well using one income., I love Kate Singh's textbooks. She is not frightened to show her flops, and he or she doesn't crow the woman successes. She lets the reader know that residing a good life sans all the costly devices that cause folks to go into debt is not only possible, but vastly preferable to the primary stream. Keep writing Katie girl, there is a lot to teach!, Not sure what this book is intended to be about. That superficially resembles an autobiography, but a rather sketchy autobiography about a odd woman drifting through a rather purposeless life for which she was woefully unprepared. Finally in the woman forties with a hubby and two young sons, she buys and fixes up an old house that is sound but needs cleaning, painting, and minor repairs. So now her life will abruptly work better, and if we are as smart as she is, we will suddenly emulate her. Or perhaps not, since this female seemed to think the girl had everything under control several times in the woman past, until she determined that what she had was not really what she wanted. There are some cost saving actions mentioned, however, not a great deal of them, and the girl does not signify the girl is writing this guide to show you how to live frugally.
She talks about having someone edit her guide, and about proofreading the woman book. Yes it seems like the book has been edited and proofread, by an amateur with a limited education, probably through eighth grade. Good vocabulary, and an enough acquaintance with the essentials of English grammar for employment where one sometimes needs to write a fairly detailed memo to a coworker, however, not enough for a final edit of a published book. I don't normally comment on the editing or proof reading of a Kindle fire book by an indie author, as long as the faults are not bad enough that I have trouble finding out what the author was wanting to say - and I never had to reread a sentence anyplace in this book because I had trouble understanding it the 1st time. On the other hand, the author discussions about hiring someone to edit this book - and I could have done a better job modifying when I is at 6th grade, and so could most sixth grade A students. I borrowed this guide from Kindle Unlimited, and so i did not pay for it, and it was obviously a quick and pleasant enough read that I did not think about this book a waste of time. Nevertheless I cannot recommend this book greatly. There are much more interesting and useful books on residing happily on a very tight budget, whether you are looked for assistance on how to do it, or perhaps you are looking for inspiration or encouragement., So glad this was Kindle fire Unlimited. It was like reading someone's teenage diary. I ended up skimming through it. She jumped around telling her life story with almost no detail. The story could have been good, with professional writing. The thought of the guide is amazing: we avoid need money to be happy. This was very poorly done, very idiotic sounding when read out loud: rambling. I can't say I learned anything about living a happy life on a low budget. In fact, it seemed to me there were a lot of cash struggles. I have lived happily with little money myself. I wished this book would expand on what I know, but it fell quick. I do believe it was probably a good assignment for the writer. It did very little with this reader., Kate Singh is a fantastic writer! Inside this book she evens tells us about the woman earlier years, along with living it up some and how she brings their self back down to reality and living within her means. What direction to go and what not to do when it comes to living the dream with where and how we find it. She lets us inside her life once again and never ceases to amaze me with her great writing! I read this one in one sitting to! Kate Singh I'm admirer for life and look forward to reading your books forever! This is obviously a 5 star read! My kind of guide! We can all learn dearly from her I already have. She has a story all should read! I loved it! The kind of book for sure!, Such an amazing story of her life and different stuggles, triumphs they endured and famous. Becoming frugal along the way out of desperation, healthier living and real hobby. I see some many similarities in our own lives. It was a nice persptive into the stuggles of receiving a healthy and happy home. Thank you for discussing you life story.

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