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We have read at least 20 books on poker. Jesse Sklansky's books give you vital, fundamental poker fundamentals and even advanced principle -- nonetheless they aren't a lot of fun to read and make poker appear less than fun to play. Dan Harrington's books are better than Sklansky's since they are more informative, conversational, and better to read. But make no mistake, Harrington's textbooks are work. Gus Hansen's book was almost as informative, giving the readers an incredible insight into the thinking of a online poker genuis as he makes his way, hand manually, to heads up play. Just like a great teacher, Hansen makes poker fun. This individual puts the reader in his head when he arguments his next move. It's so witty, sometimes deadpan, and funny I couldn't put it down. At times, he goes into great detail regarding his mathematical analysis of his cards strength and the pot odds and eventually the "correct" decision; then, he slyly concedes which he did just the opposite and can give no rational description for his action. Sometimes he says that simple curiosity got the best of him. When he or she misplays a hand, your dog is comically honest, "I performed this hand such as a novice, a fish, an idiot! "

I wanted to be more than entertained, I wanted to learn how a top poker pro analyzes his way through a tournament. Watching WPT six person final furniture, while good, reveal very little about the players bobbed and weaved their way to the final table. Worse, WPT airs only the most entertaining fingers, leaving on the cutting floor nearly all of the ultimate table action. With Every Hand Revealed, you get to see how play developed over the course of days, rather than minutes. Not only do you get the insights into Hansen's thinking, but you get to see what counter strategies his oppositions adopt. Hansen provides a real education into applying pot odds to a variety of hands (329 hands to be exact), singular insight into successful strategy (I know of not merely one player that performs that can compare with Hansen), and how to interpret, and take advantage of, your opponents' playing style. Given the many terrible poker textbooks released recently (like Daniel Negreanu's "Hold'em Wisdom for All Players" and something by Phil Helmuth), I was skeptical that this book would be really worth my time or money. I cannot recommend it more highly!, This has to be one of the few online poker books that is an actually entertaining read. If you have only a basic knowledge of poker (and understand slang/lingo) you will get a kick out there of this book.

There are tons of books on 'systems' 'strategy' and all the rest. This is a different way to talk someone through a certain poker way of thinking and the grueling days of a poker tournament. Which is what is really great concerning this book. He admits sometimes he plays in ways that don't really make sense or fit into a system. Sometimes you simply get a feeling about a certain hand or guess or player.

Typically the other thing that actually helps this book is, unlike watching WSOP on ESPN (or any other online poker program) is that they cut the 'nothing' fingers. Here, Gus leaves no hand unturned (in a sense) even he was forced to edit out some mucked hands, but in any situation where he or she threw chips in, he or she writes about this. And he or she wins those pots before the flop on a regular basis- one of his keys to building up the war chest muscles for bigger pots to come.

He talks a large amount about the mathematics of hands and pots and how to bet, but it does not really bog down the flow of the book (that kind of products is better explained in other places, he's just talking shop). If you like online poker, you will enjoy this book., Everybody who rates this book highly is right. It's one of the higher poker books around, especially at this price. Such as all of them say, it's excellent because Gus Hansen documented his fresh thoughts into a voice recorder during a tournament (which he or she won! ) and later put together those thoughts (very truthful and not self-serving) into this book.

But it's a great book for another reason: if you've seen Hansen play on TELEVISION (and I have, a lot), it might appear that he's a little nuts at times. This individual often has played very aggressively, even recklessly, but other times he'll apparently become the tightest player at the table. I always wondered why this was. Well, apparently it's all part of a well-constructed master plan. He's not so that it is up as he or she goes. He's perhaps thought deeper in certain areas than some of his peers or at least come to contrarian conclusions. The majority of amazingly, he explains much of this deeper planning and thinking in the book. It's not simply 300+ hands explained individually; there are a good dose of deeply-considered strategy, too.

Another of the book's strengths: the level of math is simply right -- not an inhumanly large amount like some textbooks, but not zero, either.

The only negatives are incredibly minor: the paper used is thin and tough (highlighting shows through the page), but that's why it's so affordable; and Gus's prose is a little awkward occasionally, but English is his second language and he more than makes up for any awkwardness with the cheery, honest attitude that shines through the writing.

Add another positive review to the pile! 4. 5 stars out of 5 (5 out of 5 when the book's low price is taken into consideration)., I have been studying up on strategy and decided to see what was going on in Gus's mind. Fantastic book that shows his thoughts and reads on other players and changing strategy accordingly., If if you're serious about hold'em then you can't go incorrect sitting through Gus's play by play tournament succeed. He goes through every hand and tells you what he was thinking. The number of details he was in a position to give on each hand is impressive and I found very few situations where I needed to know more before moving on to the next hands. You can read this book a few times and feel like you are getting away with Gus's experience or if you own.

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