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We picked this up for free on Amazon a couple of days back thinking it was fiction. I don't generally read memoirs, especially memoirs of folks I don't know of beforehand. It took myself a few pages to realize that I made a huge mistake- this guide is non-fiction and We don't read non-fiction. But I kept reading because I loved the strange concept and I retained reading until two times later I was finished and excited to determine there was a sequel. (Please oh please Mr. Mahood, consider which makes it free on Amazon some day soon. )

I loved understanding special holidays and celebrations throughout the year and reading Mr. Mahood's activities with them. I believe my favorite day to read about was the St. George's Day and the "Mass Gathering of Georges" in which only one George showed up- with his dragon in tow. Now i'm glad he got his free coffee and lunch voucher despite the party being quite lack shine. I also really enjoyed any stories of the mystery cans. The writer is so much braver than I am. Also any regions of the book that revolved around his family and friends and pets were wonderful to read as well.

Today is March 9th and according to this calendar [... ] it is also Get Over That Day. I do plan on focusing some energies today on getting over a few things that have been driving me ridiculous lately. I have some roommates moving in soon and I've not been too happy about it. What was I discussing about? Oh yeah! And then I discovered £50., This particular is a dangerous guide. I'm still reading it but had to write a review because We love it so much. It's dangerous because when I read it while (or whilst) using the elliptical (other cardio machines are available), I've almost fallen off many times from stifling bouts of laughter. Laughter suppression is not healthy but We don't want to create a scene at the gym. I didn't think this book would be very entertaining due to the subject matter. I know there are a huge number of stupid vacations and I wondered how he'd pull this off. I simply couldn't see how this would be as good as Free Country. In short - it is. An individual get to meet his wife and kids and neighbors - and his cats (well - so far only the one kitty with two names is mentioned the most - the other is essentially ignored). It's really a great book and I'm looking forward to the following guide (Life's a Beach). This particular guy is VERY amusing., Every day is something or other day. Some times are even more than one day. Join George Mahood as he bumbles his way through a quest to celebrate a bunch of weird and wonderful official days, hauling his family along for the ride. National Curmudgeon Day, Create Your Own Holiday Day, Camera Day, and all the other odd and wonderful days of celebration he finds from January to June are featured in this wonderful book. Bonus culinary sidetracks include Man Against Can and Man Against Pig. Plenty of chuckles and some laugh out high in volume moments can be found along the way. Will certainly George succeed, does this individual find himself? Read the book. What about the rest of the year? Aha! Read the next book. We will., This is certainly quite good, although not something you're likely to read from the commence to the complete in one go. We came back to this in between other books and was surprised when at one point the author mentions this his how he assumed people would read this. That is the things i liked about the author he wasn't failing this is the finest book ever written or that it will even hold everyone's interest. Generally George is a stay at home dad who does some freelance photography for weddings to pay the bills. Having written a previously successful book (and I really like how he appreciates authors monitor Amazon, and talks about putting that guide on the free list and things like this), he has made a decision to take up a new obstacle of celebrating the day allocated to every date of the year, some days have multiple entries. He or she doesn't even understand what some of them are before looking them up on the day. Although that isn't a really interesting thing to do for the adventure, he somehow makes this mundane adventure fun at least mildly interesting at times. Although as We said you'll probably have to have a break from the articles every now and then.

The author comes across a guy you wouldn't mind sitting alongside on a plane or something, as well as a great father and caring person towards others such as his friends who sort of kidnap his cat each day. If this book was that interesting with allows face it fairly dull in real life issue matter, I can't wait to check out what he's written with more lively adventures., Since this is the first book by George Mahood that We have read (yes I plan to read more! ) I can't make comparisons to his other books. We was a little skeptical about the subject matter but his writing style and sense of humor experienced me hooked. And being American I couldn't move up that British 'accent' which was entertaining and enlightening in associated with itself. I felt like We learned a little little of a new vocabulary; )
You'll definitely enjoy this book and learn about some ridiculous holidays in the process. I have to read part 2 next but then Now i'm to Free Country or maybe the latest guide which sounds intriguing as well as uplifting. We have no doubt that George has the capacity to inspire, although We think I prefer celebrating inane holidays than engaging in a triathlon!

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