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This book does not have a plot, it is historical. I have read that Chesterton was a highly intellectual man and I actually have to admit he was above my head in many cases. And yet some how he made sense. Considering the period in which he published, it would appear that we haven't learned much as far as mankind is concerned and I agree with his explanations of civilization decline. This specific is a book that I will read again., A must read for those who are thinking about explaining their faith, G. K. Chesterton is another great mind and the one that everyone should meet., Great to have this on my Kindle!, A great story teller and exposition on the best story ever told and lived. I thoroughly enjoyed the read as I actually am sure some other considering person would., Chesterton is a writer that includes all that is good in human endeavor and explains succintly the confusing teachings of the Catholic Church and crystalizes the life of Christ in understandable human logic., Everybody thinking about humans should read!

REALLY A SIX STAR ****, " The Eternal Man" is a owner. G. K. Chesterton is a master word craftsmen. Chesterton takes the viewer from the earliest caveman to modern man. He or she makes the case that all belief systems, however for Christianity, have failed since they are not relevant in the long term. I think he would be very astonished with the current express of Islam but current day trials in no way undermine his premise. I encourage every serious theologian/apologist to read this book. It is far from for the casual reader.

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