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Billed on the Kindle Very first page as a mental suspense story, " Evelyn, After" would fit in nicely on a bookshelf with other Harlequin love novels. If you are a fan of that genre, you will probably love this particular book. Here is a quick review, without spoilers:

WRITING -- Typically the reader experiences the tale through Evelyn, and is privy to every thought she has while digesting her husband's recent affair. Evelyn swims through various feelings in her efforts to come to grips with the events on the night she discovers he or she is cheating on the girl. The book can be a bit disorienting at times, as the author alternately subtitles each chapter as " Before" or " After. " You is whipped back and forth with time, first experiencing Evelyn's initial reactions followed by the choices the " new" Evelyn makes, with the sequence repeated throughout the book. I could appreciate that this creates tension in the earlier chapters, but near the ending of the book, a reader may easily deduce the events of the " Before" chapters because of facts already revealed in the " After" chapters.
Ms. Stone entertains the reader numerous descriptive passages, such as: " She couldn't bear in mind whatever demons she'd recently been fighting in her sleeping, but there were lots more crouched and waiting around for her when the girl woke. " Another great picture: "... she'd dreamed herself growing into an artist with wild, creative friends... Now everything about her was dull... The girl was one of those moms she'd watched on TV as a child. The nice owner of a home on a cul-de-sac, a sight she would only witnessed in videos until she'd bought that home for herself. " These types of passages are peppered throughout the book, and made the guide more enjoyable.

PLOT -- Ninety per cent of the book concerns Evelyn, centering on her ideas and actions. Faced with her husband's infidelity as well since the secret the girl must share concerning the girl husband's yesterday with his mistress, Evelyn's subsequent steps at times might appear unbelievable. However, who can tell what a person's feelings might impel them to do, and the only time I experienced to suspend belief was when she talked about dropping four sizes in two weeks. Evelyn's options made sense as the girl struggled to bring order to the chaos that suddenly invaded her normal life.

WHAT ABOUT... -- Mcdougal drops a few of f-bombs and a vulgarity here and there. However, I felt the f-bombs were appropriately spoken in one conversation where they occurred, and the vulgarities were used sparingly and not scattered throughout the book in each other web page. The sex scenes were handled delicately, and as a reader I understood precisely what was happening without the author resorting to language typically employed by high schoolers in the locker room.

BOTTOM LINE -- Essentially, this is a story of someone’s spouse becoming the woman she has kept locked inside for twenty years. It is not an incredible tale nor is it awful. It truly is okay, and as I previously stated, Harlequin romance readers will enjoy this one. Let's call it 3-1/2 stars (extra half-star for the great descriptions)., SPOILERS AHEAD. Like another reviewer mentioned, this was marketed as psychological thriller/suspense, and the first third of the book did provide that. But towards midway point it just sunk a lot into the midlife crisis the key character was going through. Lots of agonizing more self examination, not very suspenseful or thrilling at all. We skipped to the ending and there was clearly a kind of twist, but it really wasn't all that shocking given what we should know about that character. Plenty of sex and body image issues, all handled well but I believe the fit for the love genre. Author bio claims she's having a turn towards " darker" side of genre fiction but We personally didn't think putting in a crime and a suicide attempt into what's pretty much a romance novel makes it very dark. Again, the book was definitely well-written but it was not marketed properly at all. Two stars for the writing quality., This is the first book I use ever read electronically thanks to Amazon! I think We like the conventional book experience better, unfortunately he thankful for the free book.
This was the tale of Evelyn Tester. 4 decades old, mother of one teenaged boy, married to a highly successful psychiatrist, Whilst gary. She volunteers at the girl son's school. Her marriage to Gary seems a bit stale, but she is devoted and love with her husband. That all changes when Gary does not have any choice but to reveal which he is having an affair with a lovely, blonde patient, Juliette Whitman. Evelyn becomes obsessed with revenge. Whilst gary pleads with her which he has ended the affair, but this doesn't stop Evelyn. She becomes a woman consumed.
Evelyn tracks down Juliette's husband, Noah. Noah runs the Whitman Gallery. Evelyn pays a visit, posing as enthusiastic about art. Her and Noah ending up succumb to a heated sexual affair. Suddenly Evelyn is dressing up sexy with heels and skirts. She feels powerful and somewhat avenged over Gary's affair with Juliette. She falls for Noah so hard that the girl contemplates a life with him. Ultimately he back off and Evelyn shows Noah of Juliette's affair with Gary.
Things are not as they appear here however. There are some plot twists concerning Gary and Juliette that I didn't anticipate. We don't like to provide spoilers.
Typically the story did move quickly, but I think it strained credibility. Definitely a " chick-lit" type of thriller., I stumbled after this book, was fascinated by the brief information & started reading web page one. I could scarcely put it down from that moment on! A simple beginning turned into a complicated tale with twists & turns that kept the momentum going. As the story unfolded I found myself turning the pages faster & faster. We would definitely recommend this book. It meticulously explores the ramifications of a darker & serious event where no person is absolutely who they appear to be. We thoroughly enjoyed Ms. Stone's writing style & look forward to her next book. I hope it can half as entertaining as this one was!

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