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Frances FitzGerald's new history of the American Evangelicals is an enormous one: 637 web pages of text plus another hundred pages of a Glossary, extensive Notes, and a Bibliography. While it is a weighty historical past it is nevertheless an engaging one, well written and replete with brief biographies of major statistics and revelatory anecdotes that help to illuminate important details. You will need not be a theologian or a historian to enjoy The Evangelicals, anyone enthusiastic about American historical past, American Christianity, and Many possible futures will discover much rich material here.

A new major theme of The particular Evangelicals is the recurring or cyclical nature of the history of American Evangelicalism. Beginning in the eighteenth and 19th centuries with the First and Next Great Awakenings evangelical faith developed out of unhappiness with the Established Church buildings and mainstream religion in general. In the early to mid nineteenth century evangelicalism were required to deal with the same overwhelming issue as the rest of the nation: the debate over African slavery. As in the nation as a whole the argument eventually led to department, with many evangelical churches splitting into Northern and Southern halves. After the Municipal War ended the evangelical divisions continued, with the result that much of the ferment for change and the subsequent rise of new evangelical thinking took place in the North since the To the south was smaller, poorer, and more uniformly minded. Conflict and controversy continued in the late 19th and early 20th centuries with the debate between Fundamentalists and Modernists that ended in the 1920s with, among other events, the Scopes Monkey Trial and the rise of the Pentecostal and other movements that threatened to splinter Evangelicalism still further.

The particular summary I've supplied thus far takes readers through Chapter 5. The subsequent 12 chapters and Epilogue concern the period from about the World Battle II era through the 2016 election. Here once again the history of Evangelicalism is one of discord and controversy: how churches should deal with modern war and Cold Battle; Civil Rights and other movements for social change from the 1950s through the 1970s; and the reaction to these social changes that led to the rise of the harder collection fundamentalism in the To the south, the Moral Majority and Christian Coalition's attempts to influence American politics, and the development of the Christian Right in the 1990s and early 2000s. Throughout this period FitzGerald documents another recurring theme in Evangelical history: the sad story of structured religion's attempts to influence secular politics, which certainly bring about religious belief becoming subordinate to and controlled by political ambition. Included in these chapters are the stories of the careers of Billy Graham, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and other preachers; thinkers like Francis Sheaffer and Rousas Rushdoony and the influence; and the politicians like Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush who encouraged Evangelicals to believe these were on their side in order to get their support but then put their concerns at the base of their agenda. The ultimate chapter and Epilogue identify the changes in American Evangelicalism, changes which seite an seite those in the nation as a whole: greater tolerance, more awareness of the threat of climate change, less interest in hardline politics policies of either the left or the right, and overall a more multi-cultural community. FitzGerald ends her historical past by noting the heavy Evangelical influence in the election of Donald Overcome, but maintains that the larger trends I've just mentioned might be late but not derailed.

I enjoyed The Evangelicals, though as an American Southerner with a lengthy family history intertwined with evangelical and fundamentalist history I could have wished for more details in the early chapters (but that would have made the book even longer). FitzGerald herself details out that she deliberately did not include African-American Evangelicalism since that is a long and abundant history in itself worth more detail than she could provide in this volume. Even with these limitations The Evangelicals is an important study that non-specialists should not shy away from (FitzGerald's clear descriptions, as well as the Glossary, are incredibly helpful). Whatever the future course of American Evangelicalism, those wishing an obvious understanding of the movements' beginnings, conflicts, and continuing struggles will find FitzGerald's work to become a useful guide., Fitzgerald's research is exceptional. She breaks up facts and history with her interesting story showing style. Once I began the book, I EXPERIENCED to plow through its over 630 pages and finish it.
I have researched and written a book on the history of ethnic and religious discrimination against the LGBT community in America and knew much of the skeletal information in this book. It had been absolutely fascinating to read more background information to product the things i already knew. I learned a LOT from this book!
What I found particularly well done was he early history of evangelicalism to the 1960s. Given that I frequently teach by using a visual timeline, Let me try and plot some of the important thing parts of the history of evangelicalism in the US in a similar manner to product my own work.
The strongest take away I have is that the divisions, power getting, posturing and attempts to dominate the Republican Gathering are based in ideology and certainly not theology. One would hope that Christian leaders wanting to impact those around them would be motivated by the Spirit. Unfortunately, that is not what jumps out there as the motivating push -- it is energy and control.
I am an evangelical, but a progressive. I will be sickened by the combination of religion and politics and often refer to it as an unholy marriage. Politics, in the form of Weyrich and Viguirie came seductively knocking on the door of Falwell in the late 1970s. We were holding invited in for a chat and a drink, and the hottie got in bed with the church and the two have been shacking up since.
Till those of us who are evangelical acknowledge the problems and the cost to ourselves also to minorities and women, we will continue in a downward spin out of control that destroys both conservative politics and religion.
This book is very GOOD! Thank you Frances for the work and research you did to put it together. This is truly impressive and I VERY MUCH appreciate learning from your efforts., This bank account is comprehensive but does not bog down in details or statistics. This is an exciting and enlightening read. It footprints the roots of American Evangelicalism to the Puritans and the truly amazing Awakenings., This book is the most comprehensive history of the white Christian Evangelical movement in America i have encountered. In particular, the book provides a very thorough history of the Christian right and its attempts to shape politics in this country. In contrast to many critical books on the Christian right i have read, FitzGerald attempts to convey a more neutral objective historical bank account of this movement and its leaders., This concise history of evangelical theology weaves a fascinating tale of folks afraid of reality and progress. The epilogue leaves off prior to the 2016 selection, thereby missing out on the Overcome appointments, nevertheless the book definitely gives us an idea of what social techniques to expect., The score stands as is because of its explanation of our American history. Granted our religious history is not altogether good. We all made many mistakes and, for the most part, have attempted to froid for them working towards a more realistic belief system. Jesus said "ya must love em" but we absolutely must stand against them when we are sure we are biblically correct., Reading this publication was obviously a commitment of time, persistence, and intellectual interest in the Evangelical tale. I read it to help me understand how "Evangelicals" could have helped elect Donald Trump. Because a person of faith with a front-row view and negative experience watching many years of efforts to denigrate American institutions by the Christian Right, I had been looking for insight and point of view. I wasn't disappointed; there is hope the separation of church and condition can be salvaged by future generations.

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