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Evangelical Theology by Michael F Bird is a fantastic book for those looking to better understand Our god. It includes everything from who God is and His nature, to what our task here at Planet is while we wait around for the second approaching. It did a fantastic job explaining key concepts clearly in a manner that was easy to grasp and understand. Parrot also used tons of outside sources to back up the facts he used to back up his claim.

Perhaps my favorite part about this guide was Bird’s ability to give viewpoints from several worldviews rather than just giving his alone. In this way, he did a superb job keeping the bias to a minor while explaining concepts. When reading this book, it was easy for me personally to make my own judgements rather than being slammed with his own opinions presented as facts.

Not only was the author’s information well-supported and clear, mcdougal did an amazing job hooking the reader. He would sometimes add in a humorous hyperbole while explaining a subject. This allowed me to follow along with everything he said throughout the book
Thus why only four celebrities?

Throughout the book I actually found one flaw that tended to be somewhat irritating. In many chapters, it was not rare for mcdougal to do it again himself many times. Occasionally, I actually would find myself reading up to three pages of material that was already explained clearly in the first paragraph of the first page. Regardless of the author’s outstanding initiatives to keep his visitors attached to the material so that they could understand it, I did find myself becoming slightly frustrated and confused on certain concepts simply because the idea was overstated.

Overall, Evangelical Theology by Michael F Bird is excellent for understanding many key ideas about God, His divine nature, our mission here on Earth, the role of each of the three folks that make up God, and more. Despite the occasional overstating of concepts, the guide was easy to read with a lot of unbiased information that was backed by other sources., Style and Review

According to Mike Parrot, the goal of his work on Christian theology is “to produce a textbook for Christians that represents a biblically sound expression of the Christian faith from the vantage point of the evangelical tradition, ” a tradition which he goes on to determine. Over the years I have read my share of Systematic Theologies, whether in college, seminary, pastorate, or personal enrichment. While I have enjoyed their contents for the most part, they did not always flow well. Some were simply dry and boring. Not Mike Bird’s Evangelical Theology. It flows. It is a lively. Throughout are charts, diagrams, and other visuals. Embedded in the text are further discussion posts pertinent to the issue matter. At the conclusion of each section is a summary in the form of Things to take Home? and Study questions for individuals and groups.

The job is divided into eight parts around the evangel, the gospel. This does not follow the usual order of other systematic theologies. Mike provides a reason. Of special note is the fact that Mike describes themselves as an ex-Baptist post-Presbyterian Anglican. He writes from a Reformed/Calvinist perspective. Yet , according to Mike, “I am more than willing to part company with Calvin and the Reformers when I feel required to in the light of biblical evidence and Christian tradition.


With regard to the most part, Mike’s work is a breathing of fresh air, showing a willingness to problem and reframed traditionally kept beliefs, even within his own Reformed tradition. I actually find this especially true in Part 5, “The Gospel of Salvation, ” where Mike convinced me personally of Christus Victor and so forth. Some readers would not be pleased with Mike’s generous and irenic nature when it comes to such controversial subjects as biblical inerrancy and the historical Adam. Parts 2, 4, 7, Trinity, Christology, and Pneumatology, respectively, can be solid. This is not to discount the other sections, but these I came across to be more stimulating.

In Part 2, section 2. 6, “God’s Purpose and Plan. ” While it appears promising, i. electronic., Mike’s willingness to leave from Reformed covenant theology’s “covenant of works” and covenant of grace, ” it fell short. This proved to be read more about semantics, as one works through the larger work. Neither was I persuaded about his arguments for the historic premillennial position–simply a rehearsing of the same old unconvincing fights. I expected to be challenged here. While there are bright spots in Part 8, “The Neighborhood of the Gospelized, ” for the most part it was deja vu–I’ve been here before, especially when it came to chapel government and baptism. However, his discussion on the Lord’s Supper stands out there.


All in all, Evangelical Theology is a well-researched work. Mike’s knowledge and interaction with the Church Fathers, the Reformers, and modern theologians throughout the work are quite impressive. As a footnote, Robert Bird is not even forty as yet. So over the following 10 to 15 years, I would really like to see where he would be theologically in light of this work. At any rate, I commend Evangelical Theology, a systematic theology from a New Legs scholar., Bird does a fantastic job in analyzing different subjects of theology. This individual writes this book in a way that it centers around the gospel, which is an interesting strategy to a systematic theology however he is able to execute his ideas almost flawlessly. This book can be very helpful if you wish to measure what you truly rely on and possibly make you question an presumption or idea you could have already had. Some chapters seem to be more concentrated and thought out than others, but this is understandable since certain theological subjects can be more dense and can leave more room for debate. Almost all claims that Bird claims could be guaranteed up by some type of evidence, whether they be a footnote or a passage from the Bible. Overall it is was a very interesting and intriguing read by offering certain instances of humor that can be found within the endless amount of evidence and content he provides., This evangelical theology written from an Anglican perspective accomplishes what it models out to do. Eileen Bird gives a well-rounded and broad introduction to evangelical theology while writing on various subjects core to the Christian belief. Though not the most in-depth theological study, it serves to give stimulate to those discussing the covered subjects within the Church. He states earlier on that he is not attempting to prove what he is studying to skeptics, and so evidence aren't the emphasis( and this can be irritating at times). However, as giving merely an intro and further the basic understanding appears to be the goal of this study, Bird accomplishes this task quite well. He also writes in a manner that is not too hard to read, making him one of the most enjoyable writers of his genre.

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