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I'm giving up on this book about half way through. I know many people love G. K. Chesterton, but I find some of his reasoning hard to follow, even flawed. This may be the result dissimilarities in the employment of language over the past century.

Physically the book is apparently printed on demand, when you order it. The papers and cover are good quality, but the typesetting has some gaps, the most serious gap is that the pages are not numbered, making proper reference to passages difficult.

I appreciate efforts to reprint old work, but these reprints must do more that just print the raw text. Copyrights, even expired ones, are helpful. Original publication information, page figures, indexes, etc are all useful and should be incorporated. Sadly, this version don't have any of these features., I found it quite surprising, how many of the arguments are still relevant today. Eugenics might not exactly be as openly recommended as it was in 1913, but some areas of the beliefs are afoot today in other guise. Not to mention the general busybody interference of the state in private affairs for the citizen's own good. And Chesterton posseses an interesting take on social problems and both Capitalist and Socialist thoughts on them., After completing Michael Creighton's book, Next, I scanned his resources: much to my surprise, he or she listed this book by Chesterton. I cannot enhance Creighton's comments in this review, but can condition that G. K. Chesterton, a man with a amazing gift of memory and humor and understanding and wisdom, did all of us a service (albeit 90 years ago) by composing this book. This one is not theological (as in The Everlasting Man), graceful (The Ballad of the White Horse), or in the form of a novel or short stories (all of which he wrote during his lifetime, including the Father Dark brown mysteries, The Man Who Was Thursday, and so forth ). This book touches on life in the twenty first Century in the Usa States of America: from matters ranging from political correctness, to genetics and eugenics, to ecology and the environment, to evolution, and even to the main topic of whether smoking should be restricted.
I've often pondered whether the United States has ever produced its very own Chesterton (perhaps Will Rogers; but he did not write at the same depth or level as Chesterton, though his findings were always laced with humor). Notwithstanding, we ought to not miss Chesterton's messages.
Would which our press corps and educators and political pundits learn from him.
This rambling review will benefit no one; the benefit will only come if those who bother to read comments as mine buy the book and savor its delights., Almost terrifyingly applicable to current times, and well written.
I've been recommending it to friends and family., Brilliant read. A man that was so very ahead of his time., a interesting take on the topic that has both sides together in a very insightful way, Because always G. K. Chesterton cuts through to the essentials. Eugenics is an evil that is rearing it's ugly head again in this era. We would do well to learn from the past in fighting against this dsire to amke some people less than others., Oddly, almost all of this book could have been written last week. Our secular community really hasn't learned much in the time since Chesterton put these ideas to paper.

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