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Actually liked this book. That is sparse in words of content. Just what I want - shouldn't waste time reading a lot of prose.

The particular best way to absorb and retain all this is to practice - find good quality poker software where you play the computer, and analyze the way you would bid or flip each hand., It's a fast and simple read lots of solid concepts explained. We liked how it offered you 2 different ways to determine pot odds: the percentage method and the percentage method. I was only familiar with the percentage method before reading this. My only issue with the book is there are a number of typos. Not necessarily misspellings but using the word " two" when it should have been " to" and other similar scenarios. Just little things like that. Not a large deal but it does make me question how closely some of the material was checked. Either way for such a great price there is excuse not to read it if most likely into playing poker., Actually, I liked this book... but probably since I'm something of a math nerd. If you're after the numbers about what pot probabilities to call compared to the number of outs you have, those can EASILY be researched on the internet. That's what puts me in the geek category, and it's really specifically because I like possessing a tangible book in my hands. That's why We acquired this. It's inexpensive and I take pleasure in literally reading books.

Essential this is 4 starts as opposed to 5 for me. We loved reading the book and I got excellent numbers and tables to go through, but we stay in age the internet and the math can be found quite free into it. It can precisely what it says, a math book and the situations are dedicated to practice calculating good calls/bets against your or your opponents' number of outs. That is not going to factor in opponent tendencies or styles of play based on anything other than the tables of good starting hands that take position from the button into account.

If most likely like me and you simply enjoy having a physical book to learn the material from, this will be a good purchase for you. If you just want the numbers, they're already out there., If might been playing poker for some time and have inconsistent success you but can't say for sure why... this book may very well be an answer to00 that why. if you're not considering +ev plays but your opppnent is then you're playing at a disadvantage. if most likely not betting properly because you failed to consider giving bad odds to call depending on opponents presumed hand then you're need this book.
reading this book, if nothing else, will give you a clear insider view of the things that consistently profitable players are probably considering. and math they're almost surely utilizing. get this book. i'm so optimistic it's going to improve my results. and i also can now better range opponents hands, bets and thinking if i presume they're a professional player whoms using these mathematics, strategies and +e. g. factors. get this book! well written and simply detailed. minus 1 or 2 things that failed to give much clarification. mainly close to the ending with introduction handy combinations., This book is well structured allowing for efficient and easy learning. The book covers many poker mathematical concepts and provides many realistic illustrations that will help you master each concept. Within addition, the book demonstrates how you can determine these judgements very quickly to make +EV (expected value) decisions. This book is ideal for anyone who would like to get started on learning about how exactly math should influence your online poker decisions. Note: I consider this book for more recent players. If you want a much more advanced book, I suggest The particular Mathematics of Poker by Bill Chen and Jerrod Ankenman., I was once one of those who naively considered poker to simply be a game that relies totally on chance and luck. It had been only recently that We began to learn online poker so that it really is – filled with math and probabilities that can be used. I am still very much a beginner when it comes to the world of online poker so I would like to say that the writer does a good job of breaking everything down into easy-to-understand sentences, even when it comes to concepts I once found a bit intimidating such as Stack-to-Pot ratios (SPRs). For me personally, that’s the quality that I admire the most about this book and I recommend it to any other newbies., Great intro to basic poker math. I was looking for something to brush up on the fundamentals and this did the trick. Everything I wanted to learn in a clear, concise and to-the-point manner... talks about essential poker math and nothing else... just what I wanted. Its not an advanced poker math book, so if that is what you're looking for, look elsewhere, but if you wish to brush up on the basic I highly recommend!, As the concepts within this book are definitely things you need to understand if you're in any way serious about poker, the author skims over each without starting much depth at all. The book is also very short (maybe a 30 minute read, if that). To get a much more comprehensive view on online poker math (as well as numerous other poker concepts), Constantly recommend  Harrington on Hold 'em Expert Technique for No Limit Tournaments, Volume. 1: Strategic Play   enough.

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