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It covers everything basic you must know about essentials oils including production, choosing the right oil, equipment, storing, safety, application methods, remedies for common ailments and details about individual oils., I've been curious about essential oils for awhile, and I am familiar with common uses such as peppermint for an upset stomach. However, there are so many that Now i'm not familiar with. I've recently bought a dozens of different oils and plan on using them.

Today, the price of prescriptions are growing. People are having part effects from medications. Some simple conditions that are untreated could become major health problems down the highway. I grew up over a farm where my mom canned the majority of our vegetables and my Dad butchered the majority of our meat. I actually grew up on very few unadulterated companies preservatives. Now that I have a young daughter, I feel more concerned than ever before by what my daughter is exposed to and ingests.

My daughter has keratosis pilaris, which is commonly called chicken skin. Essentially she gets bumps on her calves, thighs and upper arms. It's more of a cosmetic concern, however for many people they can become itchy. The physician did give me a steroid cream, however I would prefer to not use so many chemicals and so forth on her young skin and expose system to who knows what kind of unnatural products. I've used coconut olive oil, and now because of this ebook, I will try essential oils!

Natural herbal treatments and remedies have been used for a very long time. A whole lot of these remedies do in fact work. You simply need to know how to use them safely. I actually have heard stories of folks breaking out and itchiness or getting sick, and it's because they either failed to use food grade essential oils, didn't check to see if they were irritated by it, used products that weren't made to be used on the skin or bought low grade unpure products!

Do your research!!! And of everything I've read so far, this ebook has been THE most comprehensive guide to essential oils. It's a cookbook, dictionary and guide all in one. The particular book is very well written, knowledgeable and complete. The book is arranged very well, from how essential oils came about, to what they are, to how they're produced, to how to use them as well as a dictionary of oils and " recipes".

One of the best parts of this book, is that they stress that you do your research and really know what you're doing. Make sure the essential oil you're using can be ingested. Create sure you don't take too much. Test spot your skin to ensure you don't have reactions. Plus make certain to buy quality essential oils! This e book recommends inserting a individual drop on a piece of paper and that it should evaporate in about an hour and not leave an oily ring, except for a few that will leave a mark. Because essential oils are not FDA monitored, you need to know if they're pure or have carrier oils.

I absolutely enjoyed about how precisely products should be bought and stored. These people should come in darkish, glass bottles. They should be kept in a dark, dry place away of sunlight. That most will last 5 years, but citrus tend to last closer to 2 years. Also, they ought to never come in nor be stored in plastic! I actually bought one essential olive oil that sent cheap, plastic-type droppers with their olive oil. Needless to say, their oil wasn't that good and they should know better than to supply plastic-type! A glass dropper is better. But overall, they need to be kept foolproof.

I love what I call the " recipe" segment of the book! There are common ailments in alphabetical oder, then it provides " recipes" of what essential oils to use and how much to use to create what's needed for that ailment. It also tells makes certain to warn people to make certain nothing interacts with other medical issues, also to make certain a doctor is aware. This ebook also clarifies how massages, compresses and so forth can be helpful.

The last section of the book is a listing of essential oils in alphabetical order. This section lists the herb name, what it's good for treating, any safeguards, what it looks like in natural state. It also lists other components that blend well with these oils. The book also gives a quick guide as well as references to studies and other work that it can referenced.

Overall, I feel very thankful for this e book and I've recommended it to others. As a newbie, this is definitely the book I needed to get me started. If you are searching for a book that will tell you all about oils, the kinds of oils and how to use them, then this book is for you! This particular ebook was received as a swap for an honest, unbiased review., I have been dabbling a little in essential oils but was confused as to exactly which ones did what. I actually was able to review this eBook recently and possess to say that it was a really great read. I still search through it when I actually need some info on a particular ailment or olive oil. The ebook is a very easy, simple read that gave me an improved understanding on essential oils and their everyday uses. Is actually broken down into chapters that are easy to find. It starts away giving you a short history and benefits of essential oils, the way they are produced, and even lists 15 things you have to know about them. You can look upwards remedies for certain ailments or look for specific essential oils! It's an surprisingly detailed eBook without overdoing it! At the conclusion of the eBook is a fast Reference Guide for ailments and oils. I actually bookmarked it so it can easy to find when I'm in a rush. I'm so glad that I came across this eBook because I now have an improved understanding of how they work and which oils work best for different ailments. I consider the . 99 price is worthwhile., This book is more for someone looking for A-Z ailments, than essential oil guide (essential oil profiles) Now i'm a little disappointed in this book, it does not have practically as much information when i had hoped or perceived. It has common essential oils, but is missing many of the essential oils I use. It does not go in depth, and is extremely vague in it's descriptions of each essential oil. The photographs of each plant are also very small and nothing extremely appealing to a persons vision. The particular recipes and remedies are basic, and in my viewpoint some are even common knowledge for an essential oil user. This book would suit a person just getting to know essential oils; a beginner in the employment of essential natural oils. There is absolutely no scientific information on the essential oils (the chemotype, the constitutes of each oil, etc. ), the only exception is the latin name of each essential oils herb. The first few chapters, designed to describe how essential oils are made, how to choose the right essential oils, tools and equipment, and so on, is lacking in information! Right now there is a lot of basic information missing, that an essential oil user should know. This book is basic at best, lacking information, and only has minimal safety information and precautions. It is not necessarily thorough in any aspect. I recommend this book to a newbie essential oil user, that wants to get common with common essential natural oils, but I do feel there are much better choices. That stuff seriously an sophisticated essential oil user may not get much use from this book.

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