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We are not an exprienced essential oils user. This guide is perfect for someone like me.

My experience with essential oils has been that lavendar really smells like camphor and peppermint actually does smell like peppermint. That will is it.

I desired for more information about using essential oils for things like migraines, colds, and essentially health related issues. We would also like one to make my house smell good.

This guide is great because it does not assume you already really know what you do. If you are a new person to essential oils than this is actually the book for you.

Besides the book describe different essential oils but it goes on to include recipes which is probably the best part of the book.

Someone just starting out just does not know this stuff therefore it is great that it is spelled out.

This would make a great surprise together with some essential natural oils. #essentialoils

Disclosure: I received this book free in trade for my honest review whether good or bad., Kindle has become the go to spot for various books dedicated to essential oils. Nearly every book claims to be the " ultimate guide" in some way or another. The problem is, you will likely get a guide that is full of ways to combine the oils or an e book that is full of information that reads more like a glossary than a guide. This guide experienced a few good and bad surprises for me in both categories.

Manual Information

I was somewhat disappointed in the real guide portion of this book. To be truthful, they didn't cover the questions that folks coming into essential oils really want to know. They protected a lot of basic information that most websites and books already have. If you are proceeding to have an " ultimate guide, " I want to see something new and various. I want to see something I can find anywhere else. I want to have some questions solved like " How do I know an essential oil is indeed a oil and not synthetic or mixed? "

I will say the guide is decent for newbies and it does cover some basic information. It just doesn't fit what I would want to see in a true " ultimate" guide.

Typically the " Recipes"

This is the part of the book I absolutely enjoyed and did find a few surprises in. Most instructions will give you ways to combine your essential natural oils in diffusers or in bath salts. This guide actually gives recipes for backache relief, perfume mixes, massage blends, and a sauna blend that is ideal for congestion. Those are not recipes a newbie may find immediately. You can find your typical bath salt recipes, nonetheless they are detailed and do cover more than just mixing the oils in.

Things We Missed in this guide

We always try to add a bullet listing of the things I wish an e book had covered, or items which were missing. Here's my list for the Important Oils: The Ultimate Important Oils Guide.

Editing. We know that self-publishing is a simple route to take, and it allows you freedom to visit down the path you want for your writing, but hire and editor. This is by far my biggest pet peeve with any self-published book on Kindle. There was times in this guide where it was very clear the writer performed not speak or write English as an initial vocabulary. If you are proceeding to publish in British, please make sure the editing and translating flows well. There were times when the lack of translating/editing was glaring and it made sure portions difficult to read or follow.
Pictures. We really like seeing images of the finished product or of certain steps along the way. I don't need to see water cooking food, but seeing the particular completed bath salts or lotions look like does help to entice the viewer and makes them want to try the menu.
Questions and answers beginners would have. There are a great deal of oils on Amazon right now labeled as therapeutic or essential when in fact they not necessarily. Most of them are cut with a service provider oil and occasionally are good only for diffusing. In other words, they are glorified air fresheners. Regrettably, a beginner won't know that and may ingest an oil-based on a menu. This could harm them. So, cover how to know the dissimilarities during these oils and some protection options. Just because it claims essential doesn't mean it is.
A title change. This really made me wondering where the ultimate guide was. Honestly, the book is good, but it would have been much better if it was presented as an essential essential oil recipe book for newbies. When over half your book is recipes, then it's time to change the name from a guide to a recipe guide.

The Purely Eclectic " Pure Meter"

I give books a pure ranking (I know it's corny, but it works). This rating is located how near to the title the guide is, the information it brings to the desk, and how likely I would be to recommend it to one of my natural health clients. This is according to a 5 star scale.

Essential Herbal oils: The Ultimate Essential Herbal oils Guide gets a 3 star out of 5 from me. Would We recommend it? If it were a recipe guide for oils, then sure. Proper drainage . valuable information? A few things are, but most can be found in hundreds of other sources.

I would really like to see the writers change things up and come out with a real guide and then a recipe book. I think the two combined would make a great starter package and would set them apart from the numerous guides out there., Typically the book was very easy to see. I found the way it was put out was insightful and helpful. I love how it provides you the essentials of what an essential oil is along with the illustrations of said oils. It supplies a very easy to understand step by step instructions how to assemble your own essential oil combinations. Each recipe also gives you an short example of how each oil can be applied. I liked how it explained different kinds in which essential oils can be applied. The book is worth it for anyone who likes to have a simple but easy to follow beginners explained essential oils. It's basic and the point with away being to overwhelming in technical explanation. The guide also gives you a listing of possible benefits using essential oils could have in your day to day life. All in all it was a very good read. It is a great purchase for anyone who is learning how to combined essential oils because the tested recipes alone are extremely useful to have on hand.
The view expressed is my own. We was in a position to read a free sample copy for review purposes., Essential Herbal oils are something that I have on my must try list but I have never checked off, for whatever reason. So when We was approached to review this book, I said ok.

This guide is fantastic for individuals who are first time Important Oils user or people who have been using them for a while. The author did a great job explaining different ways for their services and different types of oils and what they do.

The recipes experienced to be my favorite part of the book. I cherished checking them and they very simple. A Important Oils noob, like myself, could easily make them.

Will certainly I read the guide again? Yes

Will We reccomend it to family and friends? Yes

Age range? Teens on up. Young than teens could do that with parental supervision.

Disclaimer: I received Essential Herbal oils: Ultimate Essential Oils Manual and 89 Powerful Important Oils Recipes for free through Splett Sports for my honest review. All opinions expressed in this review are mine and mine alone. I received no financial compensation for this review., I have read this book. I like it! It is quite simply presented. This is a typical e-book, there are numerous these available nowadays, especially about essential oils. I needed to read this guide to educate myself as to what I can do which includes oils that I have, and also this particular book mostly lists various aromatherapy oil preparations, massage oil mixes for various needs. This is a good book to use if you are planning to mix your natural oils, and make some new products for your car refreshments, relaxation oils, and oils you want to use in a divulguer.
Sample was provided free of charge for reading and a review.

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