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I actually expected this book to be completely different from what it is. The science of essential oils exists, and is very important to understand if you want your experience with them to be productive. The creator starts the book with the history of essential oils, proving their effectiveness in the ancient world. Their use in modern medicine is then discussed; to treat the plague, burns, war wounds and a myriad of common ailments. Many popular essential natural oils are broken down, in the next section of the book, giving their source, uses, dangers and the creator explains how to mix them with other natural oils. The last section of the book lists ailments and gives recipes of essential oil blends that will alleviate your symptoms. This book made me begin to question the use of modern medicine and wonder why we will no longer rely on these natural treatments of healing., I feel kind of silly for purchasing this guide. One thing is for sure - I WILL be delivering it back!

Problem #1 There is no creator or even editor(s) listed anywhere.
There are none listed in the book. You will find none listed on the publisher's website (which is a whole other issue - I have my uncertainties about the publishing company as well). If you have a book about herbs, essential oils, or anything regarding my health, I want to know WHO is giving me the info. I actually want to know very well what skills they must be making the claims they earn.

Problem #2 There are no referrals in this book.
If there is no author, there should at least be good references. None of the claims in this book have any annotations what-so-ever. There is a research section in the back, but as far as I actually know, these are generally just books the (unknown) author skimmed over at some point and picked up some pointers from.

Problem #3 The tips in this guide for oil consumption do not align with those taught by certified aromatherapists.
For example, the majority of the oils are recommend for consumption without dilution and are suggested for taking internally. The only places that I find these practices recommended are in works produced in some form by essential olive oil MLM companies. While I actually like a few of the natural oils, I do not feel their practices in regard to olive oil consumption are safe. The reference section does list several books about herbal treatments as references, which concerns me a little little. Essential oils and uses of whole plants (leaves, stems, etc), are two very different things. A person would talk to an herbalist about herbs and an aromatherapist about essential oils.

Problem #4 The book refers to the value of only taking " therapeutic grade" essential natural oils internally.
There is no official grading system for essential natural oils. The words therapeutic level and certified pure restorative grade are marketing phrases. While they may imply something to the companies who make use of them, they are no more reliable than the usual food company that labels its product as natural.

Additional problems, but I actually will not go on. The oils in this book are mostly those made available from Young Living (although no blends are included). If you are a Young Living natural oils user who just wants a run-down of the oils and some general consumption that is in line with what the business advocates, this might just be the book for you. Should you be starting out using oils and wish to really learn about oils and the way to safely use them, I actually would not consider this a reliable source. I suggest moving on., Why buy the book when the info is free online?! Yahoo Mountain Rose Herbs and go to their website. Click on Aromatherapy, then Essential Oils. Select any individual gas by clicking on on it. There you will find the in depth description of every item is the IDENTICAL, 99% verbatim, information that's in this book. I don't know if these companies are related. Otherwise, then someone has plagiarized. Even without this problem, the information is so scant is actually like reading a food box.... very, very, very light reading! This book is pretty much a joke, but I'm not laughing. What a freaking rip-off! A much better book for beginners and chock filled with information is known as The Aromatherapy Book by Jeanne Rose. Don't waste your time or money about this crap., I purchased this guide for my daughter. The girl with starting to use oils and I wanted her to learn about how precisely to use them. She enjoys her new book on Essential Oils for Starters., For those who are considering tapping into aromatherapy for bettering health and well-being, this handbook is an outstanding spot to start your journey. It addresses over sixty different sorts of essential oils, including the application and major use of each; in addition, recipes for managing common ailments, to make each day cosmetics, for bettering feeling and for cleaning your home naturally. The content is well-organized and easy to find, and the handbook also features an substantial glossary. As a jumping off point into more detailed references, this handbook serves its objective. It is not designed to be an substantial resource, and it appreciates that fact by providing the reader with suggested reading at the finish of the publication., If the only thing that you know about oil is that it must be altered every three thousand kilometers in your car, then you have come to the right place. Essential Herbal oils for novices is a thorough guide that will not only provide you with an education about the many essential oils and their uses, but it will also get back together with you in time for a fascinating history and science session about these plant extracts that covers many years and countries the world over, making this not only an education experience, but a fun one as well. The set of oils seems to go on permanently and then for peace of brain, each and every olive oil description contains a section on safe use to assure that your experience will be both a enjoyable and a safe one; bravo!, Great relevant info, but there are still a few natural oils left out. Definitely suggested for newbies and those who've worked with eo's for awhile., Great book for beginners! This book contains just enough detail to get you started without overwhelming you. Have a great time creating your own alternative medicine products!

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