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Every thing I was expecting!, Fantastic course in Greek., Typically the item never downloaded to my device, Simplicity of use and abundance of info, The majority of scholars do not consider the Majority Text as the earliest or best family of N To manuscripts, but it is still valuable for examine since, for much of church history, the Vast majority version was pretty much the official NT textual content used by the church, especially in the East. As such, it merits study, and it would do well to examine alongside with it the Westcott-Hort and/or Nestle Aland versions for comparison purposes. In the Kindle version, the various tools that accompany the text are incredibly great for the beginner and facilitate and faster reading of the text - by clicking on over any Greek term, the reader can find out the morphology of each and every term as well as the meaning(s) of each term. A very helpful and inexpensive tool to have for any Greek student, most especially the newbie.

The content at the conclusion of the book is worth reading as well - it is a defense of the Vast majority Text by the writers. While I personally do not agree with all the conclusions of mcdougal, once in a while it is quite stimulating to see a viewpoint that diverges from the scholarly norm, and the authors do enhance some valid points worth evaluating by every thoughtful student of the N T., I just ordered this today and immediately got immersed in " The Case for Byzantine Priority" in the appendix. I'm 69 years old w/3 theological degrees, but this is the first time I've bothered to spend the time to listen to the case of those long looked down on by those in power. It's well-written and i also felt like I was seeing some things in fresh light. It's well really worth reading and gives us a more balanced understanding of the edited texts available.

Also, if you buy this it gives the same NT text as " The New Testament in the Original Ancient greek, Byzantine Textform 2005" edited by Robinson and Pierpont. You don't need both.

I sent it first to my Kindle Feel (I have not utilized it inside my Kindle Fire) and it has worked flawlessly in accessing all the built-in grammatical labels, lexical helps, etc. I enjoy working in the Ancient greek NT but I was not particularly gifted or disciplined enough to memorize every verb form, so I have long used the printed " Conditional Greek NT" by Barbara & Timothy Friberg. When I got hooked on Kindle - a real boon for older eye - I've longed for this kind of grammatical analysis of every term in the NT in an electronic edition. Today I have it! Plus I now have the Byzantine text form as well as the printed version of the eclectic textual content form identical to NA26.

I remember paying about for my first Greek NT over 45 years ago, so the price for this is a great deal. Buy it even if simply to balance out the view of what's available to us in Greek MSS and why., This e-book version has some nice features but I pick one major problem. When I actually touch a Greek term it does take me personally to the lexicon but then it has no "Back" feature to take me returning to the sentirse I was working on. I actually have to go back again to the table of contents, go back to the beginning of the chapter I actually was reading, and web page through the chapter until I reach the original verse. I might just as well look the word upward in my printed lexicon as go through everything that.

Oops! I just figured it out. Within the Amazon kindle Paperwhite (touch screen) just tap the top of the screen and hit the back arrow. In case you have gone from the parsing function to the lexicon, you may have to hit it twice. Now I can change my rating from 3 stars to five celebrities. Great product!, content is OK but navigation for kindle is terrible. I actually have no clue how someone can give 5 stars for the kindle fire version of this book. My only explanation is hat they probably never saw a kindle book that has been done well. It takes much too many steps to go from one guide to the next, or for looking up language. You must click your way through to the gloss, which is not the firs thing that comes up when you click on a word, and then good luck getting back to where you left off reading. Applying the back button gets you back to the home screen of your kindle library and then you have to get around all over again to where you last left off. Very, very difficult rather than worth the money - at least not in kindle format.

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